EA Exec Says They May Develop For Wii U In The Future


Electronic Arts, who recently stopped developing for Wii U due to poor system sales, seems to be eager to bury the hatchet with Nintendo. Vice President of EA’s Sports division, Andrew Wilson, has stated that his company has a “tremendous relationship” with Nintendo, and assured gamers that Wii U games may very well be developed by EA in the not-too-distant future.

EA recently announced that FIFA 14, which is conspicuously missing from Wii U in its console lineup, would be free with Xbox One preorders. This move has left many wondering if EA now favors Microsoft, however, another EA executive, Frank Gibeau, laid that theory to rest, saying there is “no strategic tilt”.

Wilson’s comment about Nintendo appears below.

“We’re not building for Nintendo right now, but we have a tremendous relationship with them and have had a long relationship with them, and should it make sense for us to do so in the future we’ll absolutely roll that into the plan.”



    1. CryEngine 4 already works on the Wii U and its using GPGPU tech such as evaporating water and realistic weather effects so who knows, we might be shocked if they announced Mirror’s Edge 2 for Wii U running on the new engine while the PS4 and XBox One get the boring Frostbite Engine


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      lets find out, one, two three, SQUIRT!!!!

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    3. As long as Nintendo doesn’t allow Origin on its console, EA will never make games for the Wii U.

      Personally, I think Nintendo made the right choice regarding Origin IMHO.


  1. I care about the WiiU. Its the most fun Ive ever had with a system. Its reignited my passion for gaming. Miiverse is underrated as fuck.The only time I have ever bough indie games is now its really become a balanced system with the addition of those games. Its 1st party exclusives have not disappointed . I’m looking to buy at least 4 or 5 more games towards the end of this year. Mario DK Sonic W101 Rayman? WW those all look like must haves. The consumer cant agree with everything Nintendo does. But theres a reason why we all keep coming back for more…


  2. “Stopped supporting because of low Wii U sales”? Bullshit because they stopped right before Wii U launched and the Wii U sold a few millions in a few months which was a solid launch so what’s their weak ass excuse again? Oh right. “WII U IS CRAP”!

    EA, here’s a little something I love to gift to you for your “tremendous relationship and support”…*holds middle finger high* FUCK..YOU..ALL!


    1. I think it’s funny how they don’t develop for the 3DS either. For the Wii U it’s one thing, but if you ignore the 3DS you have no business sense. I cant’ exactly feel sorry for 3rd parties when they make such stupid decisions


      1. EA doesn’t know exactly what the f*** they’re doing. Let them continue riding the dumbass train holding their reputation of being the Worst Company in America for another ten years. I could give two f***s when the day comes that they’ve realize their stupidity of turning their business into a cheese cash cow model and have multiple missed opportunities with Nintendo all these years because by then, I will just laugh all the way through and finally tell them to f*** off to their little failed Kinect toy.


      1. Oh that super short 5 hour FPS-less game that hardly got any attention? No one has time for what should be a PSVita/PSP game as such.


  3. We don’t care, move along Electrons…

    If this is what you call a “great relationship” with our Empire, I can only imagine what a bad one is…


  4. Feh, cowards… leave the seemingly sinking ship, but climb aboard again when everything turns out fine after all… they don’t deserve the Wii U.


  5. I never comment on stuff really….and I mean never.

    Just wanted to say to all the haters, why do you hate other consoles you don’t own so much? What have other companies done for you to install such misguided


  6. Comment fail.
    Continued from before. What have other companies done to install such concrete loyalty? Please explain.
    Or on the other hand, buy all the consoles, play all the exclusives and feel free from being a twat.
    I have a normal job, live on my own, pay my own bills and still have money to do so. People need to grow up, do defend you friends and family with such heated passion, address real issues like the environment, and blatant war crimes happening all over the world, make a difference. Games are for entertainment and an escape from reality, don’t bring your retarded views here or push them on other people.


    1. Then why the hell are you here preaching while acting exactly what you’re preaching about? I say you have a bad case of hypocrisy: Republican style. Please get that shit checked out before acting intelligently and fail fast.

      And don’t bring up the maturity excuse. Because you shouldn’t be here wasting time posting comments if thats the case you’re lying through your teeth about just to feel special about your ego you fail to grow out of.

      Like what we tell to trolls and EA, STFU and go away because we’re not interested.


    1. i.e. the console cycle will be over (so in about 5-6 years) and EA will have thrown away money just because they were too childish to admit their mistakes. Their loss, then


  7. So let’s say the other two systems don’t sell well this holiday into early next year (Xbox One definitely), will you, EA, still support them? And when Wii U blows the competition away in the same time frame, will u, EA, support us Wii U owners?


      1. Exactly. Their whole beef with Wii U was always about Origin, one of few things that everyone hates about EA and exactly how they receive Worst Company in America awards three years running and going. Everyone knows they’re full of shit and milks their franchises to death like COD or takes successful companies/games and then turn it into shit plagued by microtransactions. Look at what happened to Rare or what it use to be or Dead Space 3. Look at great mobile games/devs like Firemint/Real Racing or Popcap/Plants Vs. Zombies being bought out by EA like dumbasses and turned into Freemium garbage required hundreds of dollars to play and beat.

        Who the f*** cares or worships about EA anymore?


  8. HA that makes since.I don’t trust ea first they talk crap about the wiii u and nintendo just cause the could not get their way the only reason they are being nice now cause the 3ds is kicking ass and the wii u is about to.


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