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Kamiya Thinking About Bayonetta Spinoff Game For 3DS


Hideki Kamiya, whose star continues to rise with the recent release of The Wonderful 101 and the upcoming Bayonetta 2 on Wii U, has now stated he wouldn’t mind conquering Nintendo’s 3DS handheld as well. When asked about his aspirations for the 3DS at the Penny Arcade Expo, Kamiya revealed that he has thought about creating a Bayonetta spin-off for 3DS starring the game’s Jeanne as a history teacher. Kamiya also once again mentioned the idea of another Okami game. With all the new games Kamiya is considering, it will be interesting to see what the next project he delves into will be. The text of Kamiya’s statements appears below.

“Given the chance, I’d like to make a game based on Jeanne from Bayonetta, something that’s not as big in scale. Something….where she’s a history teacher and the kind of fun things that could come out of a scenario like that.

“If I could get away with it, I’d also like to come up with a spin-off of Okami, less focused on the grand idea of saving the world, but [rather] something focused on the smaller world of the fairy Issun.”

68 thoughts on “Kamiya Thinking About Bayonetta Spinoff Game For 3DS”

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  2. Another nail in the Vita’s coffin if Kamiya decides to pursue this notion outright.

    He needs a bigger dev team. Clearly Kamiya has some great ideas.

    1. You mean the thing that everyone was saying gonna rape the 3DS but instead got suplexed by it and is now in a fail state to the point it’s now a controller?

      1. No, if Nintendo is going to pay to make Sega’s games, Sega should let Bayonetta spread her wings and go to publisher that appreciates her.

        1. You mean after they’ve cancelled the sequel and almost killed the franchise after selling only 2 million units? Sony and Microsoft have already refuses it. Bayonetta have already spread her wings and went to a publisher that appreciates her– Nintendo.

  3. I think Kamiya has a Nintendo Boner lol
    But this guy just loves Nintendo if all goes well, I can see them go 2nd party for Nintendo. I mean the fact that W101 didn’t do well(yet) give it 14 more days) and it doesn’t faze him amazes me. You can clearly see he loves making video games.

  4. Even if the game don’t sell Nintendo always take care of the developers that makes game for them… hell ex rare developers are still earnings g money from the games they made with Nintendo.

    1. Agreed…

      Sir Kamiya is exactly the final puzzle our empire needs…

      Nintendo Quality Gamed + Sir Kamiya’s higher difficulty = Unstoppable of epic proportions!

      1. Maybe Nintendo is trying to make capcom and kamiya to make up and bring all those games to wiiu maybe to make a resident evil 2 remake too.

    1. If all that was in greenlight…
      Them WiiU sales are gonna suplex all those that doubted it lol
      To all reading this, best get a WiiU and prepare for the rape storm lol

  5. You know somethings wrong when a game that would probably be a better fit for the Vita is made for 3DS instead. R.I.P Vita, R.I.P.

  6. How come miss bayonetta has a mole under her lip? i think they should do a sequel where it grows out of control and she has to go on a mission to find a cure.

  7. Okami spin-off staring Issun that ain’t Okamiden and made by Kamiya himself?! Please let this happen! Just give him back Okami and Viewtiful Joe already, Capcom.

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  9. Im happy he’s enthusiastic about keeping busy with the only publisher that will return his calls, but, the industry being what it is, he might want to start focusing on the devrlopment of something that actually has a chance of selling well before he finds himself making phone games that, again, no one will buy.

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