More Evidence Suggests Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle Is A Possibility

zelda_wind_waker_north_american_box_artFurther to the rumour suggested back in July, the Wind Waker HD could be tied in with a Wii U bundle, according to an unnamed Target employee. The news was reported this morning by Destructoid following images that were sent in by the unnamed source of the major North American retailer. By all accounts, Nintendo will release a Wii U bundle containing the 32GB Premium version, which will be accompanied with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for an estimated $349.99.

The other rumoured bundles for Pokémon X and Y have also been highlighted with new evidence. The 3DS XL bundles will launch in both red and blue, as a homage to the original Gameboy titles, though it is not yet known which game will come with which colour. The bundles will retail at an approximate $199.99. Both the Wii U and 3DS bundles are assumed to release within the designated October slot, but no specifics have been detailed. When Destructoid approached Nintendo they simply stated: “Nintendo does not comment on rumours and speculation.” 



    1. At least they could’ve actually remake the game, not do this, the character models are the same as in the gc version, is nintendo so motherfucking lazy


      1. You know, I would agree if the game was 15+ old but its not. You don’t have to remake the game over again from the ground up. The gamecube isn’t as far behind as you seem to think. We all had gamecubes a generation ago, its not that outdated that the entire thing needs to be remade.

        Wind Waker’s art style makes it so not much really needs to be improved for it to look good. We don’t want hyper realistic characters or anything like that, we just want crisp visuals because the game was already beatiful as it was. Sure, a game like maybe Resident Evil 2 might warrant a remake but that’s because there’s much more to do with that game than there would be for WW such as making characters higher poly etc. WW relies on style rather than realism so all it needs is sharper textures, maybe better lighting etc. everything is already there.

        Lastly, I think you under estimate the amount of work that this takes. Artists have to draw/paint the textures, you’ve got a whole team working on that. And don;t think that this is a straight “lets put dis game on da wii U disk” deal. The game obviously has to be optimized for the Wii U’s hardware which takes a whole other team.


  1. I still haven’t picked up a Wii U, but probably will if the Wind Waker is part of the bundle. think Nintendo Land is still in there too? probably not…


  2. I’m planning on getting a Wii U soon, but now I think I’ll wait to hear about this bundle. If it’s confirmed, ( I REALLY hope it is ), I’m gonna get it.


  3. If it just comes with the game and it isnt a special edition more gigs etc whats the big deal? If it comes with nintendoland as well thats good.


  4. If they DO bundle this, then I know what bundle I am getting! I need to replace the Wii U I gave to a friend, and this is IT! I want this game so badly!

    (BTW, don’t ask about the gifting of a Wii U plz. The situation got…complicated, and that’s all I am saying about that.)


  5. The Vita is getting a price drop and the PS4 is coming out so the PS3 is probably getting price drop too. I hope Nintendo is smart and price drops 3DS and 3DS XL and Wii U.


      1. Based on the principle that some people don’t buy portable systems unless they are around $100-$150, I think 3DS and 3DS XL cost too much.


  6. I still won’t buy the bundle set if …..
    1. The game is pre-installed and doesn’t come with the full physical disc and original case.
    2. If the console itself is just the extremely BORING black or white one, and not a special color.


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