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Wakedas Developer Circle Entertainment Bringing Over 5 eShop Games To 3DS By Mid-2014


The  3DS eShop, which is already bursting at the seams, will be getting even more support in early 2014, as Circle Entertainment has announced on Twitter that they have more than 5 games coming to the handheld console. Circle’s brand of small-but-engaging puzzle and strategy titles are a welcome addition to the 3DS eShop, and the news comes just days after they announced they would be bringing two former DSiWare titles to 3DS. With more and more games being announced for Nintendo’s 3D handheld every week, its dominance of the charts can only be expected to continue.


    1. They need to announce a Nintendo Direct eshop in 2014. Continuous support for indie developers as this, with upcoming indie games such as Astrogun’s CIDER, and continuous 1st-party & 2nd-party titles, screw 3rd-part developers (aside from Sega, Namco, & Ubisoft)

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