Activision Apparently Had To Wait For Nintendo’s Approval Before Announcing COD Ghosts For Wii U


Nintendo Force writer Emily Rogers has revealed why it took Activision so long to announce that Call of Duty: Ghosts was coming to Wii U. Rogers says that Activision had to wait for Nintendo’s approval before announcing the game was coming to Wii U. Clearly, this strategy backfired and left a lot of people wondering if the console would ever get the game. Here’s what Rogers had to say about the intriguing situation.

“Forgot to share this: Reason for Activision delaying Wii U announcement for Ghosts is because they were waiting on something from Nintendo. From what I understand, Activision waited for Nintendo to give them an ‘approval’ on something. That delayed announcement of Wii U version.Delaying Blops 2 announcement was a different situation. That was strategically delayed to create buzz at Nintendo’s September conference.”


      1. I believe the seal is there not to show it’s a good game, but rather to show that the game will work properly. It’s to show the disc is fine and the game is brand new and all that.

          1. yeah i also thought it had something to do with a game being playable not buggy as hell or anything gamebreaking

    1. You know families are still the greatest buying steeple in the whole are world right? Look at the 3DS, it has outsold all consoles for 2 1/2 ( two and a half ) years. In console and software. Last week alone the 3DS was responsible for half of Japan’s console and software sales.

      1. Um, the 3DS is not entirely family friendly and to say it’s automatically a family console just because it’s Nintendo related would be erroneous.

  1. I doubt this! No console what’s his game announced last unless there is a reason and the reason is to create buzz.

  2. To create buzz or lose pre orders to other consoles…Geez Nintendo. Stop pissing off your patrons.

    1. Am I the only one here that sees the September conference and is excited. Activision even has I pre-ordering COD ghosts. Nintendo Gamers, our Metroid and Zelda leagues can be had to please. Thus we the original Jedi should match on to support our close friends. Even if our closest western third party loves money a little too much lol.

  3. Nintendo: we want third party to sell well on our platforms. That’s why we announce COD: Ghost for Wii U at the last moment so everybody will pre-order it on other consoles.

  4. One person “reporting” uncorroborated information. Would like to see the proof. I am not saying this didn’t happen. I don’t know her credentials, so I can’t trust her without the proof.

    1. She’s been accurate about many things, actually. Besides, this is exactly the kind of thing Nintendo would do these days.

    1. That’s not entirely true. They have streamlined the process for indie devs, but I don’t know how they go about the approval for larger companies. For large scale games you have to supply credentials for the devs and concept as well as a timeline for release of titles and where they will be released. According to all the “older” Nintendo development agreements. Don’t know how much of that has changed though… I know because I looked into making games for the DS a long time ago. Go to to get more info.

  5. The approval was probably for them to put a digital version on the eShop. Since they don’t have any of their titles available on the eShop already. The lack of availability of the title on the eShop seems to be what hinders titles from having DLC, that and lazy devs.

  6. Nintendo did say they had unannounced games at E3 plus Mark Rubin did indirectly say it was coming to Wii U so i’m not mad at all. JUST GIVE DLC AND WE’RE GOOD ACTIVISION.

  7. i wonder how many wiiu owners while waiting for the wiiu version announcement ordered cod for their ps3/x360 ?

    i bet this delay has cost sales.

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