Analyst Writes Open Letter To Mr. Nintendo


Kit Juckes, global strategist for Société Générale, has written an amusing open letter to Nintendo primarily focussing on the company’s current predicament. Juckes feels like Nintendo is being beaten to a pulp by the rise of smartphones and tablet devices which are ultimately affecting its business. Here’s what he wrote.

I have no opinion about Nintendo’s share price. But the Nintendo DS is being beaten into pulp by the fashion for mobile games. The WiiU likewise, and the Wii isn’t competing with Xbox and [PlayStation]. All of this is a shame for those of us who wish our children would stick to cheaper devices. And for those of us who have lost iPads and smartphones to our teens. I approve of Nintendo on grounds of cost, even if it fails on ‘cool’.

The good news is that the yen saves the day!! Profits are up despite falling sales. Dear Mr. Nintendo, please bolster your sales by cutting prices in time for Christmas, and give me some of your weak yen in disinflation, I deserve it! Oh and please use some of your profits to think up other cooler (and cheaper) games that can compete with the leviathans of the mobile gaming and video market. Do I like what the yen has done for the Nikkei? Oh Yes I do! Does Mr. Abe need to keep it up if he wants to avoid wasting the benefit of a weaker currency? Yes he does!


      1. Garbage is the word. Mobile style games can piss off. Fact is, Nintendo can’t compete in that market. People don’t carry their DSs and WiiUs with them EVERYWHERE like they do phones (well, I mean I take my 3DS most places- but not when I’m just ducking out).
        Dedicated consoles have a capacity for proper games. Games that are profound and immersive. Not flinging birds at pigs. Those games are just a timesink.
        This guy’s opinions are dumb. If he doesn’t want to spend money on games for his kids, then don’t. They can enjoy other pass times. In any case, mobile games are no substitute for proper games. Like playing with a ball attached to a bat by a string instead of playing tennis.
        If this guy got his way I’d ditch Ninty instantly. Not what I love them for.

        1. I doubt High Command even cares about how sales are going for those products…

          They would probably not even consider them as real games because some demos are bigger than these games…

        2. You remember the Conduit on the Wii? It’s a free game on the Google play store now. Mobile games are a force the industry has to consider.

  1. this is quite… stupid. he is right in that they need cut down the price of WiiU in order to sell more, but on the other things is wrong. Nintendo DS/3DS “beaten into pulp”? it has been quite a success. WiiU and Wii? ok, WiiU needs help urgently, but Wii has done fine and it’s time for it to rest. this industry is simple: if you want something, you have to pay for it. don’t want to pay? ok, buy a smartphone and lots of cheap games, of which most of them don’t reach the level of nintendo games (i said most, there are good smartphone games, but not all of them)

    1. actually the nintendo Wii outsold both the 360 and the PS3 and is actually the best selling system of all time

          1. Well, without the actual information directly from the companies, we will never truly know. Anybody on the internet can make up some bullshit number, and people believe it. But of those more than likely randomly generated numbers, Wii, PS2, and DS have always been the top 3.

            1. Because you don’t seem to realise you’re on an English speaking site. Seems pretty stupid.

                  1. …Idiot*, Stupid*, Imbecile*…. Baka has many terms of ways to use it… it’s a japanese word, but used in english it could mean a multiple variety of subjects.

                1. There’re no doubt people from all over the world on the site, still an English speaking site. The stories are in English, anyone commenting on this site can be assumed to understand English (if they don’t understand English why are they commenting on English stories?). It’s rude to speak in another language in the company of people you know don’t understand it.
                  You’re being a smart arse, saying baka to people. You can’t take what you give, then just go jump.

                  1. …I can take insults, i just like to know the reasons why people are upset with me…
                    …Everytime a type on the net/ or talk outside… I’m shunned and being told to die… Life is cruel, even if i try to make friends…

                    1. Well I think she’s kinda cute actually ho ho, if that’s her photo.

                    2. Well, don’t know why I can’t reply the post, but anyways, why would I insult you <.<?, I've noticed this site is somewhat filled with either kids who think thet're cool by insulting someone online they don't even know, or they're just plain retarded… just don't take it seriously, is just an online site, we are not all assholes like the guys that insulted you, and actually it's kinda cool you're half japanese hehe.

            2. 気にしない 気にしない、 ざねん です、 この SITE は アラシ
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              1. どのような…. あなた 持っている no idea of what you’re saying…. If you’re japanese type it fully… half of what you typed was gibberish…-_- * サイト *

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  2. i didnt think the DS or the Wii was beaten into a pulp, i thought they did rather well last gen?

  3. Someone isn’t aware that Nintendo Handhelds sell like hotcakes and that their software (e.g. Pokemon) sells millions of copies. I don’t think 1million sales of Angry Birds for a dollar is gonna make quite as much as 1million sales of Pokemon for fourty… Just saying.

  4. fuck you bitches, im going to take your advise, im going to jump of a bridge or something. im not going to be back on this scumbag website with people like you. have fun with your fucking toy, a plastic box seems to be more than that to you. apparently it means that an insult to your soul aka, a corporations plastic means so much to you it is apparently attacking you not the toy. where you want someone to die. shit im making fun of a product i own, and yet you are going to be a bitch about it, and wish death of someone. maybe you shouldnt wish things.

    1. I don’t have the slightest clue as to what you’re talking about (and whether or not you are trolling), but if you are taking comments on this pathetic excuse for a comment section serious (news is great; comments not so much), then that’s the biggest problem.

    2. lol icea, you know this site is full of fanboys who get upset when you say something slightly negative about the wiiu.. These are the same people that keep denying, how bad the wiiu is doing, +10.000 sales in a week? Nintendo is BACK guys.. lol

      some people think nintendo cares about them, instead nintendo cares about their money :)

        1. you must be new here…
          and why are you talking japanese when you’re a fat american.
          please go :)

    3. dude, chill…you of all know what its like to be a gamer. You shouldn’t give a dam what other’s think of what they really do…(though I should take my own medicine on that subject and stop being a mini troll for once). After all, a game is a game…relax, chill, mellow out maaan…take a ride on the groovy train and unwind by taking a break from this site. I hear too much can mess with your personal life. Ya dig man?

      1. iceazeama…? Wait, so many comments there…hard to tell. Well, let him be a fool if he wants too…been there, done that…pretty much happy with my life…accept for trolls with no sence like blackbond. ^^’ Should I say such things to an idiot? I don’t want to blow his fuse box…if ya know what I mean.

  5. Open letter to Kit Juckles.
    Fuck your mobile gamin. Ive been Nintendo fan since 1995, even before i borned my granpa had Nes and my mom had Snes. So yeah fuck you i dont care how fuckin cool Nintendo is for your fuckin kids because Nintendo has been cool enough to me to buy their every homeconsole, i didnt care about PS and microshit consoles even though i had them too. You know Dreamcast was very cool even when masses didnt get it. Nintendo will never make games for your shitty tablet and mobile phones, its the part of the gamin nowadays that i despise. Nintendo Ds is gamin system and best sellin too people dont buy tablets and phones to play games, over 150 million people were ready to buy dedicated gamin systems and there is 2 of them and soon 3 if 3DS keeps on going. The quality on tablets and phones just suck like Nintendo said. Im currently playin Metroid Prime trilogy on my WiiU on Wii mode and motion controls suit and make that kind of games better, there is lots of people who prefer to play with wii mote fps games nowadays, dont tell me that its not revolutionary or cool, and the only way to do it is on N consoles. Splinter Cell blacklist will use Gamepad in lots of ways that your shitty tablets can never do. Nintendo has also lots of cool games ONLY ON NINTENDO comin. Tablet and mobile gamin will never replace real things as long as there is people like me who wants to have QUALITY. You arent gamer, you dont know anything about this, just because your kids like those cheaply made games dont mean that there is people who care about that stuff. My little brother who played with ipad saw me playin Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS when i was visiting, now he wants Nintendo console and Mario game from my father, because he thinks that Mario and Nintendo is cool, your kids opinion doesnt mean that its other kids opinion too you fuckin narcissist piece of shit. I got WiiU on launch day and im proud of it. I got 3DS when i got my payment and im proud of it, i didnt get ipad and iphone, because i have my cheap nokia c1 to call my friends and im proud of it. -Nintendo fan for 18 long years!!!!
    P.S You dont deserve anything from Nintendo, because your advice was crappy.

      1. …Use less words with bigger meanings… The harsh stinging of precise insults are what matter… The variety of ways to insult others are endless to that of it’s forsaken span…

    1. Wii u biggest mistake was the price and few first party game’s. I’m 100% sure wiiu will steam roll when it reaches a more mainstream price.

      1. The price is fine, they practically losing money from it already, and wata about us early adopters? You seriously think they’ll pull a3ds on us? Price is fine iPad a more expensise and they do shit

        1. I know the price is right but families than don’t buy iPhones or tablets will surely welcome a cheaper wii u. People are saying that the ps4 is cheap but that too will sufer even though nit at the same level has wii u and I don’t even know if the Xbox one will sell at all.

  6. “the Nintendo DS is being beaten into pulp by the fashion for mobile games.”

    Yes, that is if you ignore the fact that 32.48 million and that number is sure to rise after the release of games such as A Link Between Worlds.

    “think up other cooler (and cheaper) games that can compete with the leviathans of the mobile gaming and video market.”

    Ever heard of Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Yeah, it managed to sell 5.4 million worldwide (more than The Last Of Us – so clearly it can compete with home console games, never mind mobile games) and that was only a week or so after the release in Europe and North America.

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about.

    1. Actually The Last of Us beat ACNL in Europe and US but ACNL did very well in Japan hence higher sale number.

      TLoU: Europe (1 million) + US (1 m) + Jpn (0.2 m)
      ACNL: Europe (0.37 m) + US (0.6 m) + Jpn (2-3 m)

        1. According to vgcharts both were released about the same week. Even if we assume that TLoU was released slightly earlier, that’s still ~0.6m difference in sale number, which is huge.

          1. You could bet your cat that the lifetime sales of Animal Crossing New Leaf will eclipse The Last of Us, it’s one of those games that keeps selling for years.

  7. If you act like a cell phone game and a home console game are interchangeable, then just go away. Your opinion isn’t helpful or needed.

  8. Time to get some whiskey, too tired to read analysts that sound like advices from self help booklet.

  9. I want to live in another planet. Retardation in this one has grow to dangerous levels.

    1. Can i come with you, with my whiskey bottle? And yes before you ask i have whiskey to share with 2.

  10. HAHAHAHA he should had written open letter to Mr.Sega(that guy really exist in internet). AH whiskey makes running in my blood makes me feel good and funnyy!

  11. Just wanna ask a question, Ive just finished pikmin 3 and loved, but I’ve been getting all of these Wii u games, but I’ve seemed to miss out on the 3ds’s library a bit, the last game I got for it was luigis mansion 2 but I really didn’t like It so my question is, whitch game would be the best choice to get, Dream Team, Animal Crossing, DK returns 3D or I was thinking getting pikmin 1& 2 as pikmin 3 is the first game I’ve played in the franchise, and id like to play the others. But yeah, thxs if you reply

    1. It’s definitely worth picking up Pikmin 1+2. For 3DS, it depends on what games you’re more interested in playing. Personally, I’d get Dream Team out of those three.

      1. Yeah, there $10 each at the moment in my local store so they’ll tie me over till October for, wind waker hd, SM3DW sonic lost world, I wish mario kart 8 came out tho, I’m dying for a new entry in the franchise, dream team should also tied me over until,link between world’s and mario party 3d, thanks for the advice

    2. Do you like RPGS? If so Dream Team should be your next 3DS purchase. As far as I heard, it’s the best in the series.

      1. I’ve played partners in time, so I am used to the series mechanics, but I haven’t played bowsers inside story, but ill probably buy dream team and try to get atleast pikmin 1 since there both 20.00 at the moment, thxs for the the help

        1. if you could find the 3ds tales game for cheap buy it and send it to me :P… I’m serius!

    3. It’s just my opinion but the best 3DS game out there for me are: Kid Icarus:Uprising, Dream Team, Monster Hunter 4 or 3U, Fire Emblem: Awakening. And I’m probably missing a lot of them.

  12. I fail to see what’s “amusing” about it. Another reactionary internet joker with nothing to say.

  13. Hee-Hee-Hee he is Michael Pachters Personal French Frie. They both love each other in the way of burnin love Hee-Hee-Hee (Whiskey helps me make nice jokes, time to get more of it in my blood)

  14. Well, I see his failure of an argument but he might…MIGHT…have a point for smartphones since there was an artical about it. I don’t know what to think if they do until I see it in action with my own hands-oh son of a…does that means I’m gonna have to get a smart phone now…just to try it out?

  15. This Guy has ruined France great record of giving us some of humanity’s great thing’s. He should be expulsed from the country.

  16. I was planning to take the letter seriously but then I saw ”The DS is beaten into pulp by the fashion of mobile games”.
    Can’t those analysts realize that Iphones are not and will never be game systems…

  17. Is it just me but do you see the snow its comin, i wanna go dancin nakedly in the snoow.(ah my blood)

  18. I wonder if he did any research. As a gaming platform, android/ios is kinda cruddy. Few big games ever break even with development costs, and even less become major sellers.

    Now I can understand smartphones outselling the 3ds, because everyone needs a phone. However, most of those owners will just get angry birds and fruit ninja and then ignore everything else

  19. God in heaven loves Nintendo for their humbleness and being real cool hardworking and intelligently wise people. Even when things are bad the make profits. Their yen gets strengthen their capital. Stocks rise, this doesn’t happen for evil that is at Microsoft. Even the devil let’s microsoft operate non supervised. Sony well, Sony is the proverbial prodigal son lol.

    1. Yes…


      Anyway aslong as our Empire beats the living N out of our enemies…

  20. What is he talking about… the 3DS and DS are doing fantastic, so is the Wii. The Wii U has had a slow start but things will improve eventually. Most of these consoles started exactly the same.

  21. Dr Mr.France,

    As a Commander within the Nintendo Space Division I can assure you that you have absolutely miscalculated and been informed badly…

    Even though games on smartphones/tablets are popular and might increase a bit year after year it doesn’t have a real impact in the overall sales for our sacred products…

    The Nintendo DS is proof that core gamers aswell as core Nintendo fans are after good Nintendo Seal of Quality games to satisfy their hunger and to escape the grasp of the all evil growing reality…

    The Wii and now the Nintendo 3DS are further examples of proof that gamers are indeed after superior experiences that cannot be found on smartphones/tablets…

    Ultimately the only reason to why games even sell on these products is because humans need phones more than consoles and so often carries it with them having the access to these small games which they only buy to play on their small breaks…

    I hope you understand that you should quit your job as an analyst and get a job suited better for your own protection, something along the lines of a cafeteria worker serving me coffee…

    I bid you adieu,

    Nintendo Commander

    1. COMMANDER!! you touched my heart with your moving words…I SHALL FOLLOW YOU TO THE END OF NINTENDOM!!!

      1. And I’ll be honored to have you on my side when the ultimate Nintendoom day is upon us…

        And the best thing of all, we shall take the fun factor with us and leave nothing to these foul beasts!

  22. First off, the DS sold more than the ps2 over 154 million to estimate, the Wii sold 100 million units(which is way more than the Xbox 360 or ps3 did and dont give me that “it was out longer” because if people cared about tech as much as this dumbass thinks than the Wii would be the worst sold of the 3) and this Dumbass also seems to not notice the extreme sells the 3ds has been doing, even exceeding sales of consoles in some countries. Man this is no doubt a cry for attention. This guy makes patcher look good and that SAYING something.

    1. Actually the Xbox 360 was released a WHOLE YEAR before the Wii did and it still lost the war ahahahahahahah…

      1. LMFAO OH YEAH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT *Wheeze* man funny how people think they’re the big shit and then they get their bullshit called. Lol I find it funny that Xbox troll say that the Wii sucks and it continued to sell better than “their” console. Excuse me while I ball up in a corner laughing histaricly XD.

      2. Man this mans stupidity is so bad, it made Nintendo Commander, a robot, LAUGH. You know that’s sad if a robot laughs at your work. LOL :)

  23. Stopped reading at “the ds is being beaten to a pulp by mobiles” the DS?? Really? That last gen handheld is being beaten by phones, fucking golfclap. What an absolute idiot.

  24. I have absolutely no idea what this guy is getting at, he’s saying random crap and acting like he’s smart. Well I’ll be the first to tell him that if anyone ever told him that he was funny, they lied.

  25. I’m pretty sure the 3DS (or DS I guess as he’s calling it) is destroying everything else at the moment. Why would Nintendo have any reason to change anything about it’s handheld strategy?

  26. What The Hell ?!
    Ok…Maybe The Wii Couldn’t Compete…
    But Not Because You Cant Afford A Game You Have To Make Up BS About 3DS And WiiU !
    The 3DS Sold GREAT !

  27. He is right, guys, the DS is getting beaten to a pulp by the volume of smart phone games that is so high that most people making them don’t make a profit. He didn’t even mention how the DS is also getting beaten to a pulp by the 3DS. Idiot.

  28. Yes, let’s turn Nintendo in a worthless loser follow-the-fad company. What a total idiot. Did this guy even look at the 3DS’s sales?

  29. Smartphones and tablets have nothing to do with Nintendo’s lack of Wii U sales. It’s their poor marketing and advertising.

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