Certain Canadian Target Stores Now Selling Wii U Basic For $149.99


Users of the Canadian message board Red Flag Deals are reporting that certain Target store in Canada are now selling the 8GB Wii U Basic package for $149.99. Several people have placed their orders and secured a unit, though some are returning their purchase as they aren’t happy with the console. There’s no word whether US Target stores will follow suit.


      1. Actually I had already bought the deluxe model.. Also who got Pikmin 3? I did its an awesome experience for anyone who’s not sure to buy it or not.

    1. Yeah because there 10% back on digital purchases is really lame. I want exclusive Gamecube games!

      1. Stop being a douche. Everyone deserves Gamecube games not only you damn asshole ambassadors.

  1. To all of you who bought the Wii U at launch…

    Why did you even buy it in the first place if you don’t even seem to like all the games released so far?…

    I never buy anything until I see atleast 1 game I’m very interested on…

    1. Some of us bought it with the promise of amazing games that got grossly delayed.
      I thought I was going to be playing Pikmin LONG ago. I did not think it was going to be an old-game, 3rd party platformer machine.
      In hindsight, I would have waited 6 months, but there have been a few gems. If the Deluxe gets a price drop this holiday, I’ll be pissed.

      They should extend our eShop discount an additional year…

      1. Solid explaination then…

        If I had the resources to buy a Wii U at launch aswell I think I would have gone with ZombiU and Nintendoland probably…

        1. And really, we do complain a little TOO much, (too your point) There were some great launch titles. ZombiU was fun as hell. I still play it. There were some indie titles that were great. So it wasn’t a TOTAL bummer for us, I think I’m disgruntled at the delay of 1st party titles we were promised within the launch window. The launch itself wasn’t really that bad, just the software drought that followed. All we had were VC games we already had on our 3DS’, and some indie titles. (which I admit, some of the indie titles were amazing).

            1. Not in this universe/dimension or any other parallel universe/dimension did anyone at anytime say anything about Bayonetta 2 being a launch game…

        2. Solid explanation? I think more like a lesson learned. Never make a commitment based on non-facts. I purchased my Wii U Deluxe at launch and have been very happy with the system. I wouldn’t complain about more titles coming out sooner, but I’d rather they delayed and released better games then rush to market like most manufacturers these days.

          1. It’s his own opinion and my own, no need for facts…

            I think that people complain too much though and blame Nintendo for everything when the lesser Third Class Empires are a big cause when it comes to the Wii U low sales…

            Old games, missing features, most expensive versions, delays…

      1. so WHY do they BUY it if there are no games they want? i mean either these guys doing that are idiots or they’re idiots .. no way around that

        1. The wiiu already has like 10 games I must own even though I own a 360 and can get them for cheaper the Xbox live pay to play online makes them feal more expensive.

          1. well but you wouldn’t go and buy a console that has zero games you want and then wonder that there’s nothing you can do with it and return it to the store would you?

  2. That’s a snag but the problem is after buying a game and getting a bigger hard drive your almost spending the same on the deluxe model. I see at Gamescom Nintendo dropping the price of the deluxe model down to either $250-$300. I bought mine day 1 and have loved it since. Don’t know why people are having such a big problem with the Wii U. Its an amazing console with awesome staying power.

    I just got Pikmin 3 yesterday and was BLOWN away by how life like the world looks on top of the amazing fluid controls.

    Think people need to stop bitching and start having more fun playing Nintendo games.

    1. I downloaded Pikmin also. For a 4gig HD game, it looks GORGEOUS. <3
      It's just amazing. Sadly not a "system-seller" but a game Nintendo fans must have.

      1. * Also, it runs sooo smooth. I mean, it better. It’s Nintendo’s hardware. If Nintendo keeps releasing games that look this fucking amazing, and run as smooth as a Pixar Film, there is hope for the WiiU yet.

    2. “That’s a snag but the problem is after buying a game and getting a bigger hard drive your almost spending the same on the deluxe model”

      but you end up with a bigger harddrive.. and a game that you picked yourself rather than being stuck with nintendoland

      i sincerely doubt nintendo is going to drop the price anytime soon.. the wii U doesn’t sell where its price has been dropped by retailers either

    1. Nope. Only software can save it. And they are so fare behind, one game a month or two may or may not be fast enough. Their Marketing department really, really needs to announce a “re-launch” of the system.

      1.) WiiU re-launch Marketing campaign.
      2.) WiiU ambassador program or exclusive Gamecube games for early adopters.
      3.) A few commercials making fun/laughing at themselves so the public knows Nintendo is fixing their mistakes.
      4.) If Nintendo can find their balls, rename the fucking machine before it’s too late

      I really believe the above could save the WiiU, but it probably won’t happen. :/


        1. it’s almost like with ouya.. people backed the console and now the initiators are using that money to buy out games so that they’ll be exclusive to the ouya.. so basically the backers paid for games NOT coming to other consoles (temporarily)

          only they did it unknowingly.. people here actually want to exclude others for no reason other than petty self centeredness

    2. A price cut would just mean its a slightly less expensive paperweight. You need the software to back it up.

  3. It looks like the forum from the link in this article is full of people that just wanna bash Nintendo! Anybody notice how they all were talking about the PS3 and PS4 in their complaints? This really shouldn’t be posted on here as news, this is a group of complainers out bargain hunting, not a valid news story pertaining to Nintendo or its games.

    1. Well im a big nintendo fan, i bought a ps3 3 weeks ago and i can tell you that is better than my wii u and its not because of the games. Wii u feels cheap and looks cheap, menus, settings everything.

      1. No you are not a real fan. The WiiU feels more powerful has monster hunter 3 ultimate and Pikmin 3. The PS3 has more games guaranteed.

        1. @gamer come to my house and see my big nintendo collection. Just because i dont like wii u dosnt mean in not a nintendo Fan. Grown up fan boy

          1. And if he was to go to your home, the only thing e will see is the disgusting Xbot decorated house with a Bill Gates worshipping altar…

            Makes me sick…

              1. Yes because it’s so sick being one on a NINTENDO dedicated site…

                Maybe you should go away…

        1. @Voice of Reason
          His credibility is lost? According to who? Some dumb shit like you? Low level intellectuals like you don’t get to decide whether someone’s post is credible or not. That privilege is reserved exclusively for intelligent people.

          1. Voice of Reason = Macarony64 = Nintenlord = Some Puerto Rican guy trying to act intelligent

      2. I disagree with you on the feel of the Wii U. I like the PS3 but I hate the controllers for PS systems… They all feel terribly cheap and I have broken about 3 of them since the launch of the PS3. I agree with you about the menus being somewhat archaic, but the 360 had a similar look and I’ve never liked the setup that the PS3 menu has, it’s just a conversion of the original PSP Dashboard. We all have our own preferences and I’m not gonna verbally assault you for yours, but I will disagree with you on some things.

    2. Well spotted…

      I think we need to conduct a survey listing the complainers and then look at the statistic about who complains the most…

      Is it really Nintendo fans or is it really Sonyans or Xbots that bought a Wii U only tlo bash it…

      Because as far as I’ve seen in many forums, youtube etc etc, most love their Wii U despite the lack of Nintendo games…

      1. Every youtuber wort there salt are in love with the system. Only trolls or social rejects bash the console.

        1. What about people who are not interested in the console, think the idea of a second screen is an unnecessary waste of resources and Nintendo games are not for them ?

          1. Then they are either ignorant or Xbots/Sonyans, so clearly our Empire is nothing for them then…

            Atleast we get rid of such potential biased complaints…

          2. so why bash a console they have no interest in? does that make any sense to you? doesn’t make much sense to me

            1. I have never dare bash something I don’t own or have used before. Retarded people is what this Gen has contribute contribute to gaming. I bash Xbox cuz Xbox live is a scam I don’t like ps3 so much cuz of the constant updates and patches that take forever.

              1. Yeah but when people who own a Wii U bash it, they get accused of not owning one. I have one. Only 3 games have interested me in the 9 months. OS is absolute rubbish. Now that the PS4 & X1 have come out with there specs & price (where the fuck did Nintendo blow its money on the console?), 3rd parties aren’t going to be interested. Gamepad is alright, but NO ONE uses it, not even Nintendo. And it’s like Nintendo doesn’t even know what the word marketing means.

                Wii U at the very moment is fucking terrible.

          3. That’s fine, but if they’re simply not interested in the console, or nintendo games, why would they feel the need to reject and bash it? If you don’t care about something, you would be neutral, not vindictive.

      2. Lets go over how many petitions there have been from Nintendo fans bitching about a 3rd party decision ….

    1. Next generation Nintendo console will be delivered DIRECTLY to you by Lord Iwata himself so we can all feel the true aura of our Empire while Lord Miyamoto will send his games DIRECTLY to us to feel the power of our sacred games…

      My enhanced brain can almost see that future, yes…

      1. i’d rather have someone who steers nintendo back towards the (hardcore) gamer, something Iwata talked (lied) about but has still not shown any intentions of doing so.

        1. I would not count his Lordship out just yet…

          If things have not changed dramatically by the end of 2014 then I suggest a vote of confidence against Lord Iwata…

          But everyone has to ask themselves whether it was High Command’s decision to allow the release of “old” games like ME3 and AC3 or if it was the Third Class Empires…

          Because if it was them then nobody can blame High Command about not releasing “Hardcore” games…

          However there are plenty of real Hardcore games coming out later…

          Mario Kart 8, DKCRTP, Bayonetta 2, Smash Brothers, FExSMT and so on…

          But if some gamers do not consider them to be Hardcore then they obviously are deluded by western FPS garbage…

          1. i guess we’ll see about iwata.

            but appealing to the core is imo not done with nintendoland, nsmbu, luigi-u..etc

            the lack of 3rd party games is another issue, they just expected everyone to buy their console again, and never ever went through the trouble of fixing their relationships with 3rd parties DESPITE of Iwata saying that wiiu would be all about the gamer again. (sony and ms for example actively talked to 3rd parties, asked for their wishes and even decided what would be the best hardware to dev on)

            again Iwata has tried to grab the casuals first, and as a person who has read everything he said long before launch and was hyped for launch/first month in launch, its hard for me to take him 100% serious anymore.

            which brings me to mario world u, all core gamers wanted a mario 64/sunshine/galaxy esque game. Don’t get me wrong I’m hoping it’ll be good and i’ll probably buy it at launch… but its not what the core wanted..

            We haven’t seen much more then a few levels, but to me it did seem like another dulled down mario with that casual nsmbu flavor sprinkled over it. I hope im wrong about this, but the videos until now gave me this vibe.

            regarding the 3rd party games, imo nintendo shouldn’t allow the publication of certain titles lacking half the game modes that other consoles do have.

            I am not arguing the fact that mk8,bayo,smash etc are hardcore :)

            what I am arguing is that the games they have out now (except pikmin) aren’t.
            But it is what Iwata had been promising long before the wiiu launch.

            1. Well when it comes to our Empire’s problems, I think that the lack of manpower is the biggest cause to the delays of some games like Pikmin 3 which Lord Miyamoto admitted a while ago…

              When it comes to the other Empire’s, I don’t think most of them except the Ubisoftians had any real confidence or knowledge about what to do with the console which in my opinion points to lazyness and too much focus on online games rather than making something unique…

              I think that if High Command makes the same mistake on the next generation consoles, Lord Iwata should step down…

              1. iwata has been apologizing since the gamecube days,and had several generations of chances..

                opinions can differ but ultimately we both hope for the best.:)

                1. Agreed, I hope it becomes atleast as successful as the Gamecubeor N64…

                  Iit has so much potential to create games nobody else will experience…

  4. If I had this deal where I live I would buy 4 in a instant but there is no target here. :'(

    1. I am getting a white one because it’s cheap here, I have more storage lying around than all the world’s Wii U’s combined, I don’t want Shovelwareland and I want a white console.

  5. Stupid of them to drop the price that drastically, really.
    Haven’t they learned yet that it’s not going to increase sales?
    That’s the job of the games coming out.

  6. I would get it right away.

    150$ is more…..or less than enough to not complain about the late release dates of the games.

    But I am from EU where they don’t have this really cheap offer.

    They sell it for like 200€ here which is IMO also cheap enough to bare with the ongoing droughts.

    But I am going to wait for mid August or September.
    (playing on my bro’s until then lol)

    1. Cause your cheap. If you can’t afford this than you’ll never be able to afford PS4 or Xbox One. 💋

      1. “you’re”
        Sorry i am not a rich spoiled lil brat like u nintendrones and yes I am still getting PS4

  7. Thats a good deal for the basic, get a 60-70 $ hard drive, and two or three game. ur set for wii u while….Canada

  8. $150 for a Wii U and they are unhappy with it? Kill them now. That’s a pathetic result.

  9. Strange. I’m surprised that Canada has Target stores. Since they’re not in the UK.

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