pokemon_wii_u_rumourAfter the tease of a new Pokémon Wii U title at the Pokémon Game Show last weekend in Japan, there’s some startling rumours flying about. Gaming web publication Siliconera is reporting that there has been some sneaky trademarks filed for a new game called Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament by The Pokémon Company in the US. Both trademarks were reportedly filed on August 15, though The Pokémon Company is yet to comment. Although the names could just be a rumour, past games such as Sonic Lost World was listed as such, then came to fruition. Could we be seeing Pokkén Fighters for the Wii U? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Would really not like to see a Pokemon fighting game a la Street Fighter. A Pokemon Stadium game for Wii U however would be great, with the ability to link to Pokemon X/Y just like you could plug in your gameboy games to the n64.


  2. D’oh! If that’s the case, then that means it’s just some dumb fighting game or something. OR something similar to Pokémon Stadium. I was hoping it was an RPG like the traditional handheld games.


  3. It’d be great for pkmn to transition into arena-style fighting with full control over the pkmn, hot buttons for quick move usage and etc.


    • I hope it’s similar to the Anime battles…

      Taking advantage of the environment and some sort of Stamina meter to determine how smart and powerful your Pokemon is in battles etc etc…


      • Nintendo Commander, let us discuss the words I stated that The Activision tribe were a true western supporter of nintendo. Remember last year when the promised COD black ops 2 and the delivered; with gamepad co-op( need I mention the only company to implement it in an effective way plus Capcom ). BF4 is becoming irrelevant as we speak. All they need now is sales of COD ghosts to be good on the WiiU to port over the PC version of Destiny to the WiiU.


        • Well first of all…

          Indie Developers = Indie Tribes

          Activision Dominion = Third Class Power

          Anyway, I think I’ll hold off some of my “enthusiasm” until 1 month has passed after its release to see if they truly 100% support the Wii U wuth Ghosts…

          If they do I’ll happily buy it some day…

          And Destiny too if it comes later…


  4. Nintendo and Game freaks, just make a pokemon alpha and put Palkia and Dalgia whatever their names are, and tale a tale of an RPG of how the first pokemon came to join forces for the first time with Ash’s ancestors.


  5. Nintendo probably demanded a Pokemon game and quick to help with Wii U console sales. I guess it was too much to ask for a main game, so they went with this kind of spin off instead. It’s interesting


  6. I hope they take it off the street fighter scene of 2D fighter and make it a 3D fighter, with capabilities of running around the arena. Then add in assassination moves like in Halo, and you got yourself a day one buy from me.


  7. Im really tirs of this games. Why every pokemon game on consoles has to be fighthing.
    Give me some pokemon 3d adventure, or pokemon snap 2. U have the gamepad u can use it as a pokedex/catch pokemons or a camera…

    Take your stadium colisseum or whatever shit theyre making i want a real pokemon game


  8. Multiple fighting tournaments in which trainers enter their Pokemon to fight others. No turn based games but combos and action, similar to Tekken and SF. Get xp for fighting.
    My idea.


  9. I think a fighting pokemon game more like Street Fighter could make more sense (and money) that another Pokemon Stadium; I mean, in that way you could finally be able to control when your pokemon attack, defend, dodge and counter attack instead of the boring choose an attack, hit or miss, wait for your opponent to attack you, been hit or miss and repeat.

    Of course, I think a pokemon MMO or a FULL Pokemon (Choose your letter, mineral, color, etc) could make even much more sense (and money) that a Pokemon Street Fighter kind of game.


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