Xseed Releasing Senran Kagura Burst For 3DS In US For Fall 2013


Both Marvelous AQL and Xseed have announced that Senran Kagura Burst is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in North America as a download title on the eShop. Senran Kagura Burst features an upgraded version of the original Senran Kagura with gameplay improvements and contains its story sequel, Senran Kagura Burst.  Xseed says that the game will have Japanese voices with English subtitles. Senran Kagura Burst is due for release in North America via the Nintendo eShop during  fall 2013.


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        1. True Nintendo Commander, now that women are getting equal treatment in industry and commerce, I thought they would take the higher road and aim for the great that we men achieved, not our nonsense. I see a lot of women striving to be cassanovas and the other vices that us men perfected. Women your fight for true liberation was to add value to the world, not add more hogwash. I salute the astronauts, doctors, mothers that raise great families, presidents and all women that are upstanding. This above game and caption should be shut down by true women, the foolish ones see no wrong though.

          1. Indeed…

            Thankfully both females in my family are evolved and aim for great things not even having the slightest thought about being some whore or housewife to take care of those primitive males…

            1. As much I want to agree with you but this isn’t the world we are living in. I don’t know how time change so quickly but its could be worst.

          2. Females went from wanting to be equal to wanting to be better then men. Next Women will have their own damn religion. Though this is not the place for such a discussion. Let any female think how they want. Everyone on the planet is different and will have their own opinion. You think its wrong. You’re in the minority. Most are either neutral on the matter or enjoy it. Don’t bash all females who like it. Its their choice.

          1. …The combat system goes from being stale and boring to well expanded and strategic… The first glance at combat is that the combo’s and specials are limited, but when you finally begin to unlock say a single characters movesets more, it begins to get fun and less repetitive during exploration…. it has a slow build up until than, but it’s worth while… sometimes people generalise the game as being bad just because it shows to much skin or jiggling breast…

                1. Well I am a big fan of ARPG. I might pick this up then. I am still waiting for Demon Blade (I did pre-order it for Vita but some reason it is not ship yet…) and Dragon’s Crown.

                  Thank you for your honestly! :D

        1. yet most of my females friends like anime. and big shock here, they are straight. i’m a straight male and enjoy chocolate. both have nothing to do with each other.

    1. Ah so the truth comes out. You are a women. Cause no guy gets upset at half naked chicks. Especially fucking anime girls come on now. Its data and pixels. Not real people.

      1. Dragon Sith our male drive wants half naked clad women yes. But a wise man knows a well dressed smart and wise woman is greater than any bimbo that thinks she should expose her nakedness regardless of the age of children around. Women independence is a must with modesty and smartness. Absolute nonsense like trying to overthrow all men, now that we are against. lol.

          1. You must be high as a kite, if you think they get party invites, other than niece’s birthday parties, and only because she feels obliged.

    2. The only thing I am offender by is that disgusting girl with an eye patch. Girls with eye patches should not be allowed in public.

    3. You do realize the game isn’t just about breasts? Lol. It’s called fanservice. They are just there as an added bonus. They don’t get in the way of the story or anything. I know you aren’t into women and whatnot, but you probably should’ve done your research before calling this a perverted game. :P You see, unlike our dumb countries, japan could care less what the rest of the world thinks about women. They can look at female breasts and not care at all. It’s not like they are evil or something. Anyways, I am straight and I will admit that I can be a bit perverted sometimes (as you already know xD) but I don’t think the bouncing boobs can even convince me to get this game. I saw gameplay and I wasn’t too impressed tbh. I think I will check it out eventually, but I’d say it’s ok. :)

      1. Japan = Octopus sex, enough said…

        Maybe you’ll learn that someday in the near future…

        Japan is the most pathetic country when it comes to these issues…

        1. Psh. They’re only admiring females. Lol. And if you haven’t noticed, Japan has always been like this, so it’s nothing to fret about now. It’s not their fault you don’t like boobs. Lol.

            1. What’s so wrong with breasts? They’re a natural part of women. If you go outside right now, you’re gonna see some anyway. Lol. I don’t get what the people is.

              1. Not taking about thatm I’m talking about what I’ve said about Japan…

                    1. What? In your original comment you were talking about how this was a perverted game. I was referring to that. It’s not perverted, it’s fanservice. :P

    4. Oh my god. Nintendo Commander. ._. You need to help me remove my perverted side. :| I bought a chocolate bar from the store and the cashier was just… *drools* She had perfect hair and such beautiful eyes. And wow I could not stop staring at her rack. A perfect pair of them. XD Truly amazing.

      1. Game and Wario has a female art designer(?), who lists herself as person who has facial hair.

    1. You are not alone. Usually devs who dont have any talent makes games like this to get few bucks from pervs, you know what i am sayin?

        1. if it’s good why does it need half naked.. i don’t know.. schoolgirls? at least they look like they’ve been drawn to make the impression of being underage

          i have absolutely no issue when a game takes a more mature approach but this is far from mature.. this is just idiotic.. is it really necessary?
          and it’s always coming from the japanese.. be it animes or games.. some of them are just disturbing and make me question the sanity of the artist/developer

    2. This is the way all women in videogames should be portrayed not like those idiotic tomb raider games where a women is killing a bunch of men by herself hahaha don’t make me laugh I know games are fantasy but that’s pushing i a little much.

    1. Wow…American I take it. You always use the laid card. Sex is hardly the most important thing in the world.

        1. Yep there are some smart people in America. Even a Canadian know this. And Dragonsilths I think you mean Japan. Japanese men just love to use the laid card.

          1. Do you know how bad it is to be American and have over half of the planet disliking you and talking shit about you? Everywhere on the internet people criticise America, like their country and people are any better.

            1. Yea I know what you mean. Also it have to do with history as well. There are a lot of factors affect other countries because of what “America did” in the past. One of the most reason for hatred is from Cold War and I guess you could say recent wars. (I don’t really know much about recent wars.)

              Also some of Canadian, other countries are jealous of things that only are available in America. ;)

              To be honest, I don’t think we will have Europe or Canada weren’t for America in both World Wars.

    2. LOL. Like you’ve gotten laid? Slit your wrist you faggot, how does it feel knowing you are nothing but a waste of life. Hope your parents die of cancer too :)

      1. WTF is your problem dude. He was clearly joking, dont get hurt about it. You may like hentai and it can mean lot to you, but not everybody like that shit. Hope you see a real naked girl instead of an anime bitch which dont exist :)

        1. exactly what i mean, this is anime not even real woman, meaning if you like fap to this you probably will never get laid. its so low and it almost seems like you dont even have a chance with any girl if you do this, it kinda shows.

            1. whatever you want, im just talking about fapping over fake things like videogames and stuff!!!!! its like seriously. real people whatever. why people are taking this way to far i dont know. if there is a girls on here right now are you against me to now!!!!!! the internet is fucked up!!!!! its like tryong to fuck barny the dinosaoer, its fake, not real, in this case these girls are just videogame characters and if people fap to this shit and fantisise!!!! whats wrong with people getting so against me on this when, i know off the internet everybody would pretty much agree with me on this.

                1. dreams…… yeah but my dreams or like what i would want to do are like real life possible dreams about this…. just like randomly picking up that chick and just leaving for a while to a cabin kinda far away without telling anyone. just us, you know cabins and chicks alone ….. of course this could happen if it would just click, so its realistic.

    1. I actually like Rune Factory and Rune Factory Tides of Destiny. I haven’t play other three Rune Factory games if not including Rune Factory 4.

  1. “Oh look, boobies, ewww get away from it before it intoxicates you” *sighs*

    You know, spite all the problems Japan currently has, they at least have some social behaviors far more superior than western countries, like not treating T&A as a sort of taboo, or something filthy.

    I don’t know why people are already assuming this game is sexist, considering that I haven’t seen a single male figure doing something harmful or inappropriate to the protagonists. I even doubt this game will have a man at all!

    1. They also have one of the top 3 suicide statistics in the world so it doesn’t matter what they are superior in…

      The more doll like a woman is the more attractive she is…

      Males have less sex today and masturbation increases as they even have masturbation centers and rooms to rent…

      It doesn’t need a man or a man doing something harmful on a woman for the game/movie whatever to be offending and sexist…

        1. No, I think it’s a good thing in that sense but they only do it because they don’t want to waste a lot of money to “covet” the women as the women requires a lot of attention before they even think about having sex with them…

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          Around 50% of all males 20-30 years old does this…

          The numbers are rising each year…

          1. Please provide us with some factual evidence of these statistics.

            P.S. Just because you can’t get any in real life, and have to whack off instead, doesn’t mean all guys are like that :D

            1. Unlike you apes I don’t live by the rules of the most primitive thing in existence, sex…

              1. Oh you’re such a character. Your life must be so excit—No wait. It wouldn’t be. You just sit around, on the net, acting like a pretentious asshole thinking he is better than everyone else.

              2. Also, who said we live by the rules of sex? Making up shit again because you can’t get any? :D

                I live by my own rules :D I don’t live for sex, it’s just nice to have ;)

                1. And you obviously follow me because you want to have sex with me…

                  That’s the only explanation….

          1. Some of the people have very high standard therefore there is a lot of singles out there. Heck some of them want to date specific race which is racist in my opinion.

    1. Good thing I didn’t click on the link since I noticed the rule number. -_- Some of us go to schools or works you know? At least put it in NSFW.

      1. I think he mean that this game should be mature. But anything that come to the west will have censored anyway at least for nudity or sexual contents.

        1. Why do they have to sensor anything that comes from the east but they don’t sensor God of war?

  2. I just watched an episode of that anime…I’ve got to say…..the plot…..yeah that….uhm….is very….interesting, yeah! *prepares some glide gel*

  3. Looked it up, it’s a side-scroller in which the more you get damaged, the more the girls’ clothes get torn off.
    That’s basically crossing the line twice; when something is so over the top and ridiculous that it’s hard to take it seriously enough to find it offensive.

    1. It is a ARPG and all the characters are female. Some say it is beat-up game as well. What make this game different is that the more you get damages the more clothes was damage as well.

      I don’t know why you are afraid to look up a video on youtube since youtube do not show any sexual contents unless I am wrong. Look it up on your free time I guess.

      1. Well I wasn’t really afraid. I just don’t like to look at suggestive content for 3 reason: 1. NSA 2. My mom walks in and is like “What the hell are you watching?” 3. I don’t want it to be in my recommended videos because I finally have it to where it’s groomed to my own personal liking.

  4. Not bad :3 We need more Japanese style games overseas for the sake of diversification stateside though this may be a bit too sexualized for my tastes :)

    1. Diversity for its own sake is hardly a benefit to anyone. And that is hardly a problem since 40% of the time there’s some kinda generic animu shit somewhere.

  5. I’m not upset, god I’ve seen stuff much worst browsing my way through in Akihabara. And chicks like half naked guys don’t they? So whatever.

  6. Too much discussion over the sexuality, not enough talk about the battle system.

    The original started slow and bland but the combat got better as you unlocked moves, from what I hear.
    If Burst solves that by making it enthralling from the start, I get the feeling it’ll get great reviews.
    It’ll need a good story and decent length to match, though….

  7. I was trying to limit myself to buying Rune Factory 4 and Pokemon Y for the rest of the year on 3DS. I’m already breaking that rule by getting SMT IV for the $30 eShop reward (already have FE: A), but I’ve wanted to play Senran Kagura since the first one, so this is my last exception. The rest goes to Wi U.

    I wonder if they could localize the New Love Plus+ game that was announced not long ago. I’ve been wanting to try that game out.

  8. For every single one of you people who are all “This game should be banned because it degrades women”, lighten up and shut up. First off, there is nothing wrong with this game. At all. Fine, it’s got boobs in it. Big whoop. This does nothing to degrade, make fun of, or change the imagery of, any and every woman out there. It’s all just for fun. It’s called “fanservice”. There’s no nudity, and there’s no sex. It’s a solid beat em up game with a surprisingly dark story to it. Look the stuff up before you judge. You’ll miss out on a great game (actually, 2 games. It’s got both sides to the story.) if you pass this up. If you don’t buy it because of the “It has boobs” thing, then I feel pity for you. Don’t get me wrong, I was once like that myself. I used to think these kinds of games were stupid and degrading. But I realized something: I can play these kind of games, but I don’t change my thoughts on women. At all. Women are people, not living sex objects. Nothing about this game degrades women. Fine, there’s jiggle in it. So what? Nothing wrong with that. Everything’s got a little fanservice to it when it comes to women.

    What I’m trying to say is this. Stop getting all your panties in a wad, some of you boxers, and look at it differently. Don’t think of it as a game with Dead or Alive jiggle physics. Think of it as a fighting game, full of strong, powerful people who deal with life threatening fights.

    Oh, one last thing. If you support games where you steal and kill, yet you hate this game because of the breasts, you are one big f**king idiot who finds shooting and looting more acceptable than girls that’re well-endowed.

    If you don’t like it, then fine. Big freaking deal. Don’t buy it, don’t recommend it, and don’t whine about it. Just forget it ever happened. That’s all you need to do. Nothing more, nothing less. The people that actually want this game, myself included, are tired of hearing all of you moan about it. Oh, but do continue if you so desire. Free advertisement for the game. The more you complain, the more the people find out about it, and the more people that want it. So, if you really want to hurt anymore chances of another game like this coming out, then don’t say anything. It’ll spare us the headache, and spare you the time to type.

    1. Noticed the topic’s been dead for a while now.

      I’m still glad I finally said that though. Been wanting to for the past few days.

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