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Nintendo Is Working On Pokemon X & Y Fix


Nintendo of America has confirmed that it’s aware of a certain save issue in the recently released Pokemon X & Y. The potentially game-breaking bug occurs when gamers save the game in the vast Lumiose City. Nintendo says that the current solution is to make sure you don’t save the game while in the areas marked on the map above (blue area). You can still save the game anywhere else in Lumiose City, including inside buildings such as Pokémon Centres. Nintendo says it’s working on an application to recover saved game data for players whom this has happened to. This will be made available to download from Nintendo eShop as soon as possible.

Thanks, Jrg


    1. it drops with 3D on ALWAYS, but also without 3D on also(when screen splits into two, showing your pokemon and enemy pokemon), but not that terribly


      1. For me it is TERRIBLE, because it does definitely affect the input buffer. My taps on the touch screen are very quick and light, and sometimes I manage to tap it between two frames while it lags. It’s really terrible.


    2. Only really noticeable when 3D is on. But hey, it just shows how good the graphics on this game are! It’s pushing the 3DS to its limits!


    3. Yeah, it’s not really a glitch. It’s not uncommon in games and wonder why people get so fucking up tight about it.

      On the other hand, it is especially bad in Pokemon X/Y.

      On the other hand, even with partial 3D and frame drops, it’s still a MASSIVE leap forward for Pokemon, and I’m glad they pulled it out of the stone age.


      1. no it would just be funny, just picture one of these pathetic nintendo fanboys hitting this horrible glitch in there nintendo can do no wrong faces.


      2. The game has been out for, what, a week? Nintendo is already listening to their fans and working on a fix, which will probably come very quickly. Not just a fix, but actually retrieving lost saves. That’s great


  1. So they made a mistake for launching the game as soon as possible for everyone in the world at the same time when it had a not-so-noticible bug they didn’t even realized.

    Damn YOU GAme FReaK!! U fuckin’ BaSTards!


      1. I own 3 pokemon (4 counting Colosseum) I only beat pokemon Red. Then placed my pokemon on Pokemon Statium and restored them back on Red to start over and let them evolve. That’s the only way I got Hunter to evolve. I also got Kadabra to evolve. And MaChoke. Mew two was my most powerful Pokemon. Boy was that son of a bitch hard to catch. I really prefer a pokemon Stadium on Wii U just to do that. But I read doing expect an RPG pokemon on Wii U. They could had used that port to work like N64 controller port. Oh well I’ll just get Pokemon Bank.


      2. hahahhahahah!!! thats a good one, nintendo supporting the wii u. your going to have to dream harder for that to come true, her take some sleeping pills (throws pill after pill at ignoring) nintendo supporting and wii u in the same sentence….. WHAT A GREAT JOKE!!!!!


      3. then stop fucking replying to me then. ignoring, more like you have been commenting on 85% of my fucking posts in the last few days.


    1. I’m getting this game Today. I don’t know any new Pokemon except after the 150 pokemon after Red. Oh boy………My 3DS is ready.


    1. I figure they are working on a patch AND a recovery fix and the latter will be ready first.

      For the time being, they released the map to help.


  2. Hahaha, at least its not as bad as one of Bungie’s old games, if you uninstalled the game, say goodbye to everything on your harddrive. At least this glitch is fixable.


  3. Sort of figured out what the glitch is, and why it’s a game breaker… apparently when you save on the roads, the game’s in a 3D mode, whereas in most of the cities and towns, you have the overhead 2D mode. So obliviously they overlooked the fact Luminose City is in 3D and the save file can’t open due to this oversight. Which is why you can save and recover in Pokemon Centers and buildings, since they automatically revert to 2D mode upon entering.

    Just a theory..


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