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New Limited Edition Tanooki Suit Mario Statue Available

tanooki mario statue

Video game memorabilia makers First 4 Figures have created a special new Tanooki Suit Mario statue that is the first in a new series of Mario figurines. The statue is a recreation of the way Mario looks when, fittingly, he obtains the silver statue version of the Tanooki leaf in Super Mario 3D Land. The statue is incredibly detailed and stands 15 inches tall, with an asking price of $239.99. There is also a standard Tanooki version, without the red scarf, for $199.99. The statue follows this soft plush toy as the latest unbearably cute piece of Tanooki merchandise. Here is a description of the item, from First 4 Figures:

“Tanooki Mario is made from high quality polystone resin, complete with hand finished detailing and paint work. He measures 15 inches from the base to the tip of his ears. The exclusive version features an additional red scarf and Tanooki Leaf on its own Question Mark Box Base!”

36 thoughts on “New Limited Edition Tanooki Suit Mario Statue Available”

        1. supposedly nintendo isnt full o kids yet everyones practiclly dieng of laughter over a dumb immature joke like this. let me join in..

    1. I keep sending potential news like this one to mynintendonews but I never get my named mentioned in the “thanks to” section, also got mine preordered already.

        1. nobody gives a shit about what you say, you spend your money on your own. They spend theirs with whatever they want. Nonsense ? its a collectors item and of course in this site there might be a collector. They might even sell it for a higher price.

          ” I wonder how Nintendo fanboys have such extra money .. ” well because youre a sony fan and youre broke. while ninty fans rejoice with their money and games.

  1. First 4 Figures has always priced their stuff ridiculously high. It may be the material they but the money could be better spent on something better elsewhere.

  2. Okay, this isn’t related to this post, but I have to say something.

    So, something I’ve noticed on the Wii U is most games have very unresponsive control-sticks. (The right one anyway) The games I’ve noticed is it on is the Resident Evil: Revelations Demo, and the Monster Hunter Demo. Like, precise movements with aiming is really hard. Anyone else have this problem, and is it just on the demos?

    1. Something somewhat related to your post:

      The plastic covering for my 3DS came off & keeps doing so when I play games like MK7, KIU, SF3D & others. Also my top screen has visible cracks. Myb. something to do w/ Nintendo bieng the cheapest priced consoles?

      1. No, on the Wii U.

        But, uh, as for 3DS stuff, I’ve had mine practically since launch and I have had no issues with things not working, or things falling off. And I’ve dropped mine 3 times on the pavement.

      1. I really wish they didn’t ruin Tanooki Suit by making it so that now you need a completely different power up just to get the same suit with an added scarf & acquire the ability to becoming a statue, when originally one suit did all that plus fly.

  3. nice statue but ridiculous asking price, highest id ever pay for something like this is $50, and even then id take a long time to consider it, 240 bucks… for a little statue not even officially approved by Nintendo… rip off

    1. it is approved by Nintendo I mean they cant just sell a mario statue because they feel like it. They have a really good link on epona statue that u should take a look at. I say look because its $500+

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