Nintendo Planning New Super Mario Bros U And Luigi U Wii U 32GB Bundle?


A Twitter user has posted a pack shot of a New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U Wii U 32GB Premium console. The image is apparently taken from a big toy shop named Smyths which is based in Ireland. Nintendo Europe has yet to confirm the existence of the bundle, but it would make perfect sense to release this in the lead up to the holiday season.

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      1. Don’t care, I don’t like GTA. I wouldn’t buy GTAV even if it came to Wii U. 💋

      2. I don’t care about GTA. I wouldn’t buy GTAV even if it came to Wii U, because I think the game is stupid. 💋

  1. Nsmbu bundle should have been there from the start with nintendoland.
    They better make a 3d world also for the holidays

  2. I can see this coming, not sure if the bundle will be priced a bit higher than the others because of the addition of NSLU aswell as NSMBU, but its more likely that it will be priced the same as all other bundles making NSLU free thanks to NSMBU

    1. You Can buy very cheap external memory. This time next year after some more Nintendo secrets are revealed you will be happy you purchased an external 1 Terabyte external drive :).

      1. No. The Wii U’s internal storage is a problem and needs to be fixed. Saying “you can just go buy an external hard drive” is not a valid excuse for the horrendous HDD size.

        God, Nintendo is so lucky it has morons like you to defend their stupid decisions.

      2. I don’t want extra hardware tethered to my console, so I plugged two, micro, 64 gig flash drives in the back. They stick out about .25 centimeters (small) and gave me 128gigs. Cost me about $110 for 128 gigs of non-tethered memory. :\

      3. The Wiiu doesn’ have a HDD, it has Flash memory.
        And External hard drives are a perfectly good solution to the Wiiu’s small internal storage. If you are a person who thinks they’re going to download lots of stuff get an external HDD.

      4. Its the dumbest response that only the nintensheep use to defend there master Reggie and iwatass. Any next Gen console that dosent have a GB STORAGE up to at least 200GB needs to get off the market

      5. You neglect the fact that if it did have a 200gb+ harddrive in it it would cost 50+ bucks more. Not making people pay for something they might not need is a good decision.

      6. ”YOU LITTLE SHEEP” what a fucking queer…

        Go and do some research as to how cheap you can buy 250GB external hard drive for. It’s really not a major issue at all unless you’re a whiny cunt like yourself.

      7. Internal, external.. what does it matter? Whether the Wii U has the memory in it or not you still have to pay the same amount of money to get the extra storage. At least the Wii U console is CHEAPER and you can get more storage when/if you need it and can spend possibly less money on it then if it were in the console itself. 💋

      8. No it wasn’t on when the Xbox slim had or has 4gb of memory. That is SHITTY MEMORY that no console should have.

      9. It’s sdd, and I like how they are doing this, why do I need 500gb of storage for, only need 32 is enough for some dlc maybe a couple of indie games, people who buy digital games when it’s retail available is retarded and should go kill themselves.

      10. “people who buy digital games when it’s retail available is retarded and should go kill themselves.”

        Oh you fanboys are so desperate …

      11. I never wanna hear “buy an external hard drive cuz Nintendo is too cheap to insert more GB” again seriously that’s what Reggie said and you sheep follow him and are ok with his response. I’ll just save the extra money for a ps4 this coming holiday comes with 500 GB!!!! and its a powerhouse just for $400 way better offer than a Wii U. Sony don’t give excuses ;) like Wii U suck.

      12. There were never any veritable accounts of anyone having their credit card data stolen during the PSN outage. Keep making up lies, pathetic fanboy.

      13. Have fun paying for online on the PS4, us Nintendo fans will keep enjoying it for free on the Wii U

      14. If Nintendo piss the same guys off that Sony pissed off, you can be sure as hell Nintendo would get the shit hacked out of it.

      15. I don’t know why people like you can’t get it through your thick skulls that Nintendo does not want to force people to spend more money than they have to.

        In your world you want them to say, “Oh, some of you won’t even use 2GB of memory in the system’s life span? Too bad! We’re packing in a 250 GB hard drive and spiking the price WAY up so that all those who loved our consoles cause of how inexpensive they were can now look elsewhere for their gaming needs.”

        If you stop and actually use your brain (it’s the mechanism used for thinking and memory if you don’t know) you’d realize that what they did was a perfect divider. If you want more memory, pay more money, get an external and spend about as much as we would have charged if we packed more memory in… maybe even less.

        You don’t want more memory? Okay, you don’t have to spend bucket loads of money for memory you don’t need. THINK, morons. THINK!

        Plus, the 360 and PS3 taught us that more moving parts in hardware equal more chances of system failure. Can I get a RRoD and a YLoD? Not bashing these systems but Nintendo learnt from THEIR difficulties and came up with a solution.

      1. He has every qualification and right to voice his opinion. What’s wrong? Is he hurting lil’ baby’s feelings by saying bad things about the Wii U? :'(

      2. Uh, most people on here who defend the Wii U, usually don’t have one, the ones criticizing it (like me) do have one.

      3. yeh this really annoys me, they dont know what they are talking about. And do not have the experience a wiiu owner has.

        And how the fuk are you gonna say your a nintendo fan and still not have a wiiu after a year?? Unless you’re 12 yrs old, or poverty mode to the max.

      4. I’m a Nintendo fan and I don’t have a Wii U. SHOCKING I know. But you see, people like you fail to realize that there are people out there with lives and motivations very different from yours. Some people can’t get jobs right now. You know what jobs provide? Money! You know what people do with money? Buy things like a Wii U!

        There could also be someone whose job doesn’t pay anywhere near enough for them to even dream of getting a next gen console (or current gen as you all continue to call the Wii U, I really don’t care) yet they grew up playing all the systems up to this point. Ever thought of that possibility?

        There are also people waiting for certain games to come out… like I was. I told myself from early I’d get a Wii U once Smash 4 came out. Is it out yet? Nope. So… yeah.

        However, I have slid into another category of people who wait for special bundles. This Mario and Luigi one looks PERFECT and it’s timed very well for me to reconsider my Smash 4 stance. Bundles like the Wind Waker HD one is another example of what people in this category could be waiting for.

        With all these scenarios in mind, do you think that now you can understand the concept that not everyone can ,or is obligated to pull money from their butts the microsecond something they want is released?

  3. Pretty good, that should boost up sales since parents and kids LOVE Mario. I really want that Wind Waker Bundle, but I’m saving up money for a PS4 and other games.

  4. The 3DS is the only dedicated handheld it’s being reported in Japan as of the weekends monster hunter 4 sales and queues. It is now to be officially a tv console and an official PS4 controller.

    1. … And even if that was true (which it isn’t at all), what relevance does that have to Nintendo possibly making a New Super Mario Bros Wii U bundle?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe if they released this at launch, but now, a year later, it’s quite pointless. I’d much rather get DK or Super Mario 3D World. (Both of which I don’t even plan on getting.)

      1. This would make sense, except… NSMBU is the highest selling game on the Wii U (not counting Nintendo Land of course). Why not pack it in?

      2. Because there are people who don’t like to buy year-old games. Makes more sense to me to motivate people to buy the newer games coming out.

    1. I’m intrigued to find out how many windwaker bundles will be sold by the end of october. I think people will be surprised

      1. So, +4mil people (WW GC sales) bought a game they didn’t want, huh?

        I’m not gonna agree or disagree about FitU vs WWHD, but it’s pretty hard to imagine WWHD wont sell atleast a million (lifetime).

        Also, the “kiddie” insult is archaic and is often used by children in an attempt to make themselves appear more mature than they really are.

      1. According to you. Ignoring the pre order sales. But then you’ll say, “Pre orders don’t mean nothing” Yet I bet you praise PS4’s pre orders.

      2. Pre orders dont mean nothing apparently many people will be disappointed with the wii u once they get it with a shit game like this, and no i dont praise the PS4 as much as you do to your precious wii u

      3. Judging a game by its looks is foolish. My two favourite games for their respective consoles were bought without even looking at them (recommended to me). And I can tell you, if I HAD looked at them, I wouldn’t have bought them.

        Kid Icarus: Uprising and Xenoblade Chronicles. I didn’t know a single thing about them before buying them, other than their titles.

        Looks can be deceiving.

      4. i havent mentioned the graphics once here i just said the game sucked in terms of zelda standards. The game simply wasnt made for the hardcore zelda player and was catered more to kids. Thats when the difficulty and the graphucs of the game come in. And i love games like Okami and Viewtiful Joe so i know looks can be deceiving.

      5. But was the whole game catered to kids with the animations during the story segments?

      6. Even if that WERE true (it’s not), why does something being “kiddy” automatically mean it sucks to you? Why does something being “mature” automatically make it good to you?

        What ever happened to playing games because they’re fun? Are you the kind of person who plays gritty shooters because they’re “cool”? Are you self-conscious that your CoD-playing “friends” would judge you for playing something that YOU enjoy?

        You must ask yourself, “what makes something kiddy and why is that a bad thing?”
















  8. Looks like it’s out in November, in time for Black Friday most likely, and it comes with the digital download promotion, so that’s cool too I guess.

  9. Wait wtf…so they gon bundle both Mario and Lugi U with Wii U…………..damn that’s dope look I should waited…lol oh well….I hope that move more units and get Nintendo out the loop hole

      1. Exactly its a cheap shitty bundle that comes with a cheap digital download. When ps4/xbone drop there bundles are going to be a way better offer than this. Shit even ps3 comes with a GTAV 500GB ps plus bundle which shits on any Wii U bundle lol

      2. Shit bundle when they charge you GTA besides the console that it comes with. So basically you dont save a single fucking cent.

      3. So you need to proof read because that made no sense in any way it just sounded like Nintendo fanboy rage

  10. I think they would have higher sales if they dropped the wii ewww completely and sell buckets of dog shit. Nintendrones would be all over it

  11. It doesn’t even have an internal hard drive, never has. I’m sorry but your post has failed, just like the post before it and all your posts before that.

      1. ” 3ds has everything Wii U has but more ”

        LOOOOOOLOOOOOLOOOOLOOL!!!!!! You must be trolling or you have the IQ of an ice cube

      2. OOOOH that’s right…so the 3DS is getting Bayonetta 2, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Watch Dogs, AC4: Black Flag, W101, Pikmin 3, and Wind Waker HD. LMAO!!! Damn I must’ve missed that

      3. Super Mario 3D Land >>>> 3D Wolrd
        DKCR 3D <<<<>>>> WW HD

        Wii U party and fir are causal trash.

        bayonetta and w101? oh great two more mindless violence games from platinum. just what the world needed.

        pikmin 3 is good.

        those third party games are irrelevant on wii u because nobody will buy them.

      4. “bayonetta and w101? oh great two more mindless violence games from platinum. just what the world needed.” So gta ,batman,and watch dog isn’t mindless violence either? troll logic and troll fell

      5. *3D Land <<<<<< 3D World
        DKCR 3D <<<<<<<<<<<< Tropical Freeze
        A Link Between Worlds <<<<< WW HD

      6. you’re right. the wii u is dead. Nintendo and their fanboys should just accept and move on.

    1. See there you go with your fucking retarded logic. Fucking idiot. Where are you little friends now to defend you?

      1. I did hurt your feelings? Poor little fanboy! Maybe Reggie will give out another bullshit excuse for the Wii U’s failures and you’ll feel better!

      2. LMAO fanboy. Try again. I own all the consoles and a vita so you fail yet once again. And why would I wait for Reggie’s excuses? They fuck up all the time so what the fuck am I waiting for???? Lol troll harder.

      3. Adarazz took the words right out my mouth. All those games coming this holiday are basically the 3ds versions in HD and he’s a nintensheep that can’t see that only a dumb ass is going to buy a Wii U this holiday season

  12. Damn the PS4 & Xbox One will be facing a Wind Waker HD bundle and possibly a New Super Mario Bros. U/ New Luigi U bundle? Shit just got real lol

    1. Yea damn that’s really big competition. There also up against 32gb of memory, 2gb of ram, and upcoming rehashes i wonder how this will go #SARCASM

      1. I’ll plan the funeral service. Its hope will live on in the 3ds. R.I.P WII U :( you will always be know as Nintendo’s WORST console

      2. Well if you think about it, if the Wii didn’t sell as well it did, we may not have the Wii U; perhaps something better.

      3. Virtual Boy was a crappy portable. The Gamecube holds the crown for the worst sales in terms of Nintendo home consoles (I believe) soon to be handed down to the Wii U–at this rate, and I honestly have no idea how the Wii sold as much as it did, but again it comes as no surprise when I see things like rhino dung actually selling on ebay for $400+.

      4. Yeah considering the fact that the Wii U will be a $100 cheaper than the PS4 & $200 cheaper than the Xbox One and you get 2 free games (one being Nintendo Land) in the Wind Waker HD bundle and 3 free games in the NSMBU/NLU bundle and you can buy an 1TB external HDD for about $60 or even cheaper. So yes I would say that Nintendo put themselves in a good position as far as being competitive is concerned

      5. Baaaaaa! Baaaaaaa!

        First of all, you realize the Zelda and Mario bundles don’t have Nintendo Land included. The Wii U is cheaper but not cheap enough. It should be $199.99. Having to go out and buy an extra HDD is just a nuisance and a waste of money. Not to mention not a single Wii U exclusive coming this year is enticing, aside from maybe that 10 year old remake of WW.

      6. I can’t believe people are really ok with having to buy extra memory just because Nintendo is too cheap to give us a good amount to download alot of content. The nintensheep are ok with anything Nintendo decides lmao. Bunch of dumb asses

      7. You mean the Spybox One? LOL. It’s incredible how even with all the restrictions it was to have, brain-dead sheeple were still planning on purchasing it. ( )

        Those greedy scumbags are the ones who really deserve to fail this generation. I’d declare them the greatest trolls of all time if they decide to revert back to their previous ever changing policy, once the system starts selling at a decent amount. Much lulz will pursue.

  13. The Nintendo Wii Scam UTitantic is going to get crushed this holiday season. no matter what rehashed game is bundled with it.

    1. *The Nintendo Wii U will get crushed this holiday season, no matter what game is bundled with it.
      Corrected without the fangirlish rage.

      1. Well investor want them to sell the ps division because it doesn’t make them enough money. Sony has pretty much sold every console at a lost ( i think ps2 and one were not) they probably won’t make money off the vita, ps4 needs to sell like the wii and ps2 to make money on it.

      2. also sony as a whole is having more money troubles then anybody. Firing 1000s of employees every year, selling buildings and divisions. sony lost over 8-9 billion dollars to playstation division, its the whole reason investors want to see it

      3. And if you look at it’s recent financial reports you would see that they are improving dramatically. Sony’s financial issues making them bankrupt are the same as the “OMG NINTENDO IS DOOMED” bullshit. Fanboys have been saying Sony will go bankrupt for years, BUT THEY HAVENT.

      4. Yes their other divisions are improving but investors are getting angry with the ps division due to it bring in the bucks. They want sony to work on projects they know they can get right. I want them to stay since they give gaming more variety…plus if ea got naughty dog…..its a twisted thought

      5. I think you may have Sony mixed up with Microsoft :P PS Division actually has been one of the companies better performers :P

        I don’t hate EA, just leave Naughty dog to go by themselves …

      6. Yeah, player essence has no credibility, he’s just a nintendo drone. Better source pls

  14. *100 face palms, and a red forehead*
    Why, oh why, oh WHHHHHYYYYYYYY does Nintendo keep using the extremely boring, dust collecting, fingerprint smudging BLACK Wii U consoles? I’ve ran out of ideas of reasons to justify this stupidity. Why not RED? GREEN? BLUE??? ANYTHNG but black or white. Even rainbow would be better.

    Not only that, but I was wishing they’d make a Pikmin 3 bundle (with a physical copy of Pikmin 3, not just digital). But if it came with a black console, I’d complain about that too. It looks like Nintendo Is going to cause me to go through yet another year with no Wii U. I can’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for a new color. Am I gonna have to wait until the life-span of the Wii U is nearly over before they release a new freakin’ color?

    I refuse to go through what I went through with the original Wii ever again. I had the standard white Wii. Then later, the special Mario edition RED Wii came out, and I wanted to cry. So I absolutely refuse to buy a Wii U until some different, unique color comes out.

    1. LOL. That actually happened with me. Just when I decided to buy a Wii, the Mario edition was released. But the worst part was when I did come around to buying a Wii along with a SSBB game, the SSBB disc broke the lens (it was a couple of years later, once my warranty was expired. I played it sometimes without knowing it screwed up the lens. After doing some research, I found out I wasn’t the only one with this issue & that Metroid Other M also did this.) and I kept getting error messages when I inserted any other Wii game disc. What a poorly built PoS.

  15. its a good bundle though i wish they added a design to it. if the game is digital it can be a issue do to the lack of account system. Don’t know why people bash nsmb u when its the best in the series next to the ds version. Wii version sucked and 3ds one was bad(but i let that one pass since it was made by mario devs in training).

  16. Remember when Nintendo was like really fun at the beginning of this year with all the game announcements like Shin Megami Tensei 4 x Fire Emblem? You know, it’s really stupid to make a habit of announcing stuff a whole year before it comes out. Till then, what the hell else are we supposed to do? Play the 3DS? Then we’re just going to be paying attention to the 3DS and not the Wii U! Why is the Wii U not more relevant than it should be?!

  17. Fanboying harddrive sizes and saying harddruve sizes nake cinsoles powerful

    Sony and ms fans are setuously Deranged

    Harddri es have zero to do with power or corness there a storage device

    I got a storage locker at a 24/7 storage company im more CORE ABOUT MY LIFE THAN U

    Jesus sony and ms fans are dersnged morons

    Gamepad makes a gaming device better wii remote wii remote plus

    Not a storage device YOU IDIOTS

  18. This photo can easily be doctored up. I won’t believe it until Ninty confirms it. Why do this bundle when they would have a better chance with a Super Mario 3D World bundle?

  19. NSMBU has sold over 2M copies which is near enough half the Wii U’s install base, that should make it the best selling game on the Wii U right now? If so then it makes sense to bundle NSMBU with the console and also throw in NSLU.

    The console has no internal HDD, to cut down on costs, they’ve already slashed $50 from the price tag, yet some people think that Nintendo should have included a HDD (which is expensive to include) that would have driven up the cost? Nintendo try to make a profit on their hardware, they can’t afford to take a hit on each console sold like Sony & MS are prepared to do.

    You could write an essay on the mistakes that Nintendo have made regarding the Wii U, but a Mario bundle (that makes sense) and taking the external storage route (external HDDs are pretty cheap these days) would be way down on the list.

    Nintendo not advertising their console, having only one semi relevant 1st party game available and relying on 3rd parties (who don’t even want to develop for the console in the first place) to sell your system are much, much bigger problems.

    Also the reason why there’s never been a GTA on a Nintendo system apart from Chinatown Wars for the DS (Rockstar Leeds).. Rockstar North used to develop for Nintendo under the name “DMA Design”, when you look at what happened there, it’s no wonder why there’s no GTA for Wii U.

  20. I’m ok with 32 Gigs of space, i think i have 14 left since launch but people are right, theres no excuse, HDD cost fuckall these days in mass production..Nintendo went baaaaack in tiiiime again. I dont want yet another ugly box sitting somewhere next to the console fullstop. and the bundle…Please…a year old game plus the add on…Wow thats gonna sell like hotcakes ey…Yawn. Nintendo start advertising instead of all this shit.

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