Rare Says We’ve Got Ideas For Kinect In Perfect Dark, Banjo, And Other Classic Rare Franchises


Rare studio’s Simon Woodroffe has told The Official Xbox Magazine that there’s a possibility the company will revisit one of its older franchises after it’s done working on Kinect Sports Rivals. Woodroffe says the developer has got numerous ideas for Kinect in Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Viva Pinata and other historic games. He also said that Banjo is very popular internally and that the staff would love to do something with the series.

“When we launched Kinect obviously there was a big focus on ‘everything must be Kinect,'” he said in a behind-closed-door chat at the show. “Now it’s in the box, use it where it make sense, don’t where it doesn’t. It can be used in some really – not gimmicky ways, which is what I think you’ll see a fair amount of – but ways that actually really enhance the game. We’ve got some ideas for how to use it in the right way.” Which might even be in a new Perfect Dark.

“Maybe! We’ve got an idea for that. It would be controller plus Kinect. We’ve got ideas for most older Rare IP, you won’t be surprised to hear. There’s quite a lot of desire to do that, and Viva Pinata, Conker… Banjo’s very popular internally, a lot of people want to do stuff with Banjo.”

“So if we can find the right – we’re all about giving people new experiences, that’s what we want to do. It’s a very technical studio. I’m relatively new, what I’ve learned is they’re brilliant at technology, they really know how to make creative things out of technology.”

“We want to find that thing that nobody’s ever done before and make a game out of it. We should be inventing new genres, inventing new ways to play. And this sensor gives us new opportunities to do it, with the fidelity it has now.”


    1. What I don’t understand is why he trolls a site and then allows people on the site to have access to personal information about himself. If that’s his primary Facebook page and real number, then he is genuinely stupid.
      And fat.

    2. Ben Sanders was banned a few days ago. It was someone else posting on his behalf using his username and details. I’ve deleted your post with his contact details as I’m sure he’s not up for being harassed!

          1. Finally there’s an end to this madness. Hopefully nothing bad happen to the real Ben Sanders as a result of this…

        1. And yet, they were both about exactly as useful to the world… which is to say, not at all. Good riddance to morons.

      1. That doesn’t answer why you keep posting stuff like this. It’s not even Nintendo news at all.

    1. Since Nintendo isn’t going to get these franchises anytime soon at least keep kinect away from it and make it just for 360 and Xbox One.

    1. He did say controller plus kinect so I assume it won’t be full on kinect but who knows

      1. “..Which might even be in a new Perfect Dark.”, i hope this actually means there will be new Perfect Dark.

        I’m curious about that controller + kinect part. Voice commands and using own face at custom characters for online multiplayer is only things i can think.

    1. They still continue to defile the games that were legendary…

      Soon they will be nothing more than uninspired dull pathetic games…

          1. I love Perfect Dark! It’s sad to see such a potentially great series crash and burn as soon as the steaming pile of shit that was Perfect Dark Zero was released.

      1. to me it has all the ingredients to be suusscefcl I’d argue it makes computing more approachable’ certainly when I showed an iPad to someone recently, they were impressed with the way it handles and the concept of a screen that they can touch and manipulate without getting frustrated with it (a la kiosk displays)Yes, they command 85% of the marketshare, but I expect that to be whittled away this year as proper Android tablets come along the existing Android tablets that are out, e.g. the Galaxy Tab, are using a system that isn’t really geared for the form factor, and competition on price really isn’t a viable argument the Tab is cheaper than the iPad but it’s significantly smaller; if I were to purchase a Tab, I actually think I’d feel a little cheated, that for a3100 more I could get something that feels big enough to be usable.Once Android 3.0 Honeycomb is out, it’ll be the first Android branch that is really geared for larger-than-phone interaction, and from the previews that have been shown already, it certainly seems as though Google et al have spent a lot of time working on it to make it practical for the larger form factor.Trouble is by then, Apple will already be on to iPad 2 though I can’t help but wonder what Apple’s plans are given Jobs’ absence from centre stage.

    1. really? 19 Million Kinects sold beg to differ.

      Of course i dont own a kinect, and now way in hell will i buy one, but 19 Million units are not overlooked so easily.

  1. No. Just…no. Haven’t you destroyed Banjo Kazooie enough?! I have to play the original just to remember why I used to love the games so much. ): Just let it die now.

  2. Rare says “We’re over the hill and Microsoft is forcing us against our will to make terrible games. Please kill us.”

  3. Troll post?
    Rare isn’t a respected name anymore… and they’re partnered with another souless name in gaming. I’m glad most of those guys fled to form other developers.

  4. GREAT BITCH!!!!!! microshit!! ive been waiting for a new good rare game forever!! NNOOOO you have to ruin your best fucking studio!!!!!! fable sucks!!!!! halo getting worse!!!!! gear of milk!!!!!!!! forza porn racer!!!!! get those internet porn to the uk before caught!!!!!!

    not banjo pole dancer!!!!!! perfect pussy sex game!!!!! just dont.

    way for ruining the best studio ever at the time. now you must have more milked shit, that is getting as stale as marios mangina.

  5. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,if this happens I blame Nintendo. They need to buy these great franchises so that we get more mature games. (A few of these are kinda mature games) But regardless this is like getting kicked in the dick.

        1. The Mario Kart 8 devs can handle F-Zero themselves after the game’s release while Kamiya can work on Star Fox a little bit after The Wonderful 101’s release. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

              1. AV were the ones that worked on GX; SEGA disbanded them last year. Anyway, I want to see what Nintendo can do with F-Zero after so long (just so long as there’s no items).

            1. Sega said they would do another F-Zero if Nintendo wanted them to. But I say Platinum Games gets to do Starfox after Wonderful 101 is done. But Miyamoto is being really stubborn.

        1. I did @ because I tried to reply to a comment earlier, but for some reason it put my comment at the bottom of the page.

    1. X, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade chronicles, the last story etc are in the grown category. Mature games are becoming overated 720P 60fps battle field 4 for two of the three next generation consoles.

      1. Agreed, but I mean in the sense of anybody wanting to get them. Take for instance Perfect Dark. But I agree, Mature games are becoming mindless games that 12 years old can wreck at.

  6. I could care less about what Rare does. They’ve long since stopped caring about making good games. And also, why is everyone bitching about this a guy trolling as a mentally retarded person? is it really that big of a deal?

  7. Yet xbots are calling gimmick the wii u for using gamepad. At least we use buttons to play mario. I cant imagine playing banjoo walking around in my room like a fool.

  8. All I can say is thank god Nintendo didn’t give Donkey Kong to Rare. It makes me shudder thinking that a new Donkey Kong Country would be a Kinect game.

    1. Donkey Kong belonged to Miyamoto and Nintendo all along. Microsoft thought they got Donkey Kong too since Rare made DK Country. But of course not. Thank god indeed.

  9. It’s funny seeing posts like this on a Nintendo website; I guess that old love for Rareware still lingers in many a Nintendo fanboy/girl heart. Let’s just face it, Rare are dead and gone from Nintendo platforms, their original team has long disbanded and any magic that might have been in their older games is virtually gone. Rare are a MS developer now and have been for a long time, and even if they released Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark etc, they won’t be what we wanted, which has already been shown by their 360 versions. Move on people or just buy an Xbone.

      1. Some did, but I think some left Retro to form Amature Studios (the ones making the AO: Blackgate games).

  10. If Rare have the ideas to promote their games for the XO, then fair enough. For me, Rare died when Microsoft acquired them, although the British Gaming Industry was already falling flat on its face by the turn of the millennium.

    I just don’t care enough for Rare any more. Their best games by far were on Nintendo platforms. Also, Rare aren’t Rare without the Stamper brothers, and they left the company in 2007.

  11. Poor Banjo-Kazooie if only your dumb developers knew what would happen if you joined Rare in 2002 they’d never left. The original creators are gone. How they hell would Rare know anything about Banjo-Kazooie?

  12. Haven’t most developers that was a part of making Banjo already left Rare ? I don’t think a new Banjo would be a good one when they’re under Microsoft’s leadership and the good developers gone.

    1. The new developers at Rare haven’t been given a chance. All they’ve been allowed to do is a half-rushed racing-construction game, a few budget titles and a couple of sports games.

  13. god… no….
    just… no….
    i could go on a really long rant on why this is fucking awful and how microsoft has ruined rare, but i’d just be beating a horse deader than frosty the snowman on the sun.

  14. Banjo…Kinect? Lets be honest. That doesnt work Rareware. You dont like Banjo. The OLD RAREWARE enjoyed Banjo. Kinect doesnt work with anything lol.

  15. They will fuck up old franchises, like they alreadid with Perfect Dark Zero, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. *sigh*

    Rare is dead. All hail Retro Studios.


  17. sorry Rare but no one said you could touch anymore. These ips are better off dead if Rare makes them, because Rare is pure shit like Microshit nowadays.

  18. I blame Nintendo for this muck up. They should not have sold Rare in the first place.
    My gut feeling tells me that Rare was outshining a certain fat plumber which led to them being sold to M$!
    No one is allowed to outshine Mario… which is why you don’t see too many of Nintendo’s other franchises getting any love and attention!
    Then again, I could be wrong.

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