Sonic Lost World Download Sizes Revealed For Nintendo 3DS, Wii U


The download sizes for the digital copies of Sonic Lost World have been revealed. The Wii U version of the upcoming platformer will require 8.37GB of free space to download. And the 3DS edition will need 10,253 open blocks, which is about 1.25GB. Sonic Lost World will be available at both the Nintendo eShop and retail. The game arrives in Europe on October 18, though it won’t launch in North America until October 29.


  1. No thanks, I already played Super Mario Galaxy 2 back in 2010. I don’t feel like playing Sonic’s version.

    And fuck you fanboys who truly believe
    to be witty. Sonic Shuffle, Sonic All Stars Racing, Sonic Lost World, you just can’t stop sucking on Mario’s dick can you Sega? Go ahead and get titty fucked, this game will sell poorly. I’ll bet you 20 bucks.

    And go ahead, call me a troll. Thank you for further proving my point.

    1. you dont know what good game is even if it hits you on your head, colors and generations were good game and they took nothing from galaxy games nor any other mario games, its true mario kart started the genre but you cant say that sega were the only ones to imitate the franchise(diddykong racing,littlebigplanet racing or something like go somewhere and be a dick there… :)

    2. The 3DS has been ruling the world of video games for 2 1/2 years. It’s time for the WiiU’s time and fanboys of other system are feeling and getting a little emotional. Now that we know what next generation really is, the gap is not that large :). Sonic lost world runs at 60 fps by the way.

    3. You are ignorant. Sonic still even though he is on Nintendo systems, spiritually competes against Mario, thats why you see Sonic doing stuff like Mario because Sega still tries to outdo Nintendo. And tbh they managed to do that with Sonic All stars racing:Transformed, i take it over Mk7.

  2. 8.37 GB for Wii U? Lol that’s 1/4 of you’re memory gone if you have deluxe and all of it if you have the original white, what a shame

    1. does anyone still have any illusions about not having to buy an external hard drive when he wants to download games to the wii u? really?

      1. I wouldn’t have to do that if they just stopped being cheap and put more GB in the Wii U. Its inconvenient and foolish not to when the xbone and ps4 will have 500GB!!!

  3. Wait…… So this means that I am not concerned by the delay and can get it even earlier than before ?


    1. im heavy on downloads since its takes long to wait for anything when ordering from amazon where im at(roughly 2 weeks) so im definitely gonna need a new hard drive for this since my 32 deluxe maxed out recently -_-

    1. We dont have the luxury of getting a game we want on day one and also ordering things either by me or by our local game store takes a while to get here so if i really want to play a game on release day i will have to download it unfortunately. :/

    2. Downloading is a digital copy is cheaper where I’m at. Using 3DS games as an example: $65 USD for the cheapest physical game at my local store, and $40 USD to buy a game from the eshop. Even though it’s more expensive, I still prefer to have my physical copies though, and I would need a HDD sooner or later if I went digital anyway.

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