Zelda Wind Waker HD Teaser Site Now Live


Nintendo has gone live with its teaser site for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, which showcases the trailer for the game, Eiji Aonuma’s Nintendo Direct, as well as several gameplay stills. One of the images (pictured above) reveals the new item selection screen accessible on the Wii U gamepad. The teaser site indicates that full-scale coverage of the game will be coming soon. The Wind Waker HD is still on target for an October release.


  1. Hmm I don’t know if I should bother looking or even try a demo (should one come out) since I’ve never played the game. I’m so excited for this!

  2. There’s 3 items i can point out missing from that screenshot: The iron boots, magic armor and hookshot. Yet there only seems to be two slots left in the inventory (the 2 on the left side are for bottles obviously) Wonder if they’ve removed the magic armor or changed how the iron boots are equipped

    1. Perhaps they’ve assigned one of those items to the D-Pad? Although, I’ve always found the Magic Armor somewhat useless, so it would make sense to me if they, say, made it an automatic item or something.

        1. That actually makes a lot of sense; especially since you get the original sail from him. Good thinking.

          1. What if I told’re on the internet right now!

            Anyway I bet, somehow or another, you can get a console delivered to your location.

            1. 1: mind blow.
              2: is more of not having credit cards and me don’t trusting buying online.

  3. I can’t wait; Wind Waker is my favorite game in the Zelda franchise. I’m sure that’s not a the most popular opinion–even less popular would be my mild aversion towards cult classic, Majora’s Mask–but I always thought one of the great things about Zelda was that few can agree on which ones are the best. Anyway, this remake seems to take out most of the minor annoyances I had with the first–which is fantastic!

    1. My favorite is still a toss-up between Link’s Awakening, the Oracle twins, and Majora’s Mask, honestly.
      Wind Waker comes in a solid second place regardless of what my first is, though; I love the game to death.
      Honestly, I don’t really think there’s been a truly bad Zelda game.[Not counting CD-I, Rupee Land, or Crossbow Training.XD]

      1. For me, Wind Waker’s undoubtedly the best while most of the others tie for second. They’re all just so dang good; it’s hard for me to rank them.

        1. My top are
          1 WW
          2 Ocarina of Time
          3 Skyward Sword
          4. Link to the Past
          5. Twilight Princess

          Not all that hard for me to rank. I can understand why it would be for some though.

    2. WW, TP and aLttP are all sharing my first place, while OoT, MM and SS are tie about the second place :D

      Can’t wait for this game, I haven’t played it in years!

  4. Great looking and 40/40 game. My fellow nintendo Gamers and Gamers at large, do you think their is a Golden Sun for the 3DS in the making? One set for release next year. That would be awesome, awaiting your replies guys.

    1. A golden sun perse no but a game based on his mechanics yes. Have you see the new mh4 gameplay? It is so awesome.

  5. My favorite Zelda is Twilight.
    Although I thought Majora’s mask was epic, so probably MM and OoT a tie for second, yet Windwaker was just a fantastic story, so maybe Majora, then Windwaker, then Twilight…

    no, OoT, Windwaker, MM,, wait Twilight is definitely one of my favorites…… D: I don’t know!!


      2.) WIND WAKER
      3.) MAJOR’S MASK and OCARINA OF TIME. Can’t decide.
      5.) A LINK TO THE PAST
      6.) MINISH CAP

      The rest I can’t decide where to put them but I love them all. :)

  6. What’s ironic is, when the Wind Waker first debuted, a lot of people were complaining about the look. Some even passed on it because of it’s drastic change of art style. Yet it’s one of the greatest Zelda games ever. Everyone that passed on it are idiots.

    1. To be fair, Nintendo, at the time, showed an entirely different trailer that was more darker and “realistic” so seeing WW art style was a kick to the balls after the hype…don’t know if you were old enough to remember it.

    2. Yeah. I was one of those people… I was pretty upset about the cell shading thing, then I played it and learned the error of my ways. :/

    1. Why would you want to use the pro controller instead of the gamepad? Sounds to me that you do not even own a wiiu and are just a brainwashed sheep.

      1. I love using the Pro controller for games like this! I use it for AC3 and other games that doesn’t utilize the GamePad. And it’s been ages since I last played a Zelda (home console) game with a normal controller. SS’ controls are great, but I miss the classic way. And the Pro controller is both more comfortable and its battery lasts 20 times longer than the GamePad!

      2. shut the fuck up you clueless piece of shit. not everybody likes that stupidass tablet. I prefer a traditional controller which the pro controller is. fucking clown.

  7. >upscale an eleven year old game to 1080p, add shaders, and connectivity to Miiverse
    >add nothing groundbreaking except the fast sail
    >sell it for the price of a fresh game, sixty dollars
    >muh shekels

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