Nintendo has purchased a large stake in PUX, a subsidiary of Panasonic. PUX was created by Panasonic in April of 2012. According to the Nikkei, PUX’s main focus is developing face and voice recognition technologies, which Nintendo reportedly plans to use toward “[increasing] the usability of user interfaces for future game systems.”

For a price of 35 million yen, Nintendo purchased approximately 1/3 of Panasonic’s shares in PUX, leaving Panasonic with roughly a 50% stake in the company, while Nintendo holds 28%. Members of Nintendo’s own staff plan to join associates of PUX to work hand-in-hand in fashioning new technologies for Nintendo.

No word yet on what Iwata & Co. plan to accomplish with these potential new tools. Perhaps they will be implemented into the gaming giant’s next console? Nintendo has certainly been embracing new technologies lately in order to help advance its consoles. Stay tuned to MNN for updates on Nintendo’s intentions with PUX.



  1. After the spybox done reveal I decided to drop xbox for good and stick only with nintendo, and now this. Well it’s not on the wii u so i’m good for now. this technology is making me uncomfortable to have at home.


    • Why?
      The government already knows everything about you anyway.
      And even if you were being spied on……why do you care? What exactly are going to see? Some guy playing a video game….

      Ooooo so evil /s

      If they want to watch me playing a game while i drink dr pepper and eat jaffa cakes then that’s they’re own party. It’s not like their sitting in the office jerking one out over you


  2. Hmm, cool.

    Nice to see companies looking to the future with new hardware innovations and ideas rather than fucking abandoning it all so they can put shit on tablets (SONY! Fuck off Yoshida)


  3. Sounds interesting. I think this would work really well in Metroid, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. Imagine what the facial and voice recognition could open up for new ideas the Metroid games. Imagine just speaking orders in Pokemon and Fire Emblem and then having your Pokemon/units obey you because they respond only to your voice. They could even take the whole Nintendogs+Cats thing to another level.


        • You disgust me. (Just kidding, but just because those features are in there don’t mean they’re going to transmit them/spy on people like they think Microsoft will/might)


            • I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The 3DS (and Wii U) already has the ability for face recognition, but it is only used to help make Miis and they did something on FaceRaiders.

              I doubt they would go all out and not think about what is going on in the world and the fear that many cameras bring. I also, think the gamepad will continue to be a center piece for the next system, it just works to well to ditch it (i.e. TV remote, not needing to buy a keyboard to type in things etc.) Voice commands might be in there future as pretty much everything has it such as iPhone, any Android for years, and Xbox.


  4. People that are getting turned off by this, lel.
    The government doesn’t give a shit what you’re doing. Why would they put all this money into spying on you through your gaming console when they could very well just use your cellphone to do so? Most people always have their phones on them, so that’d be the obvious thing to spy on you with.
    as for Xbox One, I don’t know what they were doing there with Kinect 2, but it’s gone, so I don’t see why people are still complaining about it. I highly doubt Nintendo would use it to spy on us though, so I’m not worried. I have nothing to hide anyway.
    This this could be something cool though, It’d be cool to use voice and face recognition in certain series.
    But, the fact that this kind of confirms Nintendo is thinking on making another console makes me absolutely joyed. I hope this one will be executed correctly though.


  5. Anything involving “faces” excites me. Because it’s been my gaming dream since I had the NES to be able to put my actual face/s on the various characters in games. I can’t believe how long I’ve waited for something like that to be done. I want to play an RPG that allows the player to put a face on every character in the game. Or at least, some characters here and there. Even a game like Animal Crossing would be AMAZING to put real faces on the characters (instead of just a Mii mask, which is currently the closest thing to what I’m talking about).

    But knowing my luck, this probably has nothing to do with this. I’ll be a senior citizen and STILL be talking about wanting this (if I still care about games by then).


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