UK Chart: Animal Crossing New Leaf Remains In Top 5 For Eighth Week Running

animal_crossing_new_leaf_wallpaperThe UK charts are in courtesy of UKIE, and there’s been a reshuffling of games at the top of the leader board. Last week we saw Pikmin 3 shoot up to second place on its launch week, but sadly it couldn’t hold onto the top 10 and slips to number 15 on the board. After Nintendo had such a great week last week in terms of its games chart positions, we’re now looking at a staggered board. However, there’s still some positivity with Animal Crossing: New Leaf as it climbs up to number three from its fourth position on the board. This marks its eighth consecutive week in the top five, and sticks like glue to the PlayStation 3 power house game The Last of Us.

Unfortunately for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. they’ve slipped off the top 10 completely to hang in their dressing gowns at number 11. But it’s a different story in the individual charts where they breeze into fourth position, just behind Animal Crossing. Pikmin 3 also sits in behind the Bros. in fifth place, while Luigi’s Mansion 2 resides in eighth. The individual charts grant Nintendo the upper hand here, but the all formats leave the games staggered. You can check out the top 10 from the all formats chart below, but if you wish to view them in full you can do so here.

1. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
2. The Last of Us
3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
4. FIFA 13
5. The Smurfs 2
6. Far Cry 3
7. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
8. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
9. Tomb Raider
10. Assassin’s Creed III


  1. Interesting that our Empire, the Sony Legion and Microsoft Realm are fighting for the first spot in the UK territory…

    1. It gave us a 2 week short spike sales…

      In Japan it gave us 3 weeks…

      I’m waiting anxiously for the NA numbers…

      1. I love you people that think pikmin is a system saler. Sales dropped by half the second week in japan, system sales are back to normal. 2 week in UK, it doesn’t even make the charts.

        Pikmin 3 is not a system saler. it is for the dedicated gamer that love pikmin. Its not making non-wiiu owners purchase a new one.


        I picked up pickmin 3 on Sunday, its a good game (1st pikmin, I every played), but it wouldn’t make me purchase a wiiu to play it. its only get those who love pikmin that doesn’t already by a wiiu.

        1. I can’t speak for everyone but I personally never said that Pikmin 3 was a big system seller…

          What I did say however was that it would boost the sales for a short limited of time…

          I predicted that it would help Wii U sale above 10.000 units for atleast 3 weeks in Japan, it came true…

          I also predicted that it would sell above 10.000 units in EU for atleast 2 weeks, it came true…

          Now I am predicting that NA will sell above 10.000 Wii Us for atleast 3 weeks…

          I do expect WWHD and SM3DW to be system sellers though…

          Specially the latter…

  2. Pikmin is number 5 in the individual charts, that is pretty good for the UK. It’s number 15 on all formats chat. That is great news, it’s fending of games that are sold on eight systems each. Pikmin is only on nintendo by nintendo :).

  3. Smurfs 2?! How the hell did that even make the list?! This does not bolster confidence in me for UK gamers, as a matter of fact it makes me think that UK gamers might be losing their minds if this thing can make it to 5th place in their VG Charts. Come on people!

  4. For the people wondering why Smurfs 2 is on the list and remember there is a lot of kids playing video games compared to teens or adults. A lot of parents buy Smurfs 2 for their children when their children want to watch Smurf 2 the movie or they want the game because they like the movie.

    Look over all these years and tell me how many video games based on the movie? Believe it or not but a lot of games based on movie usually sell well for a profits.

  5. Wow…Europeans have drastically different taste in video games when compared to the US and Japan.

  6. Pikmin is hardcore title that thrives on a install base since the wii u had only over 3 million units out it wasn’t going to thrive all that well

  7. um… pikmin 3 was actually number 5. these charts consideres every version of a multiplat as one game version. the sales were actualy as follows:

    . Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
    2. The Last of Us
    3. Animal Crossing New Leaf
    4. Mario and Luigi Dream Team
    5. Pikmin 3
    6. Fifa 13
    7. The Sims 3: Island Paradise
    8. Luigi’s Mansion 2
    9. Grand Theft Auto IV
    10. Assassin’s Creed 3

    and if you dont believe me heres a link:

    you should fix that silvershadowfly.

    1. That’s the individual charts. If you read the whole article, you will see I reference both the all-formats chart where Pikmin is at number 15 and the individual where Pikmin is at number 5.

      1. oh ok. i appologize for jumping the gun on this one. this is why your doing the job and not me haha ^_^

  8. OK….Why Is Smurfs 2 There..?!
    And Man…I Thought Pikmin 3 Would Be Atleast At The Top 5 For 1 Month And A Half Or MAybe Even 2 Months…

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