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Inafune Says Mighty No. 9’s Similarities To Mega Man Are Due To His Artistic Style

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Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune’s newest project that has just been funded on Kickstarter, bears a striking resemblance to Inafune’s own Mega Man, a fact that has already been debated ad nauseum since the project launched just two days ago. The game’s main character, Beck, is a robot with a very similar design to Mega Man. Eager to discuss these concerns with the donating public, Inafune has made several statements in a new interview that attribute Beck’s likeness to Mega Man to the simple fact that both characters were born out of his unique style. He also insisted that he will not change his style to appease Capcom.

Fans continue to wonder whether Capcom will shut down the project the same way Nintendo shut down a recent Metroid movie campaign on Kickstarter. A Wii U version of Mighty No. 9 is on the horizon if a stretch goal can be met. Check in on MNN as we will continue to track developments of the story. Inafune’s comments appear below.

“Mega Man is Mega Man because it’s my style. It’s my artistic style that created that character. Beck, in Mighty No. 9, is also a character that I’ve created. If the idea is that I should try to stop creating characters via my style and try to create a different style that totally doesn’t fit with me, that doesn’t seem to make a lot of logical sense. Certainly I’m not going to do that just to make Capcom happy. I am who I am. My artistic style is what it is. We’re all going to naturally gravitate toward what fits us naturally as an artist or a creator or a designer or whatever. That’s all I’m doing in this case as well.”

102 thoughts on “Inafune Says Mighty No. 9’s Similarities To Mega Man Are Due To His Artistic Style”

        1. point is he didnt create megaman and now he’s sating his project HAS to look like megaman because it’s his style (and let’s not kid ourselves here it’s the exact same character). I call bullshit, he’s just trying to use the image of a character he didnt create and doest own to get money from gamers

              1. i dont care he didnt make the original design making his claim that his new game HAS to look like megaman total bullcrap, look at the Didkyouknowgaming video @1:00

                    1. Yes he did…review I showed has inafune drawing him right in front of you. WE KNOW he isn’t the idea maker, WE KNOW he’s not behind the main idea of how mega man was created by someone else. Here, I’ll even point it out to you FROM that wiki I GAVE YOU!

                      “Now wanting to capitalize on the fledgling Nintendo system, Keiji’s superiors directed him to create a new video game character called “Rockman.” Capcom’s artist and developer teams were still diminutive at that period in time, and so Keiji was directed to be one of the leading artists in the new project.
                      When it came to the design for the Rockman game (which was later changed to “Mega Man” in North America), Keiji developed all the art and design for the characters. Due to the small task force, he also constructed the characters into pixel form, as well as the game’s respective logo, package design, and instruction booklet. As the Famicom was an early gaming system, only 56 colours were available for display, the majority of which were blue-tinted. Keiji noted that this affected the decision to colour the character blue (as a result, fans have nicknamed the character “the blue bomber”). The design of Keiji’s character was also heavily influenced by Japanese animation, and he notes that he took observations from other video game characters present at the time, such as Mario.”

                      As I STATED BEFORE…LOOK AT YOUR HISTORY!

                    2. Are you…. really thinking this through? It seems like you lack a bit of information and ability to understand what people says! :O

                1. he doesn’t even consider himself to be the creator of megaman so why should we?

                  “Inafune also revealed that he wasn’t responsible for the creation of Mega Man himself. “I’m often called the father of Mega Man, but actually, his design was already created when I joined Capcom,” he explained. “My mentor [at Capcom], who was the designer of the original Mega Man, had a basic concept of what Mega Man was supposed to look like.”


          1. …dude he is the creator of mega-man. Saying that Its the exact same character is like saying that spiderman and venom are the exact same thing.

    1. agreed, its irrelevant Werther he created mega man or not, the fact is capcom own the copy right to mega man, and while i will buy this game as i love mega man, the fact is when i saw the kick starter footage i immediately though of mega man, the new character in his new game is practically mega man, with a few swaps here and there, even the animation of him shooting etc is the same, so if he is not careful capcom may end up shutting him down and sue his ass!!

      Which would be a travesty, since capcom dont bother giving us a mega man game, so why not let him do it? but things just don’t work that way in the corporate world! i hope he does get to do his game with no bull crap from capcom, but the more i see of it, the more it looks like a modern mega man rip off! sorry but its true! if you take a non gamer, show them some mega man games footage, then show them the new inafune game without showing the title they will guaranteed think it too is just a modern mega man game! and that could be a problem for him, you cant use the blatant likeness of a copy righter character!!

          1. Names himself voice of reason, goes around calling everyone retard for questionning inafune’s real intentions. Capcom has nothing to do with this, you’re just making yourself looks like a douchebag with an ironic name.

      1. While I disagree with Peta. In Mario you can jump on animals , burn them, freeze, throw them off a cliff, throw them in lava, electrocute etc.. all in the name of fun. One can see their point.

        1. Its called “fiction” dumbass. Learn it. Cartoon video game characters doesn’t look exactly like any animal you think you know and see everyday in reality been done over only a crazy would do. And BTW, ever watched Tom & Jerry or other old school cartoons? You know, where fictional animals try to kill each other with pitchforks, glass, bullets, explosives and shit. Do I hear anyone arguing that crap now and before?

          Try again.

    1. CAPCOM can’t shut the project down. Just like Nintendo can’t stop Shadow of the Eternals a “Spiritual Successor” to Eternal Darkness… a game Nintendo owns the rights to. Mighty Number 9 is just a spiritual successor to Megaman.

        1. Doesn’t matter…looking the same and actually being the same are completely different things. Infringement rights would only count if Beck looked exactly like Megaman. Or if they took Megaman’s design and changed his eye color or hair color or something. Beck was created from the ground up, not an offshoot of Megaman so Inafune didn’t “steal” anything.

        1. Of course but not the gameplay or level design. That’s like saying call of duty has the same gameplay has a real war.

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  2. I completely understand what he means. Anything artistic I produce has my own certain style to it. It’s much like penmanship.

    Think of Toriyama when it comes to DBZ, Chrono Trigger, and Dragon Quest. All of that is in his style. Part of the reason an artist is tapped for a project is due to this. Something that’s easily recognizable, and also adaptable.

    1. Exactly! I mentioned the same thing about the guy who did DBZ and DQ…though I didn’t know his name was Toriyama.

  3. I believe it. It’s like the guy that did the Dragon Ball Z character designs. They look a LOT like the characters from Dragon Quest, because he also designed them. It’s just his style..

  4. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Capcom can’t do anything about it. It’s a different character who looks different and has a different name. The title of the game is different and it’s made by different people. It’s nothing like the Metroid incident. That used Samus’ name and the Metroid name and infringed a bunch of copyright.

      1. * Different Game Title
        * Different Character/Name
        * Different Design far from Megaman’s usual Blue toned, rounded suit
        * Similar “Not Exactly the Same” Art Style which isn’t infringing anything if its coming from the same Senior Artist of Megaman series
        * Similar gameplay style even adapted from Metroid, Contra, Castlevania and other side scrolling shooters that nobody still cries “copyright infringement” up to this day

        Sorry. Your invalid argument is more shit-filled than Crapcom’s Resident Evil 6.

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  6. I’m confused. If Inafune is the one who created Mega Man, then why is he not allowed to make another Mega Man game (or one that’s similar)?

    1. Because according to Video Gaming contracts, which ever company you signed on to publish the game/character with also becomes part of their copyrights too.

  7. This Beck of Mighty No. 9 may look a little similar to Megaman but IT IS NOT MEGAMAN.

    Capcom needs to hop off this new game just because they’re sour about the possibility of Megaman franchise going dead and that it looks similar just from the art style..BECAUSE THE DUDE WHO HELPED CREATING MEGAMAN IS ALSO MAKING THIS GAME IN HIS USUAL COMFORTABLE STYLE YOU IDIOTS! Well, that’s been done thanks to those dumbasses. Now its time for a refreshing start from Megaman’s time and this man is delivering that and Capcom is trying desperately to stop something that isn’t infringing Megaman in any sense?

    No wonder “Crapcom” is getting royally shit canned by fans recently.

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