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Hometown Story Coming To 3DS With More Content Than Mobile Devices

hometown story

Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada has given a new interview in which he discusses his latest game, Hometown Story, which is coming to both 3DS and mobile devices like iOS. Wada revealed that the 3DS version will be the most complete version of the game, as the iOS incarnation will be missing side stories with some of the villagers in the game. In both versions, the player runs a shop while buying and selling items to villagers, but on 3DS, Wada says players will be able to “interact with the villagers and get involved with their story.” No official released date has yet been announced for Hometown Story, but if it’s anything like the Harvest Moon series, UK gamers may not be getting their hands on the game for quite a while. A more complete version of Wada’s comments appears below.

The iOS version does not have episodes with other villagers, players just run a shop. You get new items, you can save money, you can sell rare items on iOS too. Eventually, you will get new customers, but that’s pretty much all you can do. The core system of running the shop is the same on 3DS, but you will get to interact with the villagers and involved with their story. …[On iOS] there will be rare items and villagers, but no story episodes. If you want to play even more there is the 3DS version.


    1. No it’s like a SIM game like Animal Crossing. You inherit a shop, and you go around finding things to sell in the shop, but also get to buy things from villagers and resell them.


    1. I am slightly excited, my brother is jumping in joy for this game. He has played practically every Harvest Moon and Rune Factory game since the Game Boy Color days.


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