Ubisoft Stops Supporting Wii U’s Free Rayman Legends Challenges App


The free Rayman Legends Challenges App is no longer being supported by Ubisoft as of yesterday, September 4th. The app, which was released last April and was exclusive to Wii U owners, contained weekly and daily challenges that earned players trophies based on their performance. To continue playing the challenges, you must purchase the full game, which launched a couple days ago in the Nintendo eShop and at retail. Rayman Legends costs $59.99.



  1. Well the game is out right? Why would they keep it on there then? While everybody else buys the crappy ps360 versions, i’ll buy the wii u version with the must have special gamepad features.

    Really why would anybody not get the wii u version?! When it uses the gamepad in such good ways.


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