Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC Has Wii U GamePad Functionality On Xbox 360 And PS3


Square Enix has revealed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will also support second screen gaming when it’s released later this year. The Xbox 360 version of the game will include Smart Glass implementation and the PlayStation 3 version will see the PlayStation Vita act as the second screen. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut was originally exclusive to Wii U, but has since been announced for multiple platforms including the PC and Mac.

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    1. Except The Wonderful 101 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will emerge victory and the Wii U will survive. Next year, the Wii U domination will continue with Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, and MonolithSoft’s X.

      1. 101 is a joke. Wind waker is a petty remake and Wii U won’t make into next year with good sales. Sorry man but Wii U is DONE for. 3ds has more to offer than Wii U and the more the 3ds shines the less the Wii U does. 3ds>>>>>>wii U

        1. You and your double standards, drone. If you think 101 is a joke, then Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, Resident Evil 2, Viewtiful Joe, and Bayonetta 1 is a joke to you. Shut the hell up! The Wonderful 101 is the newest title from both Nintendo and PlatinumGames. Don’t be mad just because it’s new and original.

              1. So what, you’ll just take the highest score and put it everywhere, but ok, here, let me destroy you, on metacritic it has 79, oooooo oo o. Oo. Oo o o o oo oo o o o o, yes i did

          1. That was the WORST!!! logic I have ever heard. Me thinking 101 BLOWS doesn’t mean I think bayonetta or resident evil blows too because I think both are great titles. Its just 101 SUCKS that’s all and sales show it ;)

                    1. Yeah, so don’t tell him he’s slow… he already knows he’s slow if he’s played it.

        2. A joke? Surely you’re…joking? Have you even played it? It’s basically the ‘gamer’s game’ of the year.

          And the 3DS>>>everything else, so that’s hardly a knock on the U.

          1. 101 sucks and I’ve played it, there is nothing special about it, they used the gamepad in stupid ways. Sorry, it will not cause anyone to buy a wiiu and the 3mil of wiiu users will not make that game make any money. Why do u think ubisoft is throowing out the wiiu

      2. Wtf?that’s like i count 10000 3rd party games+1st party coming to the ps4 and one, + the fact that they are 10 times more powerful

    1. Says who ? Last time I check some reviews said vita off screen works great. And the vita is stronger than the gamepad lololol

          1. How about worth exclusives then? I’m just joking. My good material is for the haters and lost fanboys.

              1. Funny thing about good or bad systems game are based on opinions and be dismissed has is in a fanboy war. You saying the games that are wort owning can be shit down by someone lying that they don’t like it so it would be pointless in a fanboy war.
                Example: fanboy 1: you just jellous gta5 is not on wiiu.
                Fanboy 2 : meh, I don’t like new gtas, they are repetive and boring. Wich in both cases are fair points if they where bought up by none retards.
                Hope this makes my view clear lol.

                1. I know. That’s why I wrote in another response that “system sellers” vary from person to person.

                  Still, just like any product, a game can be objectively rated based on its quality.

              1. Everyone struggles but the way I see it is Sony is not giving the handheld the first party support it needs.

                1. Sony has been giving it a lot of first party support. It just isn’t giving it the proper marketing and a lot of third-parties in the West are kind of afraid of taking it on.

                1. You love to bring up “system sellers.” What’s a “system seller” to you might not be a “system seller” to someone else.

                  How many “system sellers” have there been for the Wii U that you so proudly put on a pedestal? …. Exactly.

                  Just about everyone who owns a Vita has been satisfied with the system. The same as those who own Wii U’s. I’m happy with both systems. They both have their pros and cons, but I still enjoy the heck out of them. I wish they were supported better by both the gaming community and industry, but we have what we have right now.

                  But anyway, I don’t know why I bother reply to you anymore. You have already made it extremely clear over the past few weeks that you’re not a “gaming fan,” but rather a “Nintendo Fanboy.” Maybe you should think about changing your name.

                    1. He said over the past few weeks (you’ve been preaching how terrible the other companies are) not just because you’re now preaching the Vita is terrible, when it funnily enough has greater value than the Wii U currently

                      1) Learn to read
                      2) You’re a drone
                      3) You got owned, DICKHEAD

                    1. Ha! That was my last reply to him. When “Gamingfan” first started commenting on MNN, he/she was okay.

                      But recently, everything that they type… I’m just going to ignore him/her like I do the rest of the trolls and rabid fanboys. lol

                    2. Gamingfan (who frankly should not call himself that) is just sad little Nintensheep. Heck, he wastes his time calling others idiots for wanting the PS4, considering he praises people for buying the Wii U which has no value currently.

                    3. I don’t call those idiot since I probably want one. I guess I am an idiot if I might want it in the future. Wii U do have some value but its doesn’t have much value compared to the original Wii. :P

          2. it has hardly any good games which is part of why it dosen’t sell that and the price and don’t even try to defend vita because the Nintendo 3ds is out selling it by a lot

            1. That’s your opinion. If you don’t like the games on it, fine. One must wonder though, do you even know what games are on it? Also, what does the 3DS have to with anything? It’s not always one or the other. If you’re going to bring up the 3DS, you do know that the Vita has more games in the green on metacritic than the 3DS now, right? Vita is now at 64 whereas the 3DS is at 60. These of course are games released in the West. There are a lot more in Japan.

              “and don’t even try to defend vita”

              Why does it always have to be about “defending” something? This isn’t a battle. I only talk truth.

      1. Vita remote play and cross-controller with the PS3 is okay but does not work as well as the Wii U’s Gamepad. Not at all.

        I have all three systems – love my Vita and PS3, those are my main systems, but from firsthand experience, I can say for sure the Wii U gamepad runs those functions better. And it should, the hardware was built that way. The Vita/PS3 functions were an afterthought.

        As for the PS4 and Vita functions, that might work better since that *is* built into the PS4 hardware. Hopefully it will.

        1. Sony even said the vita wasn’t fully intended for ps3 offscreen play but it will be for ps4 offscreen play

              1. The Vita’s lack of sales and Western support at this point has very little to do with the success of the 3DS and a lot to do with the poor marketing and goal for the system.

                All you have to do is look back at the PSP and DS. The DS sold monster amounts in comparison to the PSP, but the PSP still found its own success, selling over 70 million systems and still continues to sell in Japan. Two dedicated gaming handhelds can easily coexist in the same market with their own success.

                I think Sony just lacked a clear focus as to what the Vita was and failed to really advertise and convey what the Vita is to the general public. Hopefully they can correct that in the coming years. They’re on their way to doing so in Japan; not so much in the West though.

          1. Hah! Yeah, man. I just play games. All the petty console war squabbling is a waste of time. I prefer to spend that time playing great games on every system possible. ;)

                    1. Because I have been cursed by a Grim Reaper. My soul have been d*** by the power of heaven. I have cheated death and death is not very happy. So the heaven decided to punish me by giving me an curse. The curse is to remove my languages of curses. Therefore I have lost an ability to curse.

      2. The WiiU gamepad is part of the WiiU, thus the Vita is weaker dude. Also the WiiU gamepad is superior to the copy vita PS4 connectivity. Do you know what’s more powerful though. 3DS technology and gaming intergration is the best invention in entertainment in years. Vita is now a controller due to the 3DS running gaming as a dedicated media.

        1. look at the specs then rewrite that sentence dude. Gamepad is a gimick alot of the people I know agree too. Its what’s making the Wii u that price. Not worth it

          1. If you think the Wii U game pad is a gimmick, you should know that the PS Vita and Xbox SmartAss are gimmicks. You’re still losing at damage controlling and double standards.

            1. They are gimmicks. But they’re not very good ones. Gimmicks are meant to attract. I don’t see the second screen functions being a major selling point to people these days.

              Vita second-screen is a gimmick. Smart Glass is pretty much too. The Vita itself isn’t a gimmick though, although it does have some gimmicky features like the touchpad on the back – useless.

            2. No because it’s a versatile OPTION. Smartglass is also a phone that can do so much and vita is a handheld console that can play games and do alot of other things. Its not forced or required like the Wii U gamepad is so that’s a HUGE difference which makes it better and more versatile than the gamepad

                1. You still fucking suck at making sense and when you loose in an argument you resort to name calling LMAO!!!

                1. are you smoking Mario’s mushrooms ???? Its not versatile because its not optional and its subjected to one main focus which is offscreen play in some shape or form.also once ps4 and xbone drop they too will have off screenplay making the Wii U more irrelevant You don’t make any sense man so just stop replying because you writing like a dumb nintensheep

                  1. You really are losing at damage control, assclown. U mad because Nintendo is the first to have dual screen control since the Game & Watch era. And the Wii U GamePad is a revolutionary controller that does everything including an invention called ASYMMETRIC GAMEPLAY.

                2. You mean that one thing that the psp offered (poorly) but it offered it. And thus was tears ago.

                  Wii u, is far from being the first off-tv player dude. Just stop it, or do research.

              1. One other thing– never compare a portable console to a fucking gamepad, you dumbass. In the words of Kamiya, “Whoever hates Nintendo isn’t a gamer in general.”

                1. Your bad jokes are killing me. Also I can compare vita to gamepad because now both can be used for offscreen play so another FAIL by the nintensheep also stop smoking marios mushrooms lol

                  1. You really are a sad little slut, you know that? You’ve failed at damage control, you hate video games in general, and you’re a fucking ass clown who shouldn’t be posting comments here at My Nintendo News. Good day sir.

                    1. man thats how we all know you wear diapers still, because you have a disgustingpotty mouth and still live with your mom.

                1. thats all you got!!! you even know that wastepad was a horrible idea, but your to much of a corporate cock sucker to accept it!!!! that thing is the beginning of the end for nintendo!!!! a weak system with no 3rd parties, and the same old milked franchises. next, dreamcast 2 incoming!!!!

                2. Tony Lane, 40 years old, black, Rochester, NY, virgin, no real life friends, Tourette’s syndrome, foot and anime fetishes, graduated form Joseph Wilson Magnet High School

                  Stop running your mouth or I’ll continue

          2. Says the Xbot with his Xbox Done All in one Media Gimmicks and Half-Glass malfunctional tablet and the Sonyans with their unoriginal half attemped media gimmicks and handheld consoles…

            Atleast our empire tries to do unique and fun things even though things aren’t going as good as planned…


            1. Man shut up your not a Nintendo commander of any kind. You lead no one and don’t even own a Wii U LOL fake ass commander. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t own any Nintendo console you FAKER

      3. Did you tried it? Don’t be talking fuckery if you haven’t tried it. I did and it’s a FUCKING LAGFEST!!!!!! The wii u is TONS better. So please STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. It will be built on the Wii u concept. Hopefully if they (ps and xbox tablet users) like the gameplay they will like the Wii u. Btw have you tried wonderful 101?

      1. Yeah. I played the demo but haven’t picked up the game yet because of a busy schedule. I plan on doing so tomorrow. ;)

        I liked the demo so hopefully I enjoy the game.

        1. If you liked the demo you will love the game it is already a Wii u classic must buy game (and the wii u games has just started). Sad that it isn’t selling great

      1. I hope that there aren’t many more Wii U owners with your ideals. I hope, but even with that hope, I unfortunately know that there are.

        You’re just perpetuating this vicious cycle.

          1. No, he owned you. (Even though your brain can’t comprehend that) Go back to preaching why the PS4 is a waste of money you little fanboy.

            1. I said it’s lacking system sellers and he said what games on the Wii U would you put on a pedistal. Fail dickhead.

                    1. Oh right, another year of have platience and please understand? Yeah, PS4 will be out by then and there big IP’s are in the launch window. Keep trying, nintendo drone.

        1. I agree with you simply g. I did rate Nintendo commander… but since he doesn’t even own a wii u my respect for him has decline drastically.

          1. Yes because we all live happy unproblematic pointless lives do we?…

            I’ve had Nintendo consoles ever since the Game&Watch and I will get a Wii U eventually, doesn’t make me any less of a fan whatsoever…

  1. Nintendo innovates, WiiU next generation machine with PC resources. PS3 last generation beast with a flawed cell processor lol, and vita controller. Xbox360 iPhone surport smart glass, we all know windows phones SUCK!

    1. Windows Phone 8 is fantastic. I’m using it now. You need to be specific. I would hate to use “Smartglass” or some button-less device mow that I’ve played with the Gampad.

      Also, we’ll just see how well the smart glass and Vita sync is…the Gampad is flawless. It’s instantly responsive, and feels like a direct extension of the system. Can’t wait to see how smooth the Vita/smartglass responsiveness is in Metacritic when people try using it.

      1. Agree, ^^ Windows Phone 8 is superb, whoever tries it is usually well impressed..of course though, it is that much “cooler” to have an iphone these days..

        1. I wanted something new, practical and stable. Windows Phone8 is great indeed. Never going back to an Apple device again.

      2. you don’t need windows phone to use xbox smartglass i have it on my laptop and samasung galaxy note 8.0

      3. Yea I soo can’t wait either. I am gonna download the x360 version for free and buy the wii u version to do a comparison. I can’t wait. Until then…. am going back to WONDERFUL 101. That game is fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is good news for all the gamers who were waiting for this to happen. Human Revolution is still one of the best games out there, no matter you play it on PC or on console.

    Also you can check out my android reviews related personal blog here: (also on facebook and twitter – Gladewine)

    1. Vita and smartglass connect to their respective consoles differently than Nintendo’s gamepad. We’ll see how this works out… If it’s just being used as a map, then it will be OK, but once they start pushing the duel screen implementation, I don’t think Vita and Smartglass will hold up to the Gampad. It just syncs crazy fast and accurate. (Please don’t insert random gamepad glitch comments. Everything has exceptions. If you have a defective gamepad, call Nintendo. They’ll replace it.)

      1. nintendo should have forgoten the gamepad, they always fuck themselves over with lame gimmicks, it hasnt got them anywhere. now other companies can do the same, meaning nintendo is first party by themselves all over again, thanks to that gamepad. they should have had the pro controller be the main controller and have their console just as powerful.

        1. I game off screen all the time. So the game pad is very practical for me. I can play console games in bed, on the couch, where ever, I don’t have to have my glued in front of the same TV in the same place in the house.

          That said, it should not have been a reason to skimp on the consoles hardware, sinking out 3rd party ship again. The people who bought the Wii have no reason to upgrade, and the hardware geeks (not using as an insult) are disappointed in the specs. Nintendo just had to piss everyone off.

        2. Speck for yourself. Because of the GamePad I use my Acer Tabelet less and less. I keep my tablet at work. Also I like the GamePad”s function. And also your forgetting the GamePad has a port and I’m sure it is more than just used as a zapper. After all the port on N64 was used more than just a rumble feature.

        3. The other companies “copies” nintendo Innovative idea… now idiots like you is saying that it was a gimmick… if it was soooo much of a gimmick why did sony and microsoft invest in a dual screen experience? Hmmmmm? Nintendo “gimmicks” always help them out. Case in point the wii mote motion controls. Didn’t we all see both sony and microsoft release a motion solution? Why did you think they did that?

          Nintendo will always innovate and will always bring smiles to families…. unlike the HD twins.

          I got GTA 5 today, yes it’s beautiful, but my wife and kids find it boring. I reach a scene where I gotta torch er a dude and that is fucking disgusting. No smiles here for the families…. only for basement dwellers. smh.

          Get N or Get OUT!!!!!!

            1. Yes they innovate with the motion gaming. It took off soooo fucking fast that even nintendo was shocked.

              yes I do agree that motion gaming was around…. but it wasn’t mainstream and popularized by Nintendo and their BRILLIANT idea. it was soo fucking brilliant that both sony and microsoft who previously was bashing the wii to invest in their own motion gaming.

              So because nintendo “re-introduce” motion gaming to the general public…. they were copied by the competition who use to talk smack about it. Did you remember sony and microsoft attacks on the wii? I surely did. Now they take back ALL their words and try to catch piece of Nintendo pie.

              now the same thing is happening with dual screen gaming experience and off tv play. smh. The cycle continues.

              1. Nintendo was the first to bring it to the mass consumer market and market it well. However, the tech was there before and motion controls were known in the gaming industry.

                For example, Sony first introduced their Move in an industry tech demo in 2000/2001 with the EyeToy, but the Move was then known as the magic wand or something like that. The PlayStation EyeToy (camera) used motion controls and was introduced in 1999, released in 2003.

                To a lesser degree, motion controls were used in some arcade games in conjunction with infrared before that too.

                1. I really don’t know much about Move/EyeToy, but I always thought that EyeToy’s concept was similar to Kinect; in other words, a controller-less technology. But I may be wrong, of course.

                  1. Yes, it was publicly released as a controller free motion gaming device. However, at gaming industry events, it was demoed with motion controllers as well. The Move just didn’t appear on the consumer market until after Nintendo’s success with the Wii remote.

                    1. Thanks for your clarification, Simply G. That all being said, we conclude that (1) the technology has been around for more than a decade and that (2) Nintendo was the first company to both provide and establish the motion control-based gaming as we know it today. That makes a better response to Jelly statement above.

    2. vita still won’t be as good as the wii u gamepad because the vita has less buttons then the gamepad so the controls won’t be as good

  3. funny thing is…. its still 20$ more to for the wii u!!!! everything that wii u has now, can just basically do the same on other platforms!!!! what a waste that gamepad was!!!!! do we sense another disaster like the wii by nintendo…… but this time with shitty sales and still as much shovelware, yes we do. WiifailedU!!!!

    1. Someone with coman sense !!! Like i said before now the Wii u has no niche and is just a sitting duck. The Wii U is doomed!!!

      1. yeah hahahahahah!!!! nintendo fucked themselves up good this time!!!! now every 3rd party can just do the same thing with the more powerful relevant console!!!!

        even phones can laugh at this shit, thats hpw much of a mistake nintendo made.

        1. yeah hahha but the only games you will end up buying out of those is mario kart. after that they will be no big games, it will be another drought and you know it, the ps3 will still be more relevant, at least its online system is good

    2. How was Wii a failure again? Because u didnt play it? It sold more than the others. Not combined sure, but in singularity it did. What makes a winner is total sales and how much money it made in profit. Last I checked, the Wii won everyone of those categories. Sorry, u lose

      1. the thing that makes it a winner is sales!!!! hahahaha, so your saying you like shitty games and shovelware, the wii was a fail, it was bought by soccer moms and grandmas and thats it. it was a gimmick shovelware paradise. thats a loser in my book.

        sales of the wii is your only argument meaning you know how much it sucked.

        1. By that logic, the ps3 and 360 lost to the Wii in sales because they catered to pathetic, no-life, dude bro adult wannabe losers like you.
          Suck on that hater binkie a little harder, cry baby.:P

    3. The original is already on the other platforms. I have it for my ps3 and I got that game for FREEEEEEEEE. Don’t expect gamers to buy the ps3/xbox360 version.

  4. Can’t the Wii u Have any games beside the obvious mario ,zelda , etc with out sony and microsoft hovering like vultures to get their greedy paws on it for their system.

    1. well i think it’s more that 3rd parties decide one-by-one to move their franchise multiplats as they’re not getting enough retunrs on the Wii U solely.. sad but true

    2. Sony and Microsoft usually have little to do with third party games going multiplatform. That’s mainly up to the publisher and devs of the games.

    1. You sure about that icy? I doubt Nintendo will fail. Lol Just because rivals copies doesn’t mean shit. The console to worry about is Xbone. The Wii U has first party tittles and the most franchises. But what the fuck do you need an Xbox one for if you get a PS4 for 3rd party. And a vita at least can be in your hands for hours like the GamePad. But a tablet wasn’t naturally created as a controller. Wii U ain’t doomed. They have way more unannounced tittles. The rest reason why Nintendo isn’t releasing new info is because they worked on games with unique gameplay with GamePad and doesn’t want to expose it too soon.

    2. WTF?????? it seems you have forgetten your insane medication. Go and take it quick…. you talking diarrhea of the mouth.

  5. Good. As someone who knows what it feels like to have to deal with bad third party ports, I’m glad to see that this game will be given the attention to detail that it deserves across all formats.

  6. to all you guys who hate nintendo, noone can never hate nintendo because if it wern’t for them releasing the nes and ending the videogame carsh then we would have shitty video game console or no video game console at all today so stop hating nintendo and start likeing them

    1. So its Nintendo vs. Sony, Microsoft and developers. So Nintendo has to work on their niche and its this: work on Starfox, Metroid and other hard core tittles. No time for Wii Sports and that other family crap. Wii u will be fine. Pokémon can help it, Smash broscan help it, Starfox can help it, Mario Kart/Golf/baseball/Super strikers can Another Pikmi. Tittle can really help it. Mario World and 2D DK or 3D Do will help it. Zelda of course will help it. The console has 7 years andwithin those we in years Wii u will get upgrades new features, another GamePad, new IPs a better Miiverse and whatever else they have planned. Hell Nintendo could be working on a redesigned GamePad that will be sold at retailers and works away from home. They already have a cloud too.

    2. nintendo was the father of gaming but they let them self get step on by the competition like a little kid getting bullied. i will keep supporting nintendo but i hate nintendo business practices and decisions. i hate reggie and i hate iwata but i love my wii u and i want the best of it. so i can hate nintendo whatever i please

      1. Fuckin steal my name, I’ll show you a thing or two. Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about what sony or microsoft do by the way, they’re games, play it on whatever you’d like.














  9. So what? I’ll get the game for my U whenever as soon as I can. I have played shooters with tablets and it really is uncomfortable, so Smartglass isn’t going to be a successful idea. Vita/PS3 might be the closest thing to the Wii U/Gamepad experience. Though as someone said before, Vita/PS3 combo is not natural, PS3 was not made for that, while the Wii U/Gamepad is meant that way.

  10. Really? Does this always happen on any Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony fansite?
    Any time a gamer comes on to just look for news and comments and -legit- opinions about whats going on in the gaming industry, it always erupts into “You’re an Xbot!” Or “You’re a Nintendrone!” Or “PS3, Wii U, PS4 Sucks” or “Xbox360, Xbone, and Vita Sucks.”

    When will you all freaking learn that there’s better ways to discuss gaming than to discuss who’s loyal to what? When I was a teen, I played PS2 AND Gamecube. I -enjoyed- playing Xbox360 and Wii. I severely enjoy the PS3 still, along with the previous consoles. People think that just because our gaming systems cater to different people, it means we have to judge it by its content and if its not mature enough, it doesn’t fit our quotient of “Hard-core.” Do you even -KNOW- What that word meant back a few generations? Its a freaking -play-style-. Nothing more. Its not about what the content is, heck, you could play -any- game, and depending on how long, and how indepth you played it, THATS what made you Hardcore. Not this bullcrap of blood and gore being the selling point of a game. THATS the gimmick. Gimmicks are ideas or selling points that make you buy a console or game. A controller is not a gimmick, its an interface. Smartglass, if it works well, is not a gimmick, its an interface. When the gimmick is to gratify your longing for -self-identity- and when what you game, rather than how you game, becomes what you truly identify yourself with when it comes to the games you buy, its freaking pathetic, and thats EXACTLY why developers continue to hash out first person shooters and repetitive designs with this blood and gore gimmick. Because it sells. So stop it. Stop being fucking fanboys who come here to bash things they don’t like, and start being gamers, who acknowledge -all- the good things about gaming. Blood and gore has its place, but Mario is not kiddy by virtue of having a young fanbase. Heck, most of its supporters are college-aged guys and girls. All games have a reason to exist. Except for when they’re truly bad in every sense, then they don’t need to exist. And thats whats beginning to happen when you let developers buy you with a gimmick. A true gimmick. That everything else, but your beloved console’s games, are kiddy. That IS A GIMMICK.

      1. Even if Wii U won’t be the only system with a 2nd screen, I bet many of those 3rd party shooters will do the same fucking thing with the 2nd screen. That’s why Nintendo is holding back all other possibilities with GamePad for 2014.

        1. I hope so…

          If not then the Wii U as a sold unit by the end of its life cycle might be successful but the concept would have failed…

  11. So, basically… if you want to play it on Xbox 360 or PS3 you will need an extra device, either a smartphone or a Vita….
    Thanks… I prefer to pay only 49 for the WiiU version

  12. So in order to play this on Xbox 360 or PS3 we need an extra device: either a Vita or a smartphone
    Thanks, I´ll pass. I prefer to pay just the $ 49 for the WiiU version. No extra expenses.

  13. Why is it every time I come here I find some dumb ass console war going on? Let me tell you guys something. I Love my WiiU, Love My 3ds, and Love my PS3, for their exclusives… I primarily play PC games with multiplat games. You are all wrong. There are only 2 reasons the Wii U is not selling. Lack of Support and over Saturated media influence due the fact that Sony and Microsoft both own more than game company divisions, whereas Nintendo only does games and nothing else really. Which has caused people to view Nintendo games as “uncool” and “kiddy”. Those of you calling Nintendo’s Defenders “Fanboys” Let me remind you all that without Nintendo, gaming would not be what it is today. They saved the industry with the NES and Almost every game you play would not be as good as it today without the influence of Mario, Zelda, and in the case of Shooters Goldeneye. At the time of Goldeneye creation Rare was contracted with Nintendo and the game was an N64 exclusive. Before Goldeneye, PC was the dominion of shooters. Nintendo only cares about making good solid games that can bring joy to everyone. Sony is about the same but still isn’t as close to being the savior Nintendo once was. Microsoft on the other hand is a money making machine on par with Apple and Nothing else. (One of the very reasons I use Linux) I once owned a 360 because I liked the original XBOX(Jade Empire rocked). I got red ringed and switched to PS3 and never looked back. Microsoft’s bitch move with not allowing used games and forcing online only bullshit made me angrier than I have ever been at something that isn’t even important. Then their backpedaling when their own fans turned on them made me rofl and helped restore what little faith I have left in them. The Moral of my rant is this. Leave the fighting for online matches and work together to keep the industry going strong. I fully believe that industry is going downhill… We as fans and them as the providers of our fix(Nintendo, Sony, Valve, and Microsoft) need to work together. I honestly believe a multiplat game that includes characters from all four companies would be an amazing thing to see in our time because not only would it help the industry and all four major companies, but it would be a good way to bring a lot of people together to work together, and give all the “Video Games Are Evil” Do -Gooders a reason to shut the fuck up and let us be. So I Challenge this to ALL gamers of ALL platforms and genre preferences. Let us work together. Let Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Valve know we want to see a game like this. Show them We want to see a game that is created by Nintendo, Sony, Microsft and Valve’s Development Teams, Nintendo and Valve’s Care for the Gaming Community, Sony’s Powerhouse Ideas, Nintendo’s Experience, and Microsoft’s User Interface Creation and Marketing Skills. /rant complete.

  14. erm….3ds is from nintendo, too. so they still making money doesnt matter if 3ds or wiiu :P
    and the first year was also hard for 3ds….

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