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Check Out Nintendo’s Pikmin 3 Launch Video

As today, August 4th, marks the release of Pikmin 3 in North America, Nintendo has posted a video to their YouTube page detailing the basics of the game. The video is obviously aimed at the many people who are new to the Pikmin series as it goes in-depth into all the different facets of the game’s controls and basic mechanics.

So of you who already own the game, how many of you are playing the Pikmin series for the first time? Also can this game be enough to give the abysmal Wii U sales a nice jolt? Sound off on all things Pikmin in the comments!

Thanks, He-Man Forever

124 thoughts on “Check Out Nintendo’s Pikmin 3 Launch Video”

  1. Nintendo really fucked up with the Wii U in every way possible, why no online?Not one First party has online…WTF?????

      1. Umm, they have already had online games, such as Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros, and it also seems that you’re (hopefully) still learning how to spell, and with that, i’m done.

        1. all of there mp games should be online….also to the blogger … please stop saying “sound off on . . .” thanks.

      2. Hey clown. I stuck my CD inside your mother’s disk tray when I snuck up on her last night. She loved every second of it.

      3. @Ben Sanders, You dont really talk like that, you posted your facebook page link on here last week and i checked it out, I saw all of your fb posts and none of it had any sort of spelling errors, if you say your mom checks your spelling as an excuse then why is it she wont check it on here everytime you posted something, why is it you dont ask her to check? Now since you are now clearly EXPOSED! could you do us all a favor and drop the act and here’s me asking you kindly..

    1. It’s not that they fucked up or that they cant do it. It’s just that they see it as a waste of time NOT THAT I AGREE WITH THEM but that’s just how Nintendo is. They always focus on family/sit around the same tv aspect of multiplayer. Couple this with the fat that the focus more on single player, online multiplayer just isn’t their thing.

        1. Who cares anonymous? Wii U gaming droughts over. Go ahead doom and gloom it all you want to. Don’t care. Ill be playing Pikmin 3 in 2 days!!!!!

    2. @Themonet do you really need every game to be an online experience? so if retro make a metroid game, do you really want an online mode for a game that is meant to be played solo? come on, not all game have to be or need to be online so no they did not fuck it up, sure games like smash bros will have online or any multiplayer games that may have an online mode but games like pikmin are meant for local muliplayer and did you ever consider the fact that some may not have internet or they have shitty internet? bet you didnt so please think befor you comment and online is not one of the musts haves, you dont need to be online to enjoy a game

      1. Nintendoland needed an online, excluding it was the most stupidest decision nintendo had made regarding game not needing online..

      2. You are truly gonna defend Nintendo till the end…online…in 2013 is an industry standard, are you all that retarded?Nintendo makes games with a mindset they had in 1985, Mario 3D world doesn’t have online, NSMBU doesn’t, NintendoLand doesn’t, Pikmin 3 doesn’t…..dafuq?All of those games have multiplayer…local multiplayer, i’m not 6 anymore so my friends are always available or i want to play with my dad or mum, i’m glad this is happening to Wii U, Nintendo needs to change, period

      3. The bingo battle should have been online, or an option. For all those single players in a house, have an option to never play. If it was online, they could play people online.

        The rest of the game should be single player.

        1. Who’s to say it still won’t be? All it would take is some dlc and Miyamoto hasn’t ruled out the possibility. I’ll be covering this aspect in my review I’m currently typing up for my site.

  2. I don’t give a rat’s ass if people think this game is kiddy. I don’t no longer care how many times more powerful PS4 is over Wii U. No longer do I care if people thino Wii U is doom or gloom. Hell I dont weven care if Dr tre loads up another channel to expose blackbond. Wii U has games and Im getting Pikmin 3 and whatever else i fucking want. I don’t no longer care if 3D Mario World lacks online. I don’t care if a Wii U game runs 1080p or not. I don’t care if Nintendo advertises Wii U or not. I don’t care because my first reall Wii u game is arriving in the maiL A month later Rayman Legends. A week after that Wonderful 101. Soon after that TF. After that 3D Mario them Bayonetta, SWB Mario kart 8, Watch Dogs, Zelda,Wind Waker HD, Zelda U, that new IP. To me graphics no longer matter. I was just waiting for games!!!!!!!!! Bwhahahahahahaaaa

      1. Tropical Freeze!!! I don’t care if Sony drones criticise it saying its a 2D game because Ill have fun playing it REAL SOOOOOON! Bwhahahahahahah!!!

    1. Dude, how this post or news get you to respond like that?

      People are just not interested in the Wii U at the moment. I am pretty sure that all will change after the holiday. Just ignore those people and have fun playing your games.

      Please, just do it for me.

    2. The power output of the Wii U CPU is debatable at this point, as no clear technical specifications are available. The IBM Power7 architecture is rated at maximum 33 GFLOPS(Giga FLOPS) per core with the full amount of cache available at max clock speed. Per CPU, the maximum performance output is over 260 GFLOPS, albeit this is based on a fully specced out 8 core chip at 4 GHz.

    1. Right Mike S.It doesn’t even matter if Sondrones come on here trolling anymore. Bwhahahahahahahahaha!!!!! When they come back trolling Ill enjoy my games on the weakest console it’s generation. In fact why should us Nintendo fans defend the Wii U if its next generation or not. What they think of Wii U will not stop the heavy hitters from coming.

  3. I don’t care if Wii U has limited ram. Amazon sells external hardrives. I don’t care if Vita is a PS4 controller with an extra screen. I don’t care if PS4 used 15g for the OS. Bwhahahahahahaha.

      1. I don’t care. Come on blackbond bring your specs and ram and frame per secnd thing and pixtures. I don’t care. I got a Pikmin 3 game and more other games coming. Hell I don’t care. I don’t care what the next mynintendonews article brings. i don’t care if Wii U’s version of watch dogs is not on next generation engine or not. I’ll buy that game anyway.Bwhahahahahahahahahahahah!!

  4. I don’t care if Sondrones think Wii U’s grapics suck or it being labled for kids. I don’t care if they think Wii U is irrelevant!!! I don’t are what or when the next direct arrives. I finally got the games I want to play and enjoy my gamepad’s features.

        1. What ever you think of me will not stop me from playing my games I ever wanted. Call me a annoying, ajerk, fanboy. it will not affect me or brake my Wii U.

          1. *break

            I’m gonna correct people’s spelling from now on. Sorry, I can’t help it. It bugs me. xD

            I’m not correcting thebensanders though. He’s too much of a waste of my time to correct.

  5. I don’t care what Iceman thinks of Wii U or me. I don’t care what Ness thinks of Wii U or me. I don’t care what anonymous thinks of Wii U or me. Nor blackbond. Wii U is weak. So. Wii U lacks games. Not anymore. And if they still want to troll in Wii U not having games so.I’ll be playing while they will be trolling. I’ll be so busy playing I want be defending why?Because I’ll be too busy trying to kill a giant bug with Pikmin.

  6. Nintendo makes the best games. That I do care about!!!!! Good quality fun innovative games!!!! And if you don’t agree…….so!!!! It want stop Wonderful 101 froming coming, ZeldaU SSB, DK TF, Wii Party U, MK8 or that new Ip from arriving. The trolls words will just be useless words with no longer worth defending because of those fucking games!!! Trolls can bash Wii U or a Nintendo fanboy all they want to…….so!!!!

          1. And you hating me is not going to delay Wii U’s up coming games. Stop feeding me and maybe I’ll go away. I’m a troll babay and I don’t give a rats ass. Not anymore Pikmin 3.

  7. So now I know why in 2008 when Nintendo made Wii U the way they made it………..So. Nintendo was like……so. Let Ps4 be the most powerful console. We make quality games. So what if 30% of the unknown GPU is inside? So? So what? It won’t stop Smash Bros from arriving or Bayonetta 2. I no longer care about specs or trolls. Im like a ghost Pokemon who is attcked by JigglYpuff using Pound. No effect.

  8. just bought pikmin after going to a target a walmart and a gamestop i finally found a copy at bestbuy. ! its got very smooth gameplay and beautiful graphics

  9. I already know what’s gonna happen. Wii U will make a complete turn around. And if you disagree……….so. Disagree want stop 3D Mario to be top ten sellers this holiday season. I already see what’s about to happen. Another 3DS!!!! Yup yup yup. And if you disagree ……!!!!

  10. i for one need to deposit my check to my card and thinking of getting it digital (if the physical does not come with the club coins which i think it does)….actually im going with physical as i will be going to walmart and pick it up after i deposit my check in the same store

  11. Oh yeah, I went to a Sonyblog and they couldn,t say shit. Why? Because if I don’t care if Wii U is weaker than PS4, it had no effect on me. As a result, I shut up a Sony blog!!!!! Quick someone give some websites to more Sony blogs. I’ll take them ALLLLLLLL DOWN!!!!

      1. Who cares if you believe or don’t. I don’t anonymous. It won’t slow down my delivery date of Pikmin 3 or even stop or cancel my up coming games. Big deal.

      1. Whatever as long as I have my Pikmin 3 coming I don’t care. Im defending me or Wii U anymore. Why? because I don’t care. As lojg as Wii U games that I actual want to play is what matters to me. You can keep the specs and ram and other shit. I’ll be busy gaming!!!

      1. No, just thinking if I should hold off until christmas for my little nephew. He’s 6 and I want something he can play until he can read well and understand what he reads in order to play any zelda game…like me, he became a wind waker fan so soon in his life.

      2. PIKMIN PIKMIN PIKMIN AND 101 ÁRE FINALLY FUCKING COMING AND YOU GUYS ARE STILL DOOMING AND GLOOMING. Fuck that it’s a beautiful year for Wii U owners to be worried about specs, ram and whatever else nerds like talking about every day!!!!!!

  12. I don’t give a fuck if Wii U is weaker than Xbone or Ps4. I don’t care if Im annoying. I don’t care if I’m an embarrassment to Nintendo fans. I don’t even care whatever else you think of me because after 8/4 I changed. So go back to speculating hardware. I’ll be playing my games!!!!

        1. either it is that or he’s finally happy that a game finally came out that is nintendo exclusive. More are to come and this one looks good for my little nephew. Besides, its a game and as a gamer, I must play it let alone work on my dream.

  13. I NEED PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLAYED PIKMIN TO ANSWER THIS. I’ve played Pikmin one, and two, and both those games didn’t really seem like my type of game. I’m not saying it was bad, because I could see why many people would enjoy them. Is Pikmin three better than the other two? Worth sixty dollars?

    Thanks! :D

  14. All those games are worth 60$, but if it’s not your cup of tea then I guess it’s not worth it…

    Personally I wouldn’t buy Pikmin 3 if I didn’t like the first 2 but on the other hand it might change your mind this time around…

    1. *Tears of joy* I just got a good glimpse at wind waker HD with tingle bottle in action. I’m so over joyed to see miiverse as your playing the game, NO home button required! I’m so very happy about that feature because its so annoying to press the home button and lose track of what your doing.

          1. That’s Commander…

            Anyway this Pikmin 3 video looked absolutely great and I love that you can jump this time around too…

              1. I don’t know, in one scene they jump…

                I don’t know if that’s automatic or if you can actually jump…

                Those who have Pikmin 3 can you jump whenever you want?…

  15. Man, half of this world will already experience (and fully complete) Pikmin 3 before I even get a chance to play it. All because of me being stubborn and waiting for Nintendo to release a new color console. And I’m sticking to it. I don’t want to make another mistake by going ahead and buying a console, then a few weeks or months later, new colors come out. I just hope that it’s at LEAST this year when a new color Wii U comes out.

    1. And so what… we just don’t give a fuck the games are coming in! Say whatever you want to say. True Nintendo fans are like ghost pokemon battling a normal type. Every thing you attack us with has no effect!

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  17. I’m really loving the game so far. Just recently got back the Captain.
    It took me so long because I kept restarting particular days to do a much better job on them.
    The one that took the most time, in particular, was the one where you’ve got to build that bridge from both sides to get Brittany back after she falls off the ship again.
    That’s the first real instance where your multitasking skills are tested, and I think I learned a lot from that experience…

  18. I’ve been playing this game like crazy. My wife is annoyed. Thing is I think my 3 yr old son has played it just as much as I have. For the past week he’s been talking about Pikmin and when are we gonna get it….a fanboy in traing. I’m so proud :D

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