More Details Emerge On Bravely Default’s New Feature “Bravely Second”


Bravely Default is set to take flight this Holiday season when it hits the Nintendo 3DS, but the game’s producer Tomoya Asano hopes a new feature will take the title to new heights. Speaking in an interview with Famitsu, Asano says the “Bravely Second” feature will act as a trump card, giving players the opportunity to get past tough enemies and progress through the story. He explains that the feature uses SP, which builds up over time when the 3DS is in sleep mode, and allows the player to pause time, in order to use an attack without the enemy striking back.

However, Asano said the Bravely Second feature needed a balance; SP only accumulates once every eight hours, permitting up to three uses of the feature in a day. For those who are looking to use this feature more than that, though, you can purchase SP drinks from the eShop, giving you a full whack of SP without needing to put your 3DS to sleep. The price of SP Drinks is still to be confirmed, but Asano assures that it will be priced adequately. Yoy can check out his comments below, but what do you think of the new feature? Bravely Default will be released December 6 in Europe and next year for North America.

“There’s a chance that all players could end up disliking it, so we really put a lot of thought into this one. With that in mind, the reason we decided to go through with the plan is because of our wish to have as many people possible beat the game. Some players might want to continue with the story but might not be able to beat the boss no matter how hard they try, and eventually give up on the game, which is the last thing we’d want.

“It’s for this reason that we also included the difficulty and encounter rate adjustments. Ultimately, it will be an item that will allow you to beat bosses, simply by drinking it – although we didn’t make it into some item that’s like a ‘bomb that instantly blows up bosses’ because we still want you to have fun with the game. Just to be clear, the game will allow you to use the Bravely Second up to two or three times a day, without having to purchase SP Drinks.”


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  2. “For those who are looking to use this feature more than that, though, you can purchase SP drinks from the eShop, giving you a full whack of SP”

    The announcement of Lightning returns FF13, the sequel of 2 trainwrecks FF13 and FF13-2, a delayed FFVS13 (and turn it into FF15 thanks to their laziness), a not-a-guarantee-of-being-localized FF type-0, many mobile ports crap and now this. I’ve just lost more respect for you, $quare €nix. Seriously, If you think some players may give up fighting boss why don’t you add an easier difficulty mode instead of doing this microtransactions crap? Bravely Default has been one of my most anticipated 3DS game and now I’m more hesitant to buy it.

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