New Pilotwings Stage Revealed For Super Smash Bros.

pilotwings super smashA brand new stage for Super Smash Bros. has been revealed today in a screenshot for the Wii U. In the past few weeks we’ve seen Olimar join the roster, a Super Mario 3D Land stage for the 3DS version, and the gorgeous impact-launch effect screenshot. Now, Sakurai has added a brand new stage, where he teased on Miiverse, “this island looks familiar”. Of course, it’s none other than the Pilotwings stage from the SNES game. It’s good to know that Super Smash Bros. is getting some retro classic love. What do you think to the new stage?


      1. iwata:please understand….. get the fuck back to work bitch!!!!! stupid peasant!!!!! waahhh waahhh cry me a river, my hand hurts wahh waahhh!!!!! either you get back into your dog cage and eat the shit i put in your dog bowl or your hand goes bye bye from mr chainsaw!!!!! please understand this bitch you keep on working labor hours for free and ill take you on a walk to the park!!!!! with the leash too!!!!!

        1. I agree and you got to see what we made. XD

          My friend made a falling platform with all ladders. So basically you have to stay on the ladder to win. XD

          I made a stage that all block except for bottom platform which is flat. What I mean by flat platform is that you can press down on that platform. So I put on items on high for pitfalls. So basically if you want to KO someone then you have to throw a pitfall. XD

          1. Lol thats cool, and very creative. I always made ghetto stages, i got bored of them in minutes :D

            1. I’m sure it is fun again. Try playing your stage again. We got bored of custom stages too until we play it again after a week or two.

              I was hoping for more options too. I thought custom stages was dumb until one of my friend show me the “grab the ladder” stage. XD

      1. Don’t mock Lord Iwata my friend…

        High Command has ears and eyes everywhere…

        Excuse his mockery my lord, he is just too excited about Pikmin 3!

    1. Still waiting for Takamaru?

      I think we saw Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Megaman. Now Captain Oliver coming back too. I think Nintendo want to put in goofy characters now like Captain Rainbow.

            1. Well if the stage are flying and that mean everybody have a chance to fall down. But it is a flat stage that is not flying then we have to knock them off sideway unless there is a hole for that stage.

              Are you getting what I am saying?

                1. Doesn’t matter we want more stages and characters. I kinda hoping for extra game mode included in this game. Like Classic, Adventure, “Board the platform”, Target Tests, and etc.

  1. Only the WiiU could be capable of displaying a stage as beautiful as the image above! Just look at it!

    1. Please understand :). That’s the brilliance of smash brothers brawl. At the just ended evo video game fighters tournament, Melee had the highest ever viewership for a fighter tourney. Please understand that nintendo WiiU has started it’s climb to the top; word to the 3DS king emperor and supreme of the next generation. A new challenger approached!

  2. does anyone else hope that the wii u version gets the SNES pilotwings level and that the 3ds one will get a level based off of the 3ds pilotwings?

  3. Awesome! I have only played Pilotwings Resort, so maybe I will pick up the original Pilotwings! LETS HOPE FOR A STARTROPICS STAGE!

    1. You know how in Iron Man, how Stark is told to build a bomb, and the whole time he pretends to be building a bomb, he’s actually building a power suit?

      WELL! That is exactly what Sakurai is doing. He’s pretending to build Smash, when intact, he is building his own Nintendo gaming hardware, along with it’s launch IP!!! :D

        1. Nah he is probably right. Sakurai is making a new hardware for games like Dead or Alive Paradise: Metroid Edition. Who want to see a ball sucking Metroid?

    1. This Isn’t The Official Stage /.- This Is Just Showing Where The Stage It Will Be -.- To Be Honest You’re A Dumbass…

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  5. As long as the online lag is fixed in this game, then I don’t mind a lack of story mode or cutscenes. I never got into the story to begin with in Brawl. I just want to play.

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