Platinum Games Would Love To Become A Second-Party Nintendo Developer


Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has confessed to IGN that he would love to see the acclaimed studio become a second-party Nintendo developer. Kamiya admitted that it would be great to work more closely alongside Nintendo. In the same interview Kamiya told the publication that he would like to see the original Bayonetta come to the Wii U, but he says the decision ultimately rests with Nintendo.

Kamiya admitted he’d happily see the studio become a second-party Nintendo developer. When asked if he’d like to see the company officially join forces with Nintendo, he replied, “I would love that. It would be great to work more closely with Nintendo.”

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    1. Id say platium’s games feels more at home with nintendo, they are pioneers, they tend to create their own audience and havr originality with their ips much like nintendo..

      1. a first party developer would either be part of the company (such as the nintendo EADs) or wholly owned by the company

        platinum is neither

  1. I wonder how much more rage would happen if Platinum were indeed acquired by Nintendo?

    Despite a disappointing opening week of sales for The Wonderful 101 in Europe and Japan, this is somewhat refreshing news from a man who does like to troll, and does so openly.

    Pinches of salt are available at the counter.

    1. Probably not alot. Frankly Nintendo is the only publisher that’s given Platinum this much respect.

      Anyone who’s a fan of Platinum would be happy they have a publisher that lets them make tons of games. Maybe we’ll get a Vanquish sequel.

      1. After playing W101, I want Nintendo to acquire Platinum. Platinum seems to work best under them.

        1. Jelly bean, since we are on a very understanding plateau these days, I want nintendo to acquire Sevastopol after SEGA squires Atlus. That way SEGA will be privy to make Atlus a second party tier that makes persona for Sony PS4 and WiiU. Persona 5. Then platinum as a nintendo second party that has access to starfox and f-zero :).

              1. Any news on Nintendo’s bid for EA?

                Just kidding… :)

                I’ve been paying more attention to Atlus titles lately. I’ll give Etrian Odyssey series a try very soon.

        2. How is it going, Jelly? Long time no see.

          So you bought your second Wii U, right? I’m looking forward to W101. Glad to see that a lot of people is enjoying that game.

          But frankly I don’t know if Platinum should be acquired by Nintendo or kept third-party.

          1. Hey Erich!

            Yeah I’m going good. And yes I did buy a 2nd Wii U. Pikmin 3 was calling my name. W101 is amazing, shame the sales aren’t going overly well :(

            Honestly, Nintendo is the only ones who respect Platinum, and they have a lot of potential.

            1. Yeah, Pikmin 3 is gorgeous! Unfortunately I haven’t been having enough time to play it more. But I hope when W101 hits NA shelves, the fate of this unique game can be changed. For the time being, I’ve been enjoying the demo a lot.

              I always thought that Sega acquiring them would make more sense, since they published MadWorld, Vanquish, Anarchy Reigns, Infinity Space and Bayonetta 1.

      2. I’d be happy to see Vanquish sequel for Wii U. I really enjoyed the first one. I just wish they could this time make Co-Op campaign.

      3. You really think they wouldn’t get a ton of rage?
        Think about the initial reaction[heck the ONGOING reaction] to Bayonetta 2.
        Amplify that by a hundred for every game that Platinum releases from this point forward.

        1. That seems like it would benefit Nintendo. Bringing awareness to one of their second parties that could be redirected to other second-parties to help Nintendo look bigger.

          That said they really need more studios in general.

    2. um.. becoming a 2nd party developer doesn’t meant being bought up by a company.. he simply means he’d like an exclusive deal with nintendo
      platinum games are independent

  2. make a star fox game platinum. get a best selling game for you. they could make an awesome star fox game. sadly 101 wont be a big seller, star fox could make this up for them and will help nintendo get some of there franchises out.

      1. Let sleeping dogs lay. This icezeama will cause insanity requiem effects like eternal darkness one lol.

  3. But they already are a second party developer. Not a permanent one, like Alphadream and Game Freak for example, but still!

    1. It’s the 4000 Zelda fans that voted for Ganadolf that need to vote for Mario. Two nintendo Characters you would think they would vote wisely. That Oko from generation one he-man is ahead just for now. Platinum Games being owned by nintendo would make a grand He-man with Wii motion plus, I dream big.


    Honestly, Platinum are just amazing, more love for them and more games is what we want.

    I really hope they get to make Star Fox though. W101 is alot like Star Fox really xD

  5. I don’t mind if they do. But I sure hope all those Sony and Microsoft fanboys don’t take it personally like they did with the Bayonetta 2 announcement.

    And to all those will upset over the Wii U exclusivity for the game, please just let it go before you make us gamers look bad.

    1. I’d really like to see a hero or two from W101. Kind of hard to imagine Bayonetta in Smash, but if Snake and WiiFit trianer made it then I guess anything is possible.


    1. to put it simply, Retro Studios, they are somewhat independent but Nintendo owns them and all their games

    2. rareware was a second party studio. didnt you have an n64?? (banjo conker, donkey kong) its where you own like a big chunk of the company and the company itself owns the other big chunk.

      retro is completely first party. second parties get more freedom. they can make decisions themselves but still make all there games usually to the company that owns them(pokemon company), unlike retro who stays with nintendo unless if nintendo sells the company.

    3. @everyone

      Ok so basically 2nd parties can still make their own decisions (like 3rd party), but their decisions has to benefit the company that owns them like making games.

      Is that right?

      1. Yes, also in certain very special instances, some second parties can act like neo third parties and makes cross platform gems :).

    4. Retro Studies is actually first party, since Nintendo owns majority stock in the company and therefore owns the company.

      RareWare was a second party, since Nintendo only owned 49% stock in them while the other 51% was owned by the original founders and eventually sold to Microsoft.

      GameFreak is currently a second party. Nintendo does not own majority stock in them, (mainly because they can’t, since GameFreak is a private business and not in the stock market) but they do share a relationship in which GameFreak develops exclusively for Nintendo consoles.

      1. i’ve been here, my posts just haven’t been getting as much attention because everyone finally got over the whole “your comment matches your avatar” thing

  7. They’ ve been hoping to make a sequel to Okamiden on Home Consoles, if they become a Nintendo Second Party developer and talk with Capcom we can probably get it just like Bayonetta 2,

  8. I would pay so much money to see that happen.

    Oh, and I was on the N4G forums when this news broke.
    People were outright raging; it was hilarious that just the thought of it made them go up in arms.
    Which makes me want to see it actually happen all the more.

  9. I really hope Nintendo acquires them as well as Atlus. I really want these companies to thrive and hopefully Nintendo won’t mind opening up it’s massive wallet to help these companies in their endeavors.

  10. Everyone’s already pretty much said everything i wanted to say. Plus Madworld and Bayonetta would end up being Nintendo IP’s. Not a bad at all.

  11. Platinum is one of my favorite game developers. I would love to see them go 2nd party for Nintendo!!! They are very talented.

  12. Haha, Nintendo should buy out Sega, Platinum Games, Ninja Theory, Atlus, Tecmo, Shin’en and Grasshopper Studios. Those teams would be right at home with Nintendo!

    1. Imaging sonyans and xbots shouts of rage if that happens……No empire(not even the Empire from Star Wars) would be safe if Nintendo does it.

      1. Most of Platinum’s games haven’t done too well sales-wise (probably SEGA’s fault). So I’m not sure many gamers will care. ;/ You’ll get some vocal fanboys crying foul, but that’s expected for anything these days.

  13. Just go for it, Kamiya! I’d love to see your rendition of Star Fox and Murasame Castle in the near future. Hopefully you start working on Star Fox first now that The Wonderful 101 is out of the way. That alone would make thousands of Star Fox fans happy and cry tears of joy. I’m also already aware of the fact that you own Nazo no Murasame Jo (The Mysterious Murasame Castle) on your Nintenco 3DS. I hope this rather challenging game gives you some ideas for the future and try not to ragequit since that game kicked my ass many times in the past.

  14. Please Nintendo, make this happen, you both love games, it’s perfect idea, Nintendo needs Platinum.

  15. This actually surprises me. His Twitter updated a few hours ago, and he posted a picture of him arriving at what appears to be NoA. I remember him saying that he wanted to remain third-party, though. He likes to make games for every console, no matter what one it is. While the fanboy in me would love to see PlatinumGames as a second-party studio, the rational side wants to see the people at PG have as much freedom as possible. Although The Wonderful 101 hasn’t done so well in the 2 days of sales that are counted, it will have lifetime sales that I’m sure will go pretty high. Becoming a second-party studio to Nintendo would guarantee funding for their games. And judging by Kamiya’s cheerful demeanor in this scenario, I suspect that they would also retain creative freedom, sorta like Monolith Soft. I would like to see more work between PG and Nintendo, and Kamiya makes it clear that he feels the same way. Plus, this could be the answer to Kamiya’s desire to work on a Nazo no Murasame Jo or Star Fox game.

    Would it be possible that Nintendo could still lease them out so they can make games for other consoles, while also remaining as second-party and keeping those benefits for their Nintendo games? I think that would be the best of both worlds. Plus, Viewtiful Joe 3 seems more likely if they have a company like Nintendo behind them. The IP could be purchased from Capcom.

    1. Here’s how the development order should go. Bayonetta 2 > Star Fox U > Nazo no Murasame Jo > Wonderful 101 2 > Okami 2 (Look at the most recent news) > Bayonetta 3. Sounds good to me.

  16. They make interesting games… but I am looking at the sales of their games.
    Madworld was a interesting game did poorly. Bayonetta did 1.35 million world wide. Vanquish did 900k copies in 3 years. Can’t even count Metal Gear Rising revenge … Anarchy Reigns was Madworld’s sequel pretty much. So while I like the idea of more Wonderful 101… I don’t know if its worth the money to have them as a 2nd party.

  17. So, what difference would it make whether they became a second party company, or just stayed a third party? I don’t fully understand that.

    1. The difference is that second-parties are usually owned to some degree by the Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft (some of them are simply independent companies that sign contracts to publish exclusively for x-amount of time), like Rare that was 51% independent while Nintendo owned the other 49%, so I guess they would have easier access to Nintendo’s IPs.
      I’m not sure if Nintendo would buy part of Platinum or if it would be by an exclusivity contract

    1. And please make Metal Gear Rising on the Wii U :3 It would fit right at home on it seeing how the slicing mechanic could be used on the touch screen for a much better result.

  18. Nintendo or Platinum should buy Bayonetta IP off from Sega.
    I’m afraid that vulture will come and ruin the franchise if Bayo 2 is even remotely successful.

  19. I think it would actually be a smart decision for both companies. On one hand, platinum is right now being hated by many of its fans because of bayonetta 2’s exclusivity so they are not being it and they aren’t going to buy a wii u just to play the game. Just die hard fans are going to do that. So they have nintendo’s instal base that will increment this holiday season on 3DS and on Wii U that will want to buy their games because it will have both platinum’s and NINTENDO’S insignia on the box. On the other hand, nintendo would benefit a lot by having them under their arm. They make AWESOME games, they would “own” some ‘new’ ips (new to nintendo of course), imagine bayo in smash. They can work on existing nintendo franchises also like star fox and fzero, and they could produce many mature games that would help change the image of the wii u. I think it would be a hell of a move.

      1. The problem with rareware is that it was not owned by nintendo completely. I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, that nintendo owned 49% of it, while the company who created it owned 51 %. That company sold rare to microsoft and nintendo was forced to sell the other 49% of the stocks. I think it was like that. So there really wasn’t anything they’ve could have done.

  20. And then the rage towards Nintendo from XBots and Sonydrones would rise ever higher. MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I’d love to see all of Platinum’s games become exclusives for Nintendo’s consoles. It could greatly help the sales of the Wii U, since… after all, there are all these ignorant third parties who decided to stop supporting the Wii U immediately after it was released. So having a second party on board would guarantee a lot of great titles for the system.

    Come on Nintendo… buy Platinum Games as well as ATLUS.

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