New Super Smash Screenshot Reveals Metroid: Other M Stage

super_smash_bros_metroid_stageThe screenshots for Super Smash Bros. are fast becoming a weekly trend for big reveals of new stages. And this week the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai has released another Wii U screenshot to the fans delight. Joining the recently revealed Pilotwings stage is none other than the Pyrosphere from Metroid: Other M. The glorious screenshot shows both Samus and Bowser throwing down the gauntlet in the arena, while lava spouts forth in the background. Samus directs an all-out electrical ball of pent up energy towards her enemy, leaving Bowser to defend himself. The screenshot was accompanied by a Miiverse post from Sakurai teasing a certain enemy from Other M.

“Out of the blue, here’s a new stage–the Pyrosphere from Metroid: Other M! An enemy from Samus’s past may appear at any second…”

136 thoughts on “New Super Smash Screenshot Reveals Metroid: Other M Stage”

      1. Aye aye! Good words Voice of Reason. It’s true… and to be perfectly blunt, the Prime series destroyed the canon of the series, if you take it out, Other M fits perfectly.

        1. Thats utter crap and you know it. Prime doesn’t change anything whatsoever. Seeing that you can play as Fusion suit Samus indicates that Prime could happen after Fusion, which obviously comes after Other M. The game spits on Samus’s origin by not detailing the chozo genocide, yet still over emphasizing Ridley’s impact on her life. Other M’s story sets Samus’s prominant role as a female vidoo game protagonist back by giving her unnatural emotional dependency. Adam wasn’t her father figure, some chozo was. When did the federation become filled with humans? Why is the setting and plot so similiar to fusion? Isn’t the Metroid Queen, Phantoon, and the nightmare just cop outs? And the nightmare was only an enemy because the X took it over.. its was built to be a military weapon… In fusion it says Adam sacrificed himself to save samus… and that maybe he had chosen wrong. But in Other M if he had chosen the other way he would have assuredly died because ” there is no way I can defeat ridley”. Samus was hired for Fusion, in other m she just shows up. Why the he’ll would she follow orders, especially ones that make no sense. “Oh, your varia suit may damage the environment, don’t use it till I tell you.” As cool as Adam is supposed to be, that has to be the most boneheaded order you can give. PDS from seeing an enemy she has fought twice now? Lame. Other M is a lame action movie akin to The Core. Except they at least didn’t kill the black guy. Madeline was also useless and irrelevant. I rather pull a fusion, blow up the bs and fly away.

          1. She left the Chozo when she was about 14, assuming she’s in her mid-20s now, it’s perfectly reasonable for her to find another father figure in that time.
            I wasn’t the biggest fan of Other M, but a lot of your complaints are nit-picking. She followed Adam’s orders because he’s her superior. She’s a freelance mercenary, essentially, so if she didn’t follow federation orders, they may not hire her any more, and her income goes bye-bye. By the end of Fusion, she’s essentially a terrorist on the run with a stolen ship.

            1. And before anyone whines, I know she’s a bounty hunter, not a mercenary, but when was the last time you saw her do any bounty hunting?

          2. Having the Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime was nothing more than a tiny gift for the fans and to get something special out from the Fusion/Prime connectivity…

            It has absolutely nothing to do with the games other than that…

            And it was stated ever since the release of Metroid Prime that the entire trilogy including Hunters takes place between Metroid and Metroid 2…

        2. Alright, let’s see how “perfectly” Other M fits on the chronology.

          Samus calls the cybernetic Space Pirate a “Zebesian”. The Space Pirates are not originated from Zebes, the Chozo are. Other M completely overwrites Metroid and Super Metroid, eliminating the existence of her real fatherly figure, the Chozo. That is even reinforced when Samus states that “because I’ve lost my parents when I was very young, I had no reason not to see Adam as my father figure”.

          Other M states that mother Brain has telepathy, which she uses to control Metroids and other creatures. That is false on the series, as she couldn’t control the Metroids in Tourian that attacked Space Pirates indiscriminately, and the Super Metroid that attacked her. If she indeed had telepathy, she would use it to halt the attack from the “Baby”.

          Other M now adds the Concentration, that fuels the Power Suit. When Samus is mentally disturbed, like when she was faced by Ridley, or when she was shot by Adam (more on that later), her suit starts to disappear. If this was true, the the federation Wouldn’t be able to remove her suit in Fusion, as she was unconscious after she was attacked by the X. Not to mention that it makes the Power Suit useless when Samus needs it the most.

          Now, back to Adam shooting Samus with a basic Federation Ice Gun. What the heck was that?! The Power Suit that survived the Hyper Beam can be taken out by THAT?!

          So, how does Other M fit perfectly into the series now?

        3. The hell are you talking about? Other M retcons every other Metroid game out of the timeline thanks to it’s stupid plot and writing.

      2. You wish, but not all of us are so uneducated and philosophically broken as you so as to not have a personal oppinion on the matter.
        Philosophy graduate here speaking to you, “Voice of Reason” is quite a big name for someone so brain dead.

          1. According to my sister and many of my sister’s friends that live in the US…

            It takes them 2 years in some subjects to finish when we in Sweden do it 4 times faster…

            And they think it’s hard in american schools ahahahahahahah…

            It’s also funny and pathetic how in almost every series/movies, the majority of the students only party and never studies except a few intelligent ones…

            1. People keep saying this but it doesn’t mean that they themselves are smart. Hell you’re acting as if being book smart and being able to think logically are the same thing.

              Back on topic, no one is critiquing the Other M based on it’s game play. They’re simply saying that the story is very flawed and Samus doesn’t act as she should. You’re allowed to enjoy the game all you want. I’m sure it’s fun to play. But if the story doesn’t make sense, then it doesn’t make sense. It seems that people were having a decent conversation until someone directly insults The Voice of Reason’s intelligence. Then The Voice of Reason decided to do the polar opposite of what there name suggests and insults an entire country based on what his opinion of one person who might not even be from that country, instead of being reasonable.

              Fuckin’ A.

              1. Yea because I don’t have first hand Prof of what I said about the country I live in. USA education system is a joke to people who actually wants to study.

                1. My sister went and studied there on an exchange, she loved it so much, she went back to study full time. It’s just it seems it failed you …

            2. Nintendo Commander…you are clearly, cleary very uneducated on this matter. Most careers require you to take 4 full years of college education, sometimes 2. This is not because we are sidetracked, and like to party, and just don’t like to study, but because it’s REQUIRED, dumbass. You don’t study at a university for one year and expect to get ANY good jobs here. So, you see, it’s not about speed in the U.S., but about your intelligence and experience in studying the subject, which obviously means the more years you study at a university, the more likely you will exceed.

      3. I hate it because the controls are crap. The Wii Remote alone is good for 2D platformers like NSMBW and Return to Dreamland, not a 3D action-adventure game like Other M.

      4. When the game first came out, I loved it. I was so eager to buy it that I ignored every ill comment the game received. Things changed after I played the game until the end.

        Don’t worry about that, my opinion wasn’t changed due to the media hating it, I dismiss this game for my own experiences on the Metroid series and this particular title.

        Every time I see someone defending this game, I realize they don’t really understand where the problem lies, or why it was received in such a negative way by the other part of the fanbase. I gave that link above so you all could see why we hate it. It’s not for some silly reason, like “just because Samus is being voiced”, or “just because she has emotions”. It’s because this title destroys the character and personality she’s built over those past 25 years, and expect us to accept it with no complains.

        Most people argue that Samus didn’t have a personality. False! She did have a strong personality that was shown through her actions. Fusion and Super Metroid put it into words, and only made that personality even more clear. Other M shows a weak and mentally abused Samus, that we know is not the real one.

        1. It introduced her past, and who she WAS. It didn’t alter her personality or motives from previous games, just gave us a story based on her relationship with Adam. Nothing was changed. Her ideas and thoughts only changed because she was reunited with Adam, and again taking orders from him, reverting back to her own self for the duration of the game.

    1. After replaying Other M a lot, I get the feeling that the game was a origin story of Sylux as well. Sylux was teased to come back at the end of Corruption, and Madeline has a good backstory to be Sylux. With that in mind, I find Other M much more relevant to the overall plot of Metroid.

  1. Loved Other M. Nice blend between 3rd and 1st person, and a lot of good old classic Metroid game play. Don’t know why so many hated it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a solid game. I guess I didn’t like Prime, because I generally hate FPS. To each their own.

    1. I can’t speak for everyonebut what I hated was the portrayal of Samus…

      She has Chozo DNA and was trained by the Chozo ever since she was 4 years old…

      But they made her look as if she was just a puny little regular human that’s too vulnerable which she of course is not…

      The story was good though…

      I loved the gameplay and some bosses, specially on Veteran Mode…

      1. That is what Nintendo need to address, Metroid fans know Samus a little too much. At times even better than nintendo themselves :).

        1. Agreed…

          And the portrayal of Samus in Metroid Other M is exactly why I don’t want our Empire to take inspiration from western characters…

          They are retarded and uninteresting…

          People say that the Zelda games don’t have good stories…

          MM and SS beats most games ever released story wise and character wise…

          These Movie-games all have similar stories:

          Save Earth
          Last of their kind

          That’s it…

    2. Skippy, I loved Other M too! I thought they portrayed Samus well. She was scared of Ridley at first, because of her history with him, but now that she has defeated him again she is the dangerous killer Metroid fans know and love. People have to understand that Samus wasn’t “born” without feelings… she had to grow into it somehow and I think Metroid Other M shows us just how she did that. 💋

    3. I agree with you. I found the gameplay to be pleasant as well.

      Prime didn’t go well for me either because I suck at FPS games.

  2. I’m willing to wager Ridley, or possibly Nightmare or even Mother Brain- all three appeared in Other M so it’s pretty fair game at this point.

    1. Well (spoiler alert) Ridley was fought in this exact same room in Other M, but it would be pretty cool if they had Nightmare screaming his baby cries come in.

  3. You people genuinely need to get over yourselves. Metroid Other M essentially played like a modern Super Metroid, which beats Metroid Prime trilogy any day in my book. Who actually gives a solitary shit about the story, heck the entries in the Metroid series that actually had a proper storyline were Fusion and Other M, and the Primes to a lesser extent.

    1. Wow, you really are a damaged individual, you have no educated sense of writing or game making.
      Who gives a shit about the story? I don’t know, ask the people who thought it was so good they added a Movie option in the game, idiot.
      Other M had a proper storyline? Other M had a pathetic 2 page script overstretched by Out of Character and Franchise Dragging moments.
      Prime created lore, it used basic elements of Metroid and put them in a completely new circumstance, it didn’t need to rewrite the history of Metroid to work, it only created it’s own history, its own mythos and its own push, it didn’t rely on absurd cameos that appeal to nostalfags like you, it created a genuinely appealing experience from the ground.

      1. Ok, I obviously must have come across as a petulant child, which wasn’t my intention. What I was saying was, I’m pretty sure most people don’t play the Metroid series for it’s story. By this I mean an actual story line in the game; sure there are objects and buildings and creatures etc. scattered throughout for you to make assumptions and conjecture on this world you’ve been placed in, which is story telling in it’s own right, but for my point I meant a story that is told to you through a narative. I’ve played every entry in the series to completion sans Zero Mission, so I obviously love the series, and the Prime titles are no exception to this. But I feel that Other M, is poorly reviewed for a story, which isn’t really integral to enjoying the game. And if you ignore the story, Other M probably has the best gameplay in the series.

        1. Actually, I do play it for the story, or rather, the fact that you’re the one who’s developing the story. I don’t understand why a game is considered to have a “proper” or even an “actual” storyline if it explicitly tells you every damn thing you need to know without you figuring it out as you go. You’ve probably played way too many games with cutscenes by this point.

          Also, the gameplay was the best in the series? Are you kidding me? It was the most imprecise thing I’ve ever played! I had to actually think about whether a basic control was going to get me on a freakin platform or whether or not my gun would actually hit its target!

    1. Because you haven’t seen them in motion, that’s why.

      I remember when Brawl was in development, skeptics like you said the same thing for Frigate Orpheon just by its first screenshot, and oh how they got a rude awakening when they actually played the stage.

      1. Bullshit, the Frigate Orpheon was beautifully constructed, it had all elements that made it unique, including the Parasite Queen in the background.
        This, just like Other M, reeks of mediocre, it is simply a bunch of platforms thrown in a Mario-esque level, no thought put in here, FO was well crafted in its simplicity, this is so generic it hurts.

        1. Dude, he was saying FO was a great stage, you might want to re-read his comment. He stated that based on it’s first screenshot, people complained it was just some cheap, lame stage. They didn’t see it in “motion” and once the level was actually played, it showed that it was something special. Likely the same will be true for this stage. You can’t say it’s mediocre till you see what happens as you play it.

      2. Frigate Orpheon is one of my favorite stages. A lot happens in this room, so I wouldn’t doubt it changes quite a bit. The lights probably will go out, as well as Ridley attacking, then possibly debris falling from the ceiling.

  4. “An enemy from Samus’s past may appear at any second…” makes me think that Ridley, God forbid, is going to be a stage hazard. I hope I’m wrong. Then again, maybe appear at any second means Ridley will be the next newcomer revealed. But that seems very optimistic.

  5. I’d like to see Anthony trying to shoot at Ridley in the background. You know, before he gets knocked over. Spoiler alert!

  6. Out of the blue, here’s a new stage–the Pyrosphere from Metroid: Other M! An enemy from Samus’s past may appear at any second… And cause some retarded INCREDIBLY OUT OF CHARACTER moment.
    Other M is filth, nobody wants this filth in Super Smash Bros 4.

      1. I agree. I bet hardly anyone here has played through the entire series like I and a few others have, and they don’t realized how much Other M is a staple to connect both Super Metroid and Fusion, especially Fusion.

    1. It’s most likely that they just feel bad for sakamoto. I’d feel like shit too if people from a totally different country with no real experience making games in a series that you created ended up doing a million times of a better job than you did.

      1. Well i don’t care, Sakamoto is shit.
        Metroid is currenty in Final Fantasy state of “what the fuck are you doing?”

        1. Hey that’s unfair comparison. Final fantasy has been shit since 12 and the only metroid to be a let down is other m.

          1. No it’s fair, because current state of them both is they’re shit, and they have morons at the helm of it all.

    2. Have you ever played Fusion? Other M completed Fusion. It was a perfect addition to the series. Granted, they should have used someone else for Samus’ voice.

      1. No it fucking wasn’t, because 1. Samus was shit. A whiny bitch going against her entire established character.
        2. The gameplay was shit
        And 3. It looked like shit, the art style was fucking terrible.

        The entire game was generic team ninja gameplay, and boob physics, coupled with Sakamoto’s creepy “i wana fuck Samus” mentality.

        It was an insult to the fans, don’t even compare it to Fusion.

      2. Actually the only real connection to Fusion Other M has is explaining how the hell Ridleys body got on the BSL. There’s no other meaningful story connection as far as I could tell.

        1. Well, also explains the origin of Nightmare, and most important, what was the sacrifice made by Adam that Samus mentions en Fusion.

        2. If you look into it further, it also shows how the Metroids got shipped to both BSL and the Bottle Ship from the cell they picked off of Samus’ suit. This helped them to create the vaccine. Also, it explains how Samus reunited with the Galactic Federation to explore SR-388.

          Some of the lines that ‘Adam’ from Fusion says are awesomely related too. Like, ‘Did this Adam sit in a safe command room and order you to die?’ Its funny because it’s true.

      3. No it didn’t. If anything it contradicted fusion for one simple reason, why would samus work for the gf when they back stabbed her and tried to frame her in other m? The story in other m is horrible and contradicts all other metroid games, even if you take out prime.

  7. Oh god, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?!?!?!?! The awesome orchestral remix of Ridleys theme (the only thing I like about Other M) will most likely be a music track in this stage. FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!

    1. There is one mayor problem I have with the Smash Brothers games, and that is the music…

      It’s a chaotic fighting game, I don’t want to listen to let’s say, Fi’s theme while beating the crap out of my opponent…

      It decreases the tension a bit…

      Just put boss tracks from all the series or remix-actionize dungeon maps and levels…

      1. First of all, I really don’t think they’re going to use Fi’s theme.

        And second of all, there’s nothing wrong with using different types of music for fighting. I liked the jazz music in MvC2, for example, and the character themes used during fight sequences in Project X Zone were pretty cool, like God Eater’s “God and Man.”

          1. I’m not so sure. That song actually puts me on a Zen state that turns me into a killing machine and calling to the night.

      2. That’s why Sakurai lets you change the fighting music to whatever you want.. I’m sure he will do that again in SSB4. You can fight with fast paced music or slow and beutiful sounding music. SSB gets the music done right in my book!! 💋

    1. A game looking very beautiful has absolutely no meaning for real Nintendo fans if the gameplay is stale and boring…

      1. Don’t give me shit about “real Nintendo fans”
        Can’t the graphics be good… Can’t i comment on the fact that the playable character model looks awesome… Obviously I haven’t played the game yet, so how exactly could I go about commentig on the possibility of the gameplay being stale and boring… what the fuck

          1. Well, that was not the impression that I took it as…
            Bowser looks great.
            I like great games, not great graphics…
            You were trying to call me out, that’s cool, but nonetheless it is nice when the graphics are very good AND the gameplay is great

            1. I totally agree with your last 2 lines…

              But yes Bowser looks awesome…

              Better than in Brawl I might add…

      1. If I remember correctly, that’s the room Samus fought Ridley in Other M. It’s only a guess though it might be him. Could be Mother Brain.

  8. Half of you are ragging on Other M, while the other half is defending it. Meanwhile, I’m over here spazzing about the possibility of my second-most-wanted character making the cut.

    I mean his wording was really vague, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that “any second” means “the next week or so,” and “may appear” means “be the first totally new fighter reveal since Wii Fit Trainer.”

    (Weird trivia of the day: online, Gamestop carries Other M pre-owned for 7 bucks, but it’s only $5 for a new copy…)

  9. Other M was pretty and had good music, but that’s really about it. The controls were clunky, the upgrade system was stupidly ridiculous to the point it made Samus look completely submissive (only exception would be the power bomb, because that actually made sense).

    You could also kill yourself if you took a shot every time they said “baby.”

  10. Great… Sakurai basically just confirmed Ridley as a stage hazard (there is still a small chance he is still playable). Extremely disappointed. I was hoping Ridley would be playable. Krystal and Ridley were my top two most wanted characters!!! :(

    1. It’s highly likely the first thing you mentioned…

      Personally I’m hoping for Sylux, Rundas, Black Shadow or King K Rool to be playable…

      1. King K Rool and Bowser Jr. are on my list as well. The reason I want Ridley over say.. Dark Samus or Rundas is because I think he represents the series better than any other Metroid villain(aside from Mother Brain, but we all know if Ridley’s too big than Mother Brain is REALLY too big) Plus, he is Samus’ arch nemesis. I am thinking if Ridley is not playable than we can rule out the possibility of a new Samus rep.. oh well theres always Smash V!!! 💋

  11. Based on the caption for this image, the infamous purple Space Pirate captain will be demoted to nothing more than a background element like in the first Super Smash Bros. Time to expect a certain bland, blue doppelganger to be the Metroid rep in Smash. *sigh*

  12. I shouldn’t be looking here but they show way too much of this game.
    By the time the game comes out, the reasonable disappointment of discovering nothing new with the game will be overwhelming.

  13. Other M had flaws, sure, but it wasn’t that bad a game. I liked the gameplay. I’m glad Metroid is getting more attention and with Other M being the latest game, it only makes sense that it’s getting more attention. Prime had its stage in Brawl.

  14. i know what they should put for a stage….. Aether from Metroid Prime 2. Wouldn’t that be cool? Switching between Light and Dark? Emperor Ing in the background? That would be cool.

  15. FPS gamers have ruined gaming…
    Imagination is left in the corner as FPS gamers complain that a game is no good unless FPS rules apply.
    Take Other M… “I can’t move and shoot, this is shit”
    Or Resident Evil: “Can’t move and shoot, what a farce” …yet capcom adopted to them for RE6, and they still complain, and RE fans complain that they took away the core elements of RE’s interest.
    Etc and so forth.

    Other M played like a dream, looked amazing, fantastic story… a true Metroid game.
    I did enjoy the Prime series, but I’ve only replayed them a couple of times. I have replayed every other game countless times and still enjoy them as A+ titles.

    1. To enforce my point further…
      In reply to the Yoshi’s New Island Gameplay was this comment by will Hancock:
      “meh this crap is so slow and childish. this might as well be the yoshi island snes looks like the same dang thing i played as a kid. give me hotline miami 2 and borderlands instead. silly gamers nintendo is for kids.”
      My point exactly… stick with your FPS, leave everything else alone!

  16. The main problems with the game was the controls, it was linear like Fusion, Samus’s portrayal, the FPS sections, and the TPS section that looked like Resident Evil. Lastly the Prime series is not part of the main canon it is in its on canon DEAL WITH IT!

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