Here’s The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Launch Trailer

Phoenix Wright is back to face the courtroom once more in an exciting new game full of intense drama and a whole host of legal cases. Released today, Capcom has unveiled the launch trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, giving fans snippets of what to expect from the latest instalment. There’s also a cutscene added in at the end, this time in English, so be sure to watch the full trailer. Plus, as an added bonus for those who download the game before November 7, you’ll receive an alternative costume pack for Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes.


  1. I’m looking forward to see the sales numbers for this game. Also interesting to see that Capcom wants people to buy the game quickly, by offering special costumes for a very short time.
    Please keep an eye on this, My Nintendo News.:)

  2. I played the demo a while ago and I must say, that this game is awesome!
    I´m downloading this game now :)

  3. I’ll wait for a price drop as this game is only digital. I’m still not spending a lot of money on e-shop games because of them being tied to the console rather than to me, the buyer.

    And I am a huge fan of Ace Attorney games. Own the first 4 of them.

  4. Capcom decided not to make a french translation for this game and PW5 is only available on eShop for us, no boxed version. When France was probably one of the european countries where the series sold the most and has a lot of fans who barely knows 3 words in english, that was a shit move. Lot of people plan to boycott it.
    In other words, fuck you Capcom.

      1. You don’t seem to understand the situation very well.
        I’m able to read english, that’s not a problem for me, but I’ll still boycott it to avoid Capcom ( which are pretty much the japanese EA by the way ) to obviously fuck the fans who cannot read it.
        Think better.

        1. Cute that you think I meant you alone, but I’m talking generally – to get post-release support, a game needs to be bought – only then will a company have faith in a title as niche as ace attorney and provide alternative methods for those who may have otherwise not have been able to acquire it or play the game.

          Capcom have bottom lined the situation as this: No-buys indicate the series dies in the west…supporting the game means there’ll be money for them to invest in making further support for the title, such as patched in localisation or physical copies.

          I understand the situation, and the business, well enough – a boycott in this instance is counterproductive and will do MORE harm than folks may initially think as far as this situation goes.

    1. If you’re one of these “lots of people” who plan to boycott the game, then thanks for nothing. Capcom are watching the sales figures for this game very closely. Boycott it and expect no physical copy of any Ace Attorney game in the future – or digital! Also terrible English version sales figures are really going to encourage them to translate it into French!

      Incidentally, after about 3 hours of play on the game, I can say that it’s living up to the standards of its predecessors thus far.

      1. Where has Capcom stated that they are “[..] watching the sales figures for this game very closely.”? Also, why should Capcom bother to release a physical version of the game if everyone/enough buys the digital version anyway? And why should people who don’t speak or read english well, buy a game in english? To sum it up: Why should anyone purchase and be satisfied with this minimalistic effort of a game-release?

      2. “terrible English version sales figures are really going to encourage them to translate it into French!”
        Yes they could. As France is one of the countries which bought this series the most, Capcom could try to make benefits by sending us the french translation and the boxed version, just like the thousands of fans deserve for following the series since its beginings.
        And just like Tabitha said, people who cannot read english won’t buy the game just to see images.

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