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Kamiya Defends Wonderful 101 Reviews


Outspoken Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has taken to Twitter to defend some of the Wonderful 101 review scores which came in the other day. Unfortunately, the review scores haven’t lived up to the developers expectations, with IGN awarding the game a solid 7.4 out of ten. Here’s some of Kamiya’s responses on Twitter.

Score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score… Get rid of fucking score thing & just believe yourself !!

Too bad. RT @JustApollo: A popular American review site gave your game a lower score because it was too hard. Thoughts?

Honor. RT @SamAustin7: Many reviews are giving W101 a low score because its “too hard”. How does this make you feel?

Is that IGN thing your god or something? RT @diosmekemeke: IGN say that the control of The Wonderful 101 is bad :O

Whatever. RT @BestServedSoup: W101 is not getting bad scores. 79% on Metacritic is good.

83 thoughts on “Kamiya Defends Wonderful 101 Reviews”

    1. Me too!

      I wanna know if it’s “too hard” because the controls suck or because it’s actually just challenging.

      I was on the fence about this game but if it’s gonna be challenging then I’m gonna buy it day 1. There are no hard games anymore. Pikmin 3 was great but got all fruit, beat final boss and got all secret Memos in 29 days. Not hard enough.

      1. It’s a great game from what I’ve played in the demo, it just takes one or two tries to get used to the controls and everything is well, but play for yourself to see :D

      2. There’s a demo on the eShop, and from playing that, I can say the controls aren’t an issue. They just have a learning curve.

        1. I love ZombiU. It is still my favorite game so far on Wii U. I feel like I’m missing something due to thousands of people hated it.

      3. I’m a reviewer myself, writing for a Norwegian gaming publication, and after having spent some hours with it after recieving it today, I am truly impressed. It’s hard, not because of the controls, but because Platinum actually have the (Unite) guts to make a hard game. And if you find it too hard? Don’t play on normal!

        I don’t see myself as a god, but I’m quite confident my opinions on video games are a bit more competent than those of the glorified dunghole that is IGN. I’m not even going to break out the old IGNorant routine.

      4. If you watched the IGN guy play it on youtube you’d know “controls sucking” could easily just mean the reviewer was on crack or a complete fuck up.
        And be honest with yourself how many games have YOU played where the controls hindered your game in any memorable way?

  1. “Score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score, score… Get rid of fucking score thing & just believe yourself !!”

    Kamiya can say some wise things from time to time.

    1. He has a point. Many people tend to only look at reviews to see if a game is “Good” so what reviewers say they go by. Also when someone reviews a game, it’s on Their point of view no matter what, so I find it better for someone to play the game themselves then rather just look at a score and decide if its good or not.

      1. Of course he has a point. Pretty legit one.
        People like scores freakin’ too much. Metacritic is perfect example of this idiotism. It’s the text of review – is what matters, not a bloody score.

        I just don’t care about traditional reviews anymore. Gameplay video and some impressions of people I give a damn about it’s absolutely enough to justify if game is good enough for me.

  2. A reviewer that gives a game a lower score because it’s to hard should work as something else. But if there’s a flaw in the controls or in the camera angles that makes the game hard that’s a bad game because that’s not a hard game, it’s a game with play abilities issues.

    1. I thought the reason Platinum made this game so hard is because of some Nintendo games being too easy. When you give people difficulty they don’t want it, that’s why we see Mario games that people complain about being too easy which ticks me off.

  3. Can we please find another adjective to describe Kamiya?

    Every time his name is mentioned it’s always preceeded by “outspoken”.

    1. The adjectives this blog uses are stupid, empty and just examples of poor journalism. It should just read “W101 designer Kamiya”

    1. It’s true though. Look at Twilight for example. The storyline sucks, the cast of actors suck….. Makes me tooo sad :'(

    2. Seriously, I don’t even get why reviewers name it as a bad thing. The market is FLOODED with easy games, so I’m really stoked that they made a game that actually makes it feel like you have do do something to win.

      I would put that as a positive point.

    1. IGN is a major and huge gaming site(if not the biggest) so what they give will and can effect a lot of people that never touched the game…

  4. Sickr, Alba I ask again, if you guys are British and your nation being renowned for setting up wonderful 20 th century journalism; why then do you not post complete articles and subject matter? For instance give us your loyal readers the whole list of the top reviewers. Most mynintendonews readers don’t know my listed review scores below :

    Wonderful 101

    Gamespot – 8
    Gameinformer -8

    to that tune or Eurogamer -8

    1. Anyone who thinks that games are too hard to not buy it or giving it a lower score can just aswell identify themselves as casual players…

      Hardcore players are those who masters any game no matter what and then tries to hold off vs others…

      Most games today are a joke compared to the Great Era of Games during the NES-SNES-N64 era…

      Stop crying or get out!

      I’m so sick of some people as they are the reason to why games today are easier and easier by the minute…

      MASTER the game!

      1. We live in a world where today’s society just gives up easily at things or have short attention span. Kids these days can’t focuse and try to do many things at once. tablet and phone, and or tv.

            1. Mine is learning to be a zelda, mario player. He’s even hooked on monster hunter but he’s not too good at it yet. He already got at level 4 or mansion four in Luigi’s Mansion dark moon. I feel that I’m too hard on him at times when teaching him the ropes of being a true gamer. He’s already mastered how to use te gamepad/controllers and the 3ds to his liking.

        1. Evolution going backwards since 2001 9/11…

          But indeed, today’s generations are far less intelligent in almost every aspect except technology and science…

    2. because you get more hits if you post flame bait articles, i thought you knew that by now Gamer. Sickr is only out for those click, screw 20th century journalism when you can make easy money, is this not the slogan of MNN??

  5. METACRITIC 79% – 80 %. what is up with ign? Because a game has a learning curve in control scheme you rate it low? Ladies I ask, you want equality in all professions, but this ign bubbling sheela has done it again. She gave Xenoblade chronicles, yes $ 90 Xenoblade gamestop used copy an low score when it was localized in the west. What is going on ladies, defend your cause as Gamers and stop stereotypical Suzy from ruining your great names.

  6. I don’t think he’s ‘defending’ anything – he just doesn’t care. Hideki Kamiya is a game designer who has a keen understanding of whether a game is worth development or not, and he doesn’t really care what other people think. It’s risky, but for him, it works. Now, he’s created a product he’s proud of, but he still doesn’t care what people think. It’s his game – he’s going to like it whether it get good reviews or not. Even if it’s a commercial failure, it won’t change his opinions on what he created, so he has no reason to care. And to top it off, the fact that people are using a score system to categorise good games from bad ones is also contrasting with his way of thinking. You can like whatever games you want to, regardless of whether or not they have a good score in reviews.

  7. I’ getting it day 1 because I think it looks awesome. Stop sucking reviewers dicks, most of them have an awful taste in gaming anyway. Some of them are Nintendo haters or Nintendo fanboys so reviews are never going to be 100% credible. The metascore is the most important thing when looking at a score for a game.

  8. Stupid dumb fucks, does a game score give you the experience of the game in your own options? Play the dam thing first before judging. “Oh, its too hard, IGN said so”…WHEN IGN TELL YOU TO JUMP OFF A FUCKING BRIDGE, WILL YOU DO IT?! Judge for your fucking selves by playing it!!! IDIOTS!!! EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU ASSWHOLES MENTION IN THIS ARTICAL (JustApollo, SamAustin7, diosmekemeke, BestServedSoup)! Even trolls and haters know better!!! You know what, MY TURN TO HATE! I’m fed up with this bullshit of dumb fucks who can’t appreciate a game without looking up the critics and being a gamer. Now I’M PISSED!!

  9. The IGN reviewer who have this game that score is a hack. She gave pikmin a lower score than it deserved too. She’s quite annoying. Especially her accent.

  10. Yeah the proof is in the Pikmin 3 review being an 8.8 its clearly a Nine at the very least but done in spite, but as usual IGN really don’t favour Nintendo as they say its not even in a console war since N64. “said at E3”

    The main complaint of that review was that she doesnt like the Wii U and it annoys her to use it, its quite clear in the review and video review that she doesnt like the gamepad

    1. That’s not entirely true. Audrey was nailed toward Nintendo as was Rich. Both worked at IGN until only recently. Keza is a joke and should never review Nintendo games. .

      1. yeah but both Audry and Rich over Rated games, and praised them for the wrong reasons.

        Example: Audrey and the Menu screen on Fire Emblem.

  11. That needs to be part of their marketing… In a deep announcer voice “The game that ign gave a 7.4 because it was too difficult for a girl to play comes….. (in the normal 101 voice) The Wonderful 101…(back to deep voice) because sometimes you just have to tell your sister to stop playing your video games” Lol is it sexist? oh yes… but will it make people laugh and buy the game? Yes to that too

  12. A game reviewer complaining about the game being “too hard” is only his problem, seeing that he has to play on a schedule. For us real gamers, that actually play for fun and not as a job, that’s perfectly fine.

  13. 79 on meta is GOOD, or EXCELLENT. If you have no worries about a game being hard then you can look at the score as maybe 85, which is extreme.

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  15. Many users here sound like pathetic babies. I read the actual IGN review and it seemed pretty fair. She complained mostly about the controls not always working as intended, which imo is a pretty good point considering the nature of the game. Desperate Nintendo fanboys (we all know the Wii U isn’t selling very well right now) were hyping this game so hard that when it doesn’t get amazing scores they got nuts and point fingers! 7.4 isn’t a bad score and it’s actually pretty close to that 79% metacritic average people were talking about. I don’t get the fuss arround this, the game has flaws, it’s fun but far from perfect. Bottom line is you’ll enjoy it or you won’t. Period. People just need to relax.

    That being said, I think the game looks pretty fun and intriguing, and I hope I get to play it eventually!

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  17. Am I the only one who thinks this guy is an asshole? He acts like an immature little kid, yeah, this is EXACTLY how you should act in the gaming industry.

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