Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow August 7

mario_bigNintendo has just announced that it will be hosting a Nintendo Direct tomorrow, August 7, for previously announced Wii U and 3DS games. We’re judging that the company will focus on its upcoming Wii U games such as The Wonderful 101 and Super Mario 3D World, and we’ll possibly hear some more information or a new trailer for Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS. What new details are you hoping to see? You can stream the broadcast live at 7am PT, 3pm BST, or 4pm CET on the Nintendo website tomorrow. 


  1. I told you guys a Nintendo direct would be had immediately after Pikmin 3 released in America :).

      1. Sometimes I feel that Kamiya was inspired by Pikmin to conceptualize W101. I saw some people playing it at Comic-Con International 2012 and the mechanics of both games seemed to be very similar to me.

        But, yes, we need to know more about W101.

        1. I feel like W101 will bomb real hard at retail. Nintendo is doing a piss-poor job on advertising it. Nobody even knows how it plays or anything like that. I hope Bayonetta 2 does fine.

  2. There’s nothing to say Nintendo.
    Here’s your Nintendo direct early:
    WiiU games are coming!… Slowly! Delays!
    They will keep saying 101, Mario 3D world, Mario Kart like a mantra, but it won’t put the games in your hands.

    There you go.

    1. Grow up and find a new hobby. If Nintendo is not your thing then why are you here? Sick of Douche Bags like this trolling the internet on Nintendo articles. If I ever met any of these people or found out where they lived I would punch them in the face for being a piece of shit human being.

    2. You’re about a month or so late bud. I’ve already bitched about all that until I just came to terms with my life as a Nintendo fan. (eons of waiting, sprinkled with moments of sheer gaming bliss) Buy yourself a 3DS. That thing is fucking on fire right now.

  3. Here is to them announcing that Nintendo tree house has been scrapped. Tomorrow the focus shifts to games games games. Nintendo has so much in it’s arsenal, the are one game announcement away from making people sing. Pikmin 3 is delicious by the way. Please release more copies of Xenoblade chronicles :).

        1. You twisted bastard! Stay the hell away from my onion! You get left behind at sunset to see how you like getting munched! ;.;

    1. Nothing new. We fired all our ammo, so now all we can do is repeat the same thing over and over for the next several months.

      please understand.

          1. I don’t know why trolls like you make that broken record joke all the fucking time. If anything it makes Nintendo look better, for actually owning up to their mistakes. Fail troll is fail.

  4. You know what would be hilarious?
    Iwata walks onscreen.
    “We are providing information directly to you. We have purchased Atlus. Please understand, SONY fans.”
    Cue the rage.

    1. That would be funny, because then Nintendo would be supporting PlayStation games seeing as how ATLUS publishes some exclusive PlayStation games; including one that just came out today and a few that are in development. =p

          1. Did you read what I posted? What I mean is that Nintendo could be part of a investors group to buy atlus in conjunction and leaving them operating like they are doing now.

            1. I know what you said, I’m telling you that nobody was talking about just being an investor, they’re talking about fully owning the company. Buying it out.

              Investors, shares, etc. are common. That’s why you have Sony on Microsoft and Microsoft on Sony and Sony on Nintendo, Square Enix, Namco Bandai, etc.

              Nobody would be shocked if that happened because it’s a common practice.

          1. In the final, I think ATLUS should keep on business as a 3rd party developer.

            It would be better for everyone. Both Sega and Nintendo have some localization issues…

              1. Both sounds good, indeed.

                But I feel – I may be wrong, actually – that XSEED would give a “western bias” to ATLUS, while NIS wouldn’t.

                I don’t believe both have enough money to buy ATLUS, though.

                1. The have parent companies but we don’t know who hey are so that’s why we said there names instead :)

  5. Unrelated to the post but has anyone had problems with Netflix on the wii u? It only worked once for me.

    1. Sometimes it won’t display on my TV but on my GamePad only (talking about the app, not the video) but when I reset the Wii U it works fine.

    2. Every now and then Netflix doesn’t show up on my T.V but the sound works and I can switch it to the gamepad and it works. To get it on my T.V I have to power down my Wii U and reboot it. It usually works after that. 💋

  6. I hope to see more footage from tropical freeze. I never get tired of Retro Studios.

  7. I hope to see more info on Yarn Yoshi. Looks very interesting and I loved Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

    1. Everyone seems to hate Kirby’s Epic yarn. Well sure it is kiddish and girly but what’s wrong about those things? I kinda loved the game too… It had fun graphics at least. Not many games dare to do something similar.

      1. I don’t think it was very girly. It was more violent than “Mario” games with tanks and unraveling enemies and spewing their entrails all over.

      2. Kirby’s Epic Yearn got good reviews, 9/10 on IGN and an 83% on Metecritic. Plus it was well… EPIC! lol! I would love a return to the yarn Kirby formula in the future. 💋

      3. Epic Yearn is very unique, in fact. Somewhat easy, but unique.

        Now I’m thrilled about Yoshi’s Yarn…

    2. I want more info as well!!! We only got a few screens and a small on screen demo of the game. I want to know how its coming along.

  8. whats that!!!!! do any of you sense a few or so please understands in this direct too???? “wii u has been cancelled to make….. new….. vacuum cleana (bows) more powa…. and tis time with more games. i apologize for in…. con…vinience. for any…. body who bought whhii u get a promotion (bows) a 5$ gift card for new e shop. we hope that this special….. promotion make up for wii u and will make you look forwad to….. next system”.

      1. Too much flames around him can’t be easy, probably why he flames around too much sometimes…

    1. Good Good news for the Wii U peeps.
      got some news guys, from the project car log:
      Build 531 (2/8/13)
      WiiU CommandBuffer(displaylist) support implemented (required for multi-threaded rendering)
      Add GX2Invalidate queueing for command-buffers
      WiiU fixed R8 textures to broadcast red to blue and green channels to work with shaders expecting L8 style inputs
      Build 527 (29/7/13)
      SpotShadow rendering fixed to honour renderthread
      WIP WiiU Multithreaded shadow rendering. DX11 support for mult-threaded shadow rendering (via -DX11MT). Fix for build bot errors
      Fix yet more missing variant MAX_RENDER_THREADS WiiU defines
      Fix for missing _renderthread parameters is shadow rendering
      WiiU – fix for various missing MAX_RENDER_THREADS variants in helpers
      WiiU – fix for various missing MAX_RENDER_THREADS variants
      Build 525 (25/7/13)
      WiiU SRGB handling fixed up. GUI and Renderer Colour levels now match PC
      WiiU F1 Debug Menu Rendering – direct to texture colour value fixes
      WiiU – Int shader parameter support. (fixes problem with glass shader/wipers)
      Build 524 (24/7/13)
      WiiU: First pass of keyboard support
      WiiU deferred helper – use 11.11.10 HDR formats for phase3 targets and also place in MEM1
      WiiU CPU profiler support + moved injection to be in the pre post link step on the elf (not the rpx, as was previously the case)
      WiiU – implement shared RenderTarget/Texture support. Also fixed up support for Volume textures
      Build 523 (23/7/13)
      WiiU remove MessageBox.cpp from Unity build (was removed from project)
      Added WiiU keyboard lib to linker inputs
      WiiU fix for new compile error with latest
      Optimisation on the rendertask processing. (big help on WIIU)
      Build 522 (23/7/13)
      Input: Added stubbed version of input for use when MWL_BASE_INPUT_ENABLED is not defined. Currently only a few calls are stubbed
      WiiU: Added w-i-p update of BKeyboard support for WiiU
      BDbgAssert: Updated macro to avoid a function call each time it is invoked
      WiiU – fixed environment map setup to render all dynamic envmap faces every frame
      WiiU various thread assignment fixes (moving to Core 0 or 2 to offload work from the main core). Physics thread/controller – add missing setup and set various PC define paths
      Build 520 (19/7/13)
      WiiU: Fixed bugs in first pass timer code
      WiiU: w-i-p update to keyboard support
      WiiU Disable specular irradiance on WiiU.
      Misc other missing platform defs for WiiU
      WiiU fixup 11.11.10 HDR format support
      WiiU don’t use linear textures for diffuse irradiance map
      WiiU Envmap uses 32bit HDR. Small deferred rendertargets are now in EDRAM
      WiiU FXCompilerWiiu pass ‘-m’ to SLConvertor for Column major support.
      WiiU support for double speed Z only rendering
      WiiU GUI Text RenderTarget now uses EDRAM
      WiiU various minor renderer fixes (spot shadow size, release texture compile fix, rendertarget coherency)
      WiiU – Fix Primitive Culling (wasn’t incorpoating translation)
      Updates to release/gold WiiU configs. Set warnings as errors
      WiiU half pixel offset shader fixes
      Build 519 (18/7/13)
      WiiU – disable SSAO in Main Menu for now until this get implemented
      WiiU light primitive rendered now works correctly.
      WiiU fix Vertex Colour D3D format conversion
      WiiU Samplers now use high precision
      WiiU – phase1 rendertargets now in MEM1 + fix forceMSAA setting.
      WiiU – various clear and rendertarget setup fixes
      WiiU – add platform specific shadowing shader path
      WiiU another fix for centroid texcoords causing vertex/pixel shader binding failures

      1. I don’t know if you are insulting the wiiu or not but the fix at the end of every paragraph make it sound good lol

    2. Is that the best you got? Being a stereotype? How about the PS4 is a over hyped piece of shit and the Vita is a bigger piece of shit. Or how about YOUR a piece of shit. Just shut the fuck up. Contribute something to the article WORTH reading and move the fuck on.

      1. thats exactly what i did though, thats is what is going to happen in the direct, meaning contributing to the article. im a get the pussy tonight because of all the free food im getting and going to bring to the bridge tonight!!!!!!!

    3. pls understand pls understand pls understand pls understand pls understand pls understand pls understand pls understand pls understand pls understand

    1. Well “Crappymon” has an extremely large fan base that will buy whatever system it’s on. I haven’t played a Pokémon game yet, but I want to try a demo of X and see if I like it and buy it if I do.

    2. I love Pokémon. It’s just a part of my childhood that I can’t let go! It’s soooooo AWESOME! 💋

  9. People are so stupid…

    This ND will mostly take on TW101 as it will be released this month…

      1. There will be as it gets closer to launch…

        It’s better to focus on games that will be released sooner than those that come later…

    1. They would have said if it was a 101 Direct. They told us via Twitter what the AC Nintendo Direct would air. I think this is a normal one.

      1. Well let’s see…

        I hope that they also explain the changes that will take shape after the big update later this autumn…


    2. I was hoping that they would maybe talk about those new IP’s I keep hearing about. Maybe there will be a short trailer or something but my hopes are kept very low.

      1. Yeah… we want MORE! lol! Super Smash Bros fans always want more. We aren’t satisfied for more than 2 days after a reveal. 💋

        1. I do. It was made for Wii U and now they are trying to port all the features (except WaraWara Plaza) to a small, 3D screen.

  10. I really want that Direct on the new Zelda Wii U. You know, the one they have yet to announce yet. But, I also think Nintendo should be advertising TW101 more. I really want to see that game do well. I love Platinum! 💋

  11. They will probably talk about the art academy for wii u, a wii u update for the autumn and drawing app for miiverse (spoken about at e3) and details on games for the autumn + winter. Such as Mario 3d worlds plot maybe, im guessing bowser has taken over the castle but everyone has escaped (explaining peach being playable) and they all go and try to get the castle back.

  12. I want Miyamoto to reveal what the secret code in Pikmin 3 is for.

    I think a Nintendo direct would be a decent time to do that. But, I know the game has only been out in North America for a few days. So they’ll probably wait until it’s been out a bit longer.

    Other than that, more Wonderful 101, Shovel Knight and Watch Dogs please!

  13. Before this year end a ND will do this:

    Starfox confirmed…

    Zelda U confirmed…

    Mario Party U confirmed…

    3DS Miiverse confirmed…

    New IP confirmed…

      1. Who doesn’t…

        Aslong as it is not called Metroid “Prime 4” since the series ended with Corruption…

        1. I don’t think the Metroid Prime series ended yet. Have you got 100% completion in Metroid Prime 3?

          I think they going announce Dead or Alive Paradise: Metroid Edition since Team Ninja have work on Metroid Other M.

    1. I highly doubt the Starfox one. If it’s happening, would you prefer a rail-shooter or something more like open world?

  14. If there is news on Tropical Freeze, i’m hoping for the 4th Kong reveal. I hope it’s Funky and his original theme returns :)

  15. That’s great! I hope find out what that 4 new character is in DKCTF and hopefully new characters in Smash Bros. 4

  16. Rumor is that they’re going to cross release Pokemon X/Y onto Wii U like what’s being done with Smash Bros.

    1. whereever you read that “rumor” must be a moron’s site. because that is so untrue it’s not even funny.

  17. Most of you people do realize it will mostly focus W101? So don’t get hyped up too quick >,> that seems to be a issue, that people get hyped up too quick and then rage or etc.

  18. Why dont Nintendo just release Pokemon games on Wii U and own the audience, they are just mad for not doing it so many years now!

    My body is not ready for third party, unless they says its Wii U support for 10 years LOL, they can change there minds by then!

    1. Yeah, it makes no sense. If they made a full Pokemon RPG exclusively for the Wii U, they wouldn’t be able to keep those machines on store shelves.

      I have been saying it for a long time, they need to do it. But Nintendo is pretty hard-headed about a lot of things; Like Pokemon being mainly for handhelds, having a unified network across all platforms, etc.

      1. There really isn’t an excuse though. Animal Crossing jumps back and forth between handheld and console and still remains largely the same game.

      2. Agreed 100%. It’s really a shame, too, as it makes no sense as to why they wouldn’t put something like that out. It’s almost anger-inducing. Nintendo has been making very questionable choices as of late. I’m losing any optimism I’ve had for them. Paper Mario Sticker Star is a prime materialization of the bad direction Nintendo is heading.

        1. Dream Team makes up for Sticker Star, and all that Sticker Star really lacked was deeper RPG elements and a better storyline.
          Other than that it was a fun game. Short, but fun.

          1. I agree with you on Dream Team (and the Mario and Luigi series in general). It’s really well-done, but I don’t agree that Sticker Star was all that fun. They stripped everything that made Paper Mario a great game. There are deeper RPGs on smartphones. Sticker Star was rushed and lazily produced, especially when compared to its predecessors which are all amazing games in their own right. Not only was it lackluster, but it was buggy too.

      3. Do you think Nintendo should go the route of Skylanders and make a Pokemon game taking full use of the NFC on the GamePad?

  19. wonder if we will get some yarn yoshi :| there’s been no mention of that game since it was announced WAAAAAY BACK

  20. Maybe theyll announce BioShock Infinite: Armored Edition HD++ Special Edition…lol! #nintendoissuckingmicrosoftsdick

  21. Here is my prediction. Iwata will say each at least one time.

    “DIRECTLY to you”

    “We apologize”

    “Please Understand”

  22. I’m hoping for the announcement of the Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL systems! As well as a trailer!

  23. I am perfectly fine if they talk about these years upcoming games but I at LEAST want them to give a date for N64 and GBA Virtual console. Hopefully they announce GameCube virtual console too.

  24. I am really interested in Pokemon Y, and I wonder if they will include the FLUDD in Super Mario 3D World, also Wonderful 101 looks good.

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