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Project Phoenix Director Calls Nintendo “Interesting…Not Exciting”

project phoenix

Hiroaki Yura, Director and Producer of Kickstarter success story Project Phoenix, recently explained his position on why his popular game will not be appearing on any Nintendo consoles.  Describing Nintendo as a “very old company”and “interesting…not exciting”, Yura revealed that although he is a fan of Nintendo, he does not believe that the company caters to indie games like Project Phoenix, pointing to Nintendo’s recent denial of indie Japanese developers as proof. A portion of Yura’s interview appears below.

The problem with Nintendo… You know, I like Nintendo and everything…but not a lot of people buy it. I know a lot of fans buy it, but there are so many restrictions with Nintendo, and also the fact that Nintendo in Japan does not accept indie games.

We think Nintendo is taking a wrong approach towards games like ours. I think maybe it has to do with the Kyoto culture…very old companies. Nintendo itself in Kyoto is not that old, because in Kyoto there are companies that survived for hundreds of years, and compared to them they’re relatively young, but in terms of video game industry they are very old. They have a set of rules that does not fit with the core values of our game, basically.

They have interesting hardware, but it ends at “interesting”. It’s not “exciting”.

84 thoughts on “Project Phoenix Director Calls Nintendo “Interesting…Not Exciting””

      1. This topic is suspicious as I doubt people honestly care what the director of project phoenix thinks. Looking for troll hits is the most likely reason for this thread.

      2. me too. if it wasn’t fro nintendo there would be no gamers anymore. if nintendo stopped making games, i would be heartbroken. i wouldn’t just switch to sony like 90% of xbox gamers are this gen. i feel like people have a better “relationship” with nintendo than sony and microdick. we all know nintendo is more exciting than 80% of other companies because they do their own thing. they don’t go with the norm or follow the current fad. they do it their own way; a preferably better way.

      1. So long as losers with plenty (and boy do I mean plenty!) of time to kill are around, JRPGs may never cease to exist. Although I remember reading that they and anime were moderately getting killed by western games and animations. That makes me sad. :)

        1. Who ever you get your information from, you need to slap them upside their head. Tales of Xillia (A JRPG) is on the top of the charts right now, and Anime (at least on Cartoon Network) has some of the highest ratings in television thus far.

      2. Oops 9_9 let me put on my sad face :(
        Now add tears for a dramatic effect… :'(
        There we go!

        o noes That makes me so very sad :'( T^T >o<,

    1. Yes, Nintendo for some strange reason will not allow Japanese Indie devs to self publish on the eShop, which seems very backwards to anyone that has seen the slew of games that self-publishing has brought to the US, EU and Australian eShops. All of the titles are not out yet, but there certainly are plenty of indie games on the way to the eShop… Why not allow Japanese devs to self-publish as well? I swear Nintendo, sometimes your like a wife that always has a headache!

      1. They just dont want anymore RIGHT NOW. Nintendo wants to give western indie devs a chance…though thats a risk since not all are great.

  1. The whole thing smells to high heaven. The guy who is prominently listed as having “worked” on L.A. Noire was just a game tester. One of the so-called devs only has experience in video games as a violinist. Wish people were holding their feet to the fire.

    Add that to the fact that they’re pushing this game on iOS and ignoring interest on Wii U even though it’s being developed on Unity and yeah, this is too fishy. Hey media, feel free to slam these guys. I think they stink.

    1. I said this to the fanboy who wrote this at Dual Shockers or whatever and he had a temper tantrum and banned me when I asked him to back up some of what he said. If you spammers want to go after somewhere else, find that guy Giuseppe Nelva because he’s a total clown.

  2. Ok no… But they really have a point.
    Nintendo is taking wrong decisions,
    And those decisions are growing the “hate” to Nintendo
    I love Nintendo, but they just can’t keep going like this.

        1. Bein lazy in your projects has nothing to do with Nintendo he had taken there time they would not be having this problems also I haven’t see a Japanese Indie on ps3 or 360 either.

  3. I pledged towards this game a couple of days ago, and yeah, it is a real shame about this game not coming to Wii U, because it sounds fantastic. And the fact that Nintendo themselves are to blame… that’s crap.

    1. This game does look really cool. To have a JRPG being made from people behind great games like Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasy and having Nobuo Imatsuo compose some music is really cool.

  4. I am going to go directly to the nintendo president of america, and when i tell him this he is going to tell them to fuck off.

    1. They stated they were not taking japanese indiedevs at this time that it, doesn’t mean they aren’t interested they might have soem tings to work on for japanese indie devs

    2. It has to do mostly with having things done in advance. If they had done the preparations in advance they should have gotten a spot.

        1. Most likely. The spots are international so you can’t spect Nintendo to remove people that did it in advance just because they are Japanese they are not Kas hirai.

  5. nintendo its the core of the problem, everyone knows that and the fanboys supporting anything they throw makes worse the problem. even if you deny it its sadly the truth

    1. Ignoring iceman is a Nintendo fan and is not satisfied with Nintendo. Proving not every Nintendo fan agrees with everything Nintendo is doing. But you rather play dumb in acting like that doesn’t happen.

    2. I’m a die hard Nintendo fan but I do, can and will recognize its own problems. Advertisements, some inside situation with 3rd parties in a way we don’t know, indie developers, leaving the Wii to coexist with Wii U thats cannabilizing its sales and raise confusion only on morons who lack common sense and can’t tell the difference by looking at two different boxes with two altered designs and logos.

      As for the 3rd party and indies purposefully gimping Wii U games isn’t helping the situation either. I’m not saying its one side’s fault. To be completely fair, its both of them and they need to get their acts together pretty fucking quick or its the fans thats gonna turn on them. Not one of them..all of them.

    1. And apparently, Nintendo is too. YouTube gameplay uploads copyrighting from fans, Evo 2013 Smash Bros. Tournament ban, indie developers of Japan limited out and then comes no Story Mode for Smash Bros. 4 because of their issues with YouTube which every other games, fans and companies outside of Nintendo have no problem with.

      I can say Nintendo needs to stop dicking around on something petty and focus on their Wii U or it’ll become their next biggest flop since Virtual Boy.

  6. It’s “easier” to get into the real game industry in Japan. If your skills are wanted that is… Nintendo doesn’t wanna take too many risks atm, but they know we westerners love indie games and therefore allow them if they are made “here”. If they do well, they will probably also come to Japan’s eShop. You’re still fucked if you live in Japan though. You wont be seeing ypur games on the eShop until they have been proved successful on other platforms.

  7. I will enjoy watching this phoenix remain ash. What a prick. Guess he didn’t get his way. Not many buy Nintendo? Wtf? The 3ds for example? He’s such a typical run off at the mouth loser. No wonder Nintendo won’t work with him.

    1. What abt. the Wii U, VB, or the GC? Ppl’re buying the 3DS right now because it reduced price from a ridiculous $250 – $150 & it started getting more games. For developers, siding w/ Ninty’s a risky gamble. As u ppl say, think from a business perspective.

      1. Really? All you’ve done is tell me you’re a sony and/or xbox fanboy. Nintendo does take some blame, but these 3rd party companies are cowards.

        1. Really? If u interpreted a truthful statement directed towards u personally as me being an Xbot/PSdrone, then u need to get ur head checked, u paranoid retard. Instead of mashing an incoherent reply, plz seek a doctor asap, oh brave one.

  8. That’s a real shame….I was actually debating on whether to pledge for this game in hopes that it’ll one day be released for the Wii U and since Nobuo Uematsu was working on it and pretty much anything he touches is a guaranteed great title I was looking forward to it. That and the fact that the game actually just sounds amazing…it’s unfortunate that it’s not coming to any Nintendo console…I mean not even 3DS, They’re making one for iOS and Android and apparently that’s more exciting than a platform dedicated to gaming…I can’t take a comment like that seriously but whatever I suppose.

    1. How the heck uematsu be warking that game if he has his own games company? Unless it is being paid bigs $$$.

          1. I don’t think he owns that, I believe that’s Sakaguchi, the guy who created Final Fantasy, who created that studio, Uematsu works with him as well to score his music. (Lost Odyssey, Last Story) To name a few.

  9. Honestly he’s just a violinist…
    I wouldn’t pay much attention, unless Project Pheonix turns out to be good.

    1. Well, what I mean is that, usually, whatever game he lends his musical expertise to usually ends up being great, that and the game sounds good. Also, he’s a great composer and deserves more credit than just being called a violinist, no offense.

      1. That’s not really him though.
        Hiroyuki Sawano is a god amongst anime composers right now (Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan), and he’s composing the soundtrack for “X”, and someone like Noubo Uematsa speaks for himself, but they don’t make the game good. They make it better by having an amazing soundtrack, but rhe designs, gameplay creators ect are the meat to go with the gravy.

        Im just saying, he’s not the guy we need to listen to. He’s gotten a power high from his success on kickstarter and now he feels the need to tell his opinion to everyone and state it as though he’s right.

        1. I’m fully aware that the music alone obviously does not make a game great, and he doesn’t really have any say in the gameplay mechanics and what not. I’m also not saying he’s the best composer in the world, but he does have a lot of beautiful songs in his portfolio many of which I still hum from time to time, especially the 1st overworld music from FF9. Also, I’m not that big into Anime anymore so I wouldn’t really know much about Sawano, but I’ll take your word on it. All, I’m saying is that usually, whenever he’s scoring a video game, that game tends out to be great, but I know that’s not directly an influence over how the game will actually be.

        2. I will say this, If Sawano is the one who composed that track in the “X” Trailer….I’m going to really enjoy the soundtrack to that game. I just hope it holds up to Xenoblade Chronicles’s soundtrack, because that game and the music was just an utter masterpiece. There wasn’t one song I didn’t like. The only other game that made me feel that way about it’s soundtrack was Chrono Trigger.

  10. At least this dev has a better excuse, Japan hitting it hard to japan devs not being accepted at this time is a pretty good excuse but nintendo not selling much? Maybe the wii u at the moment but he’s not seeing the 3ds selling like hotcakes. At least he thought about it then the others poor bullshit excuses.

  11. Unfortunately, this gentleman sounds upset with Nintendo over their policies concerning Japanese indies, hence the cheap shot at the Wii U. Personally, I feel he Wii U is interesting and exciting, because there isn’t any in gaming like it. So to me, his statement is a little disingenuous. However, I’m thankful Nintendo is open to western indie developers. Hopefully they’ll reverse their stance concerning Japanese indies!

  12. Unfortunately, this gentleman sounds upset with Nintendo over their policies concerning Japanese indies, hence the cheap shot at the Wii U. Personally, I feel the Wii U is interesting and exciting, because there isn’t anything in gaming like it. So to me, his statement is a little disingenuous. However, I’m thankful Nintendo is open to western indie developers. Hopefully they’ll reverse their stance concerning Japanese indies!

  13. ……………………………………………………………just waiting for the part where we are supposed to care.

  14. Certainly ‘interesting’ what he has to say :P The 3ds is selling like crazy, though *cough* best selling video game platform for 3 straight months *cough*. But if it’s true that Nintendo consoles seem uninteresting in his situation, Nintendo has to change that.

  15. The Japanese developers can point to Nintendo’s recent stance involving a games expo all they want, the bottom line is they want to get Western developers more interested in developing for the Wii U. The Japanese developers themselves are always going to be there when the opportunity comes back around. The Western market is a bigger market than the Japanese market.

    It’s all sour grapes, lest another unpopular opinion.

  16. I don’t think Yura knows that Nintendo is actually 124 years old as a company, which actually DOES makes them one among of the oldest companies in Kyoto, too. lol
    Though, I think he’s right in to a good extent in saying that generally people don’t buy Nintendo–FANS do. I love Nintendo fans and have been a Nintendo fan all my life, but sometimes, we are a bit naive as to the seeing why some people might be turned off by Nintendo, particularly in the last decade or so.

    It’s not necessarily just games. I know many gamers who like both Metal Gear Solid and Mario Kart. And most Sony fans like The Legend of Zelda. It’s also things like stupid region lock on consoles, their saying no to certain things like focused online gaming on GameCube and yes to slight power improvement from GCN to Wii, and their relaxed focus of core titles lately. And Operation Rainfall, anyone?

    I mean introducing the Wii U with Nintendo Land as your top showcase at E3? Even I as a fan thought that was a sore disappointment. Not having games in development BEFORE the Wii U launched? Didn’t they learn their lesson with the 3DS? And their saying things like the move of Pikmin 3 to HD caught them off-guard in terms of being prepared? It certainly doesn’t bestow confidence to a developer. I frankly can’t blame Yura’s general sentiment.

    I also think Nintendo is holding themselves back in the indie gaming department. I know that such setbacks are frustrating to an indie developer, because the hope of being indie is that you’re free to develop, regardless where you live. By not accepting Japanese indie game developers, you’re holding back a lot of indie potential, and sending a negative message. Darn it, I want an indie JRPG on Wii U, possibly with memorable Engrish moments!

    Nintendo also needs to step it up and make their dev kits free for approved indie developers, I think, to encourage more indie support during their disastrous drought of games. Sony’s playing the best hand for indie developers AND major developers. Where Sony lacks in innovation and originality, they make up in playing the options both fans and developers want to see. They’ve generally never had to be told to make games region lock-free or to focus on online gaming–they just did it as standard.

    We simply shouldn’t have to ask for this stuff, and yet with Nintendo, sadly we often do.

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