Netflix Super HD Now Offered On Wii U


Netflix Super HD is now offered on Wii U. The highest-definition picture was previously only available to Netflix members with an Internet service provider that was part of Netflix’s Open Connect network. However, Netflix now offers Super HD streaming on several devices, including Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Apple TV. The Netflix application can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop.


  1. Is anybody else having problems with netflix on wii u? It worked for me once, now it never works. I’ve tried redownloading. I end up watching on ps3 or xbox but prefer using the wii u pad.

    1. Contact customer support, nintendo or netflix, it could be your wii u, or netflix- it worked fine on my wii u and i got it almost 2 months ago

      1. “Nintendo Wii U: Not that bad of a system!” -good slogan ;)
        Jk, I definitely agree. It’s a really fun system with more options than the media leads you to believe.

  2. I thought Super HD was already available… Could have sworn I saw it when choosing a video a little while ago.

  3. I’d rather Netflix fix the regular app so that it stops crashing my Wii U all the time. I have to pull the plug on my Wii U at least a few times a week because of it.

    1. Bro that happen to me too… but i fix it.

      Go to settings then data management (I think)

      Delete all the netflix files. Even the userfiles.

      The go on eshop download the netflix and sign in.

      Voila it work. No more crashing.

  4. will it sign me out when i do this? i dont remember my netflix info because it is my boyfriends dads account

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