Watch Dogs – Hacking Is Your Weapon (Video)

A software bug led to a breakdown of services during the Northeast blackout of 2003, including communication, transportation and power. Now, 10 years later, how much more secure are we? See the hacking features in Part 1 of the Watch Dogs gameplay series and discover how vulnerable we are. Watch Dogs is due for release on November 19th in North America and November 22nd in Europe.


          1. Weak. If you want to grab people’s attention actually put this thing called thought processing into your comments. Fail troll is fail lol.

      1. Like if your Xbox “180” is anything special that still ain’t more powerful than a high end PC. Stop acting cocky over pretty little polygons, signing that stupid ass DRM re-reversal petition, stop insulting gays because you’re still mad about not getting any kind of ass and grow the fuck up.

              1. Im not. It was always about true gamin companies like Nintendo and Sega for me, seems like i only have one option nowadays. Would be nice someone else 100% gamin company to try console market.

            1. I like Sony, and would go to them if Nintendo went before them (yeah, right) but I like Wii U better.

        1. This video (goto 2:02 for example) is why I shouldn’t want an Xbox One and is off putting for the Kinnect in general.

          1. Because of the Laptop camera being hacked (in the video)? The WiiU has a camera right on the gamepad, looking at you at all times. The 3DS as well has a camera looking right at you. Also, Microsoft is now allowing the Kinect to be unplugged and not used at all if the user doesn’t want to use it, for paranoid people like yourself. Just saying.

        2. Uhh the xBone isn’t even more powerful than a low end gaming PC…. even the PS4 is about on par with a low end gaming system and the xBone is %50 slower than the PS4…. you can build a PS4/xBone killer for less than $500…. even cheaper by the time the new consoles launch.

          I think some people misunderestimate exactly how old the PS3/360 are…. A low end gaming PC is 1.8 to 2.5 teraflops, the PS4 is at exactly the 1.8 teraflop mark.

      1. It would be great if they broadcast a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Wii U version and show the unique features only available for the Wi U…

    1. When they launched it after they announced it as another gimped version. Missing feature: Everything vitally important like multiplayer.

      I swear to god if I even hint any news of anything omitted out of this game’s Wii U version, I will not buy another damn Ubisoft anything again.

      1. I’m in the same position as you are…

        Watch Dogs is the core non Nintendo game that will decide if I’ll support the Ubisoftians in the future…

        If it lacks a single little detail available in other versions then so long Third Class Empires…

        Nintendo and the Indie Tribes will be my choices this generation then…

  1. Hacking eh? Movie hacking: Beep.. beep.. boop..(a keyboard sound). I hacked the system.

    Me: -_-…(seriously).

  2. Hmmmm… Normally I’m not into the gritty 3rd Person stealth bad ass with a weapon games. But this one looks pretty neat, and it has been since… Assassins creed 2 or so. I’ll probably give this one a shot!

        1. Maybe it is even though it dosnt look has good has the ps4 video it looks better than the Alisha video.

  3. Would be neat if in the Wii U version the L train is decked out for The Year of Luigi like the one in real life. But that could also look stupid and out of place in this games world.

  4. @Ukuku funny enough and ironic that u called Nintendo Commander a faggot,do u Realize that ur name is the zulu language,the most spoken language in south africa means,when directly translated ” The Vagina”,so u have a guy called THE VAGINA calling NINTENDO COMMANDER a faggot,how ironic lol,do your research before u pick a name for the internet Ukuku lol

    1. Fuck you faggot.
      Only faggots plays on a Wii U!

      Black ops is so mutch better on XBOX WITH DLC FAGGOT L2P noob.

  5. To people worried about Wii U version being worse…. AC3 was almost the same on PS360 and U. Difference is the GamePad got some functionality and DLC for U was late, but that’s not really their fault as they probably didn’t know much about eShop ATM. I’m pretty sure we will see better graphics on PS4/One/PC but same or better graphics on U as on PS60..

    1. AC3 was not for ps4 and xbone idiot! sure it didnt have better graphics freaking idiot omg.

      Watch dog might have because that one might not be just a straigt from ps3/x your stupid piece of shit.

      Faggot, go get a real console! a xbox, instead of that kid machine called FAGGOT U

      BTW learn to write english faggot

      1. Wii U is a real console, if it wasn’t how could millions of people have one? And what do you mean learn to write English? Am I typing in Chineese to you?!? AND I never said AC3 was on PS4/One, I’m saying that Watch Dogs is likely to have better graphics on those too compared to Wii U…

  6. I’m also looking forward to watchdogs I hope its not a xbox360 port But a version made from Wii u or a ps4 port

  7. Crap. now it’s either this or, WWHD,or Ghosts in November. if Ubi omits one features,even as the Wii U is called the definitive version, i will wait a long while to get it.

    1. I’ll get both tWW HD and this in at launch. Might get AC4 at launch too! And don’t forget Donkey Kong in November :D

  8. I hate this!!!!!!!!!!, all the good games come out at the end of the year I’m always out of money by November15 or something…

  9. Blacklist, and Watch Dogs are the 2 third party games for me right now. But then WWHD, DKCTF, SMB3DW …….. Why so many games? :(

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