Target Offers Buy 2 Get 1 Free On All Wii U Games Beginning September 22nd


Just in time for the release of the new Wind Waker HD Deluxe Wii U bundle set, not to mention The Wonderful 101, which is releasing today in the States, Target has announced that they will be running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on all Wii U games, running from September 22nd to September 28th. The new ad for the sale features the Wind Waker HD bundle at an advertised price of $299, along with some featured games like Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends. Will you be taking advantage of Target’s great sale? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I’ll probably buy another 2000 seeing how my 1500 Wii Us already feel lonely. Just kidding but its good to see people actually giving offers on Wii U games which might help the console out in the long run.

    1. Not much seeing how Wii U games are cheaper than most games, plus it means console sales will raise thanks to this so even if they lose say $50, they will still dominate with their $300 console.

      1. Most Wii U games are still extremely expensive here in Australia. Only the Shovelware is cheap or stuff on Sale.

      2. Not here in the UK, the only expensive game is CoD Black Ops 2 which isn’t worth buying anyway.

      3. 100% fucking right. The prices are ridiculous. New Super Mario Bros U is still $80. It’s mainly the 1st party titles that are expensive. Shovelware and 3rd party games are a bit cheaper.

      4. How much in euros does a Wii U Prenium cost in AUS?…

        In Sweden they cost at the insane price of 580€…

        When the PS3 was launched it cost an absurdly 670€…

      5. I’m from Sweden and I can find Wii U Premium from 311€ (at the store You’re clearly exaggerating the prices.

        Just from a short google search I found that most stores sell it cheaper than 360€. The most expensive Wii U Premium i could find cost 460€…

      6. Maybe I should have been more specific then…

        Was only talking about retail prices in this case…

        Online stores usually have cheaper prices but I don’t really trust them with delivery etc etc…

      7. Elgiganten has it in stores for 298€ (2590kr). I was only talking about online stores so I included shipping in the price. Video Game Stores sell it for a lot more though, but it’s been long since I bought anything from a video game store since they sell everything at a higher price.

      8. Oh right sorry I confused the 580 with dollars…
        In GAME and Gamestop stores they are about 380 euros…

      9. 580 EURO!?

        I’m not sure how to do an exact conversion but most bundles are around $400 AUD, Which I assume is greatly cheaper than Sweden.

      10. 580€ is a worst case scenario in Sweden maybe. I have NEVER seen a Wii U console being sold for that price. I don’t think it’s any more expensive here in Sweden than anywhere else. At launch some stores sold it for 461€ but that price has dropped. 580? Just no.

      11. Sorry I confused the 580$ to be euros…

        In euros it would be around 380 which is still very expensive compared to JPN and the US…

      12. In Australia, retail pricing is set by the manufacturer, though retailers often sell for less than the recommended retail price. Our prices are also inclusive of 10% Goods and Service Tax (GST).

        Our Wii U Basic Pack retails for AU$349.95 and the Premium Pack retails for AU$429.95.

        Nintendo’s first-party software retails for AU$79.95 and third-party software ranges from anywhere between AU$49.95 and AU$89.95, with titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty opting for the higher price as they’re essentially guaranteed sales.

        It’s better than what it used to be, as it was commonplace for Wii software to be AU$99.95 and PS3 and X360 software to be between AU$99.95 and AU$119.95 from 2006-2009.

        Since Sweden is also a part of the PAL region, much like Australia, you should be able to import software from various online retailers including, or for a lower price. You’d have to verify for yourself, but Amazon remove VAT (Value Added Tax) from purchases for consumers outside Europe — I don’t believe that’d apply for Sweden, as they’re a member of the European Union.

      13. Nintendo have never been overly expensive in terms of hardware in Australia, as they’ve always sold for around AU$399.95. It’s Sony that’re expensive, though the PlayStation 4 seems to buck that trend.

        For reference, the PlayStation sold for AU$699.95 in 1995 whilst the Nintendo 64 was AU$399.95 in 1997; the PlayStation 2 sold for AU$749.95 in 2000 whilst the GameCube was $399.95 in 2001.

        Granted, Sony usually drop the price of their consoles relatively quickly, as the RRP for the PlayStation had dropped to AU$299.95 (from AU$699.95) by the time the Nintendo 64 launched in 1997, a mere year and a half after it launched.

        In turn, the Nintendo 64 had dropped to AU$199.95 by November 1997, with Nintendo offering free games to people who’d purchased in the 6 months beforehand.

      14. So around 290 euros, that’s not very expensive at all…
        So Sweden has the most expensive one so far…

      15. down here in Africa, we pay about R5000 for Wii Us, which is extremely expensive if you live in Africa, R5000 is more then most of the people in Africa’s salary, which says a lot about our crappy economy, but don’t get me started on the TrU incident of May 31st my dear Commander

      16. That sounds very awful indeed…

        Makes Sweden look like a kindergarten…

        I’m sorry to ask but what is the TrU incident?…

        It doesn’t ring any alarms in me right now…

      17. I suppose no one would know the TrU incident, well ill explain: the Wii U in South Africa is R5000 which is massive some of money which most of South Africans can not afford but on 31st May 2013 Toy’s r Us (TrU) created an almost event when for that day, Premium Wii U bundles were reduced from R5000 to a mere R1000, sound almost too good to be true and many people began to riot outside Toy’s R Us stores looking to buy the limited amounts of Wii Us for that absolute unbelievable price, need less to say it was similar to those flash Black Fridays sale but much more blood shed

      18. Or any bundle cuz the Nintendo land one is still for sale. A great deal none the less.

      19. Uhm, where are you getting your information? New Super Mario Bros U is NOT $80 and never has been. It’s a 60 dollar title, no Wii U game besides Disney Infinity and Skylanders is priced over 60 bucks for the Wii U.

      20. Big W is the best place for Wii u owners to get games as there usually 50 and 60, its great, also fellow Australians, jb hi fi is giving a deal where you can buy wind waker hd with a guidebook for 70, people that buy from eb games are drones, I went there the other day to pick up wonderful 101, when they started to lecture me and persuade me to trade in my Wii u and it will go to towards an Xbox one, after that I left the shopand went to Kmart and got it, there loss if they don’t want my money

      21. I second that about Big W, though I’d also like to add Target and K-Mart as they both tend to have new releases for AU$10-15 below EB Games. It seems that Target and K-Mart increase their pricing not long after launch though, as some 4-5 year old titles are still expensive at both retailers.

        Also, do you have a source for that JB Hi-Fi deal? All I can find online is JB’s standard edition for AU$79.

      22. Wii U games cost the same here in North America. Sometimes the Wii U version of multiplatform games is even more expensive than the versions for current gen systems.

  2. But who the heck is rich enough to buy 2 Wii U games? I always HATED “buy 2 get one free” deals. It should be Buy ONE, get one free.

      1. How can I get the commander discount? Shit I been down since the Nintendo Entertainment System days.

      1. @Voice of Reason,
        That would be the same difference as THIS deal for me. Just as bad.

      2. The only way this deal would be considered GOOD is if I could buy 2 of the cheaper Wii U games, and get Pikmin 3 for free. But there’s not any cheaper games I care about.

    1. Lego Undercover!! You reminded me of a game I wanted, thanks!! Now I can get Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends from Target (because I was planning on buying them from Gamestop anyway) and I can get Lego Undercover!!! (Because I missed out on it’s launch and forgot about the game) :D 💋

  3. Few questions. I’ll be getting TW101 and Rayman Legends. I want Pikmin 3, but I haven’t played the other 2 games. Do I need to play them to understand 3? Also, could I return one of the games for a full refund? I want WW HD, but it won’t be out in time for this deal. Thanks in advance!

    1. No, but the other pikmins are avalible on wii for cheap so if you had the need to have the first 2 it will just cost you 40$ not including tax.

      1. im feeling fuzzy and *twitches and screams* aahhhhh tingley!!!!! nooooo its september 15th!!!!!! no i dont want to be a wear bee!!!!!! i want to be human!!!!!

  4. THIS IS AWESOME. I’m so glad I put off buying games for once!

    Wonderful 101, Windwaker, and Rayman! Seriously…. who’s NOT going to do this?!

    1. Not to be a bummer, but Wind Waker won’t be out on disc during the deal, but buying one of the games and returning it for a full refund might work.

  5. The only three games on the list I do not have are disney plane, Rayman and Wonderful 101.
    I am not really a rayman fan so I would really pick it up and I am not even a slightest interest in disney plane.
    But I am interested in the wonderful 101..
    Do you think if I buy this game and preorder mario 3d world and Mario kart 8 I can still participate in the offer?
    Or does it exclude preorders?
    And is it only for those games?

    1. It’s for all Wii U games, not just the ones shown. The preorder most likely won’t apply since it’s only from Sep 22-28.

      1. But if he pays the pre order completely the game counts but not has the free one.

  6. WWHD is a game I want… besides that idk. I guess Rayman. It used to be Nintendo launched a system you didnt have to wait 9 months for a decent game. 3DS done had MK7 and M3DL out and Wii U hasnt even even got the HD reboot of WW out yet. I seriously think unless things change… Nintendo is doomed.

  7. This is one of those times when I am glad I was patient. I work at target and always get the add since I only close on saturday night. I will be getting Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, And Either Rayman or Splinter cell for free. Heres where the savings keep flowing for me. I got the pre order card for W 101 and I get a $5.00 gift card then I have my 10% team member discount and then my 5% savings due to my redcard. So I get three games for about $ 85.00. You cannot beat that.

      1. I don’t know. I’m really picky when it comes to games. The only ones I want aren’t coming out till mid 2014. (Smash Bros., SMTxFire Emblem and Mario Kart 8)

    1. Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell, New Super Luigi U (retail), Wonderful 101 and any older games you didn’t buy like Injustice, Tekken Tag, Sonic Allstars Racing, etc. These are all good games. I doubt you own them all!! ;) 💋

  8. Sonic all star racing, game and wario, luigi u, pikmin 3, lego city, tekken, mario bros u, splinter cell, and rayman are all good for this deal

  9. Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, and Splinter Cell. Sucks that Wind Waker HD won’t be out in time but I got my Collectors Edition pre-ordered at Gamestop :D

  10. Hope a deal like this happens around the release of Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong, then I can get either Wonderful 101 or Watch Dogs (depending on how the Wii U version compares to the others) for free :)

  11. The only way this deal would be considered GOOD is if I could buy 2 of the cheaper Wii U games, and get Pikmin 3 for free. But there’s not any cheaper games I care about. Only rich people can afford to buy 2 full price Wii U games.

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