Super Mario 3D World’s Clear Pipes Made Possible By Wii U’s HD Graphics


In GamesBeat’s coverage of Miyamoto and Company’s Q&A session for Super Mario 3D World, the new game’s unique clear pipes came up as a topic of conversation, at which point the title’s director Kenta Motokura revealed that the pipes were made possible by the Wii U’s ability to process HD graphics. He remarked that the see-through properties of the pipes is much easier to achieve in Wii U, and that the technique allowed the developers to do something they’ve never done before with the series.

In addition to the details on 3D World’s clear pipes, Miyamoto addressed the difference between 3D and 2D Mario games, indicating that 3D World is an amalgamation of the two. He then commented that a new Mario title in the vain of the Galaxy franchise may very well be a reality at some point in the future. Here is Mr. Motokura’s full quote from the Super Mario 3D World session:

“Now that we’re able to have graphics in HD, this is allowing us to express some different ideas that we really haven’t done before. So for example, the clear pipe is something that’s just that much easier to see in this kind of presentation, and this allowed us to connect it to new ideas for gameplay.

“We had a lot of fun thinking about what happens exactly inside the pipe if you could see through it. What sort of things are able to go through? And so we worked on, ‘OK, maybe fireballs can go through. Maybe even Goombas could go through.’ We spent a lot of time coming up with different variations.”


  1. Meh, this is funny. But not as funny as “Look at Donkey Kong’s fur, the processing power requires more money to get his fur to look like this.”

  2. That is the biggest load of bull I’ve heard all day. Firstly it’s a categorization error…the definition of graphics i.e. pixel density would have no bearing whatsoever on the ability to show transparent objects, that would be to do with shaders, rendering and tracing engines. Secondly…games, films, design software, have all had the ability to process transparency in objects for years! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on this game, I can’t wait for it and the clear pipes do look lovely but I simply refuse to believe that the Wii U’s power has anything to do with them

    1. Sometimes they sound desperate in my opinion…

      But as long as the game is great I don’t really care yet…

      1. Oh I’ve no doubt it’ll be great, one of my most anticipated games of the year, I just wish they didn’t feel the need to come out with these stupid statements!

      2. As far as HD development, it is true.
        They have admitted it several times.

      3. But… they are… you know that right? Wasn’t EAD’s first Nintendo game DK Jungle Beat? So they are still very in-experienced

      4. Yes but the first law of war…

        *Never show your weakness*

        And so on…

      5. Lol, Nintendo are Modest and admitted they are having a lot of trouble with HD

        But why not show weakness when it isn’t a weakness but a growth in strength? Think about it, tell everyone they are having trouble and then release one of the best looking games of all time ;)

      6. True but pointing out a transparent pipe as something grand isn’t really helping much…

        But yes, only the result matters in the end…

      7. Lol ik its trivial but what if they are right tho? I know it could have been done on the Wii but im just saying with a slight doubt could this be true? Think about it, none of us have worked for games with Ead or on the Wii so… they might be right but I doubt it

        ya gotta keep an open mind to this stuff and ive been rather close minded lately because of lost world

      8. I’m sure they are right but they need to tone down a bit on the trivial department sort of speaking…

      9. Lol id be excited to tell what I could do, hell if I could made a rock I’d tell ppl about it

        idk, I think they are very excited about it

  3. HAHAHAHAHHAAA!!!!! what a load of horse shit!! apparently hd makes it possible for new possibilities hence THE CLEAR PIPE!!!!!! bull shit, that could have been done on wii.

    INNOVATION AT ITS FINEST!!!! no its actually just a clear pipe……. thats about as innovative as a toothpick.

    1. Atleast it’s more innovation than the Xbot stale online experiences and Sonyan movie games…

      1. everything you just said there is wrong completely and you know it

        xbox has the best online and playstation has more veriety than nintendo, even if a select few are movie games. nintendo used to have more but you know, mario zelda, smash mario kart retro. same old every gen since wii oh and shovelware. now clear pipes are more innovative than what they do or have on their systems………. no your just a nintensheep your about as desperate as nintendo in this article.

      2. The only reason the Xbot enslavers offer that online “experience” is to spy on them…

        And the only reason to why the Sonyans have a variety of games is due to Third Class games, not their own IPs…

        Our empire will always have the most varied games out there, even if they belong to the same series…

        Only a retard would think Mario Kart and Super Mario Sunshine is the same rehashed games belonging to the same category…

      3. no thats the kinect that spies. the xbox one deserves to fail, i want it to. people are forgetting what microsoft is doing!! oh look microsoft reversed everything!!! no you stupid mindless sheep, their STILL SPYING ON YOU!!!!! deeerrr freaking nerds wake up!!!! no system is worth that!!

        wii u may suck but if microsoft and their no good self just stop making consoles, maybe nintendo can return to what they were. nintendo may be dumb but microsoft themself as a corporation is shit in whole.

      4. Aslong as the Xbots are exterminated just like the ancient Atarians, I’m sure we’ll both be far more satisfied…

      5. that would be good, people will say that its bad for the industry. no they are bad for the industry, have been since 360, red ring. about freaking half of their sales were from people who re bought 360’s, stupid sheep and now they spy on you with a shitty gimmicky kinect, and you have to pay for it too.

        then all rare franchises can come back to nintendo, new banjo conker, donkey knog racing, and more. that would be awesome, microsioft is all shit. the have their controller, which is the best controller ever made and they have the best 3rd party version of games because every game has been made on 360, then they port to ps3.

        if nintendo could just run things like sony and just stop being so dumb, they really could easily be no match.

      1. thats all good in all but hahahahahah!!!!! your such a dimwited fanboy you dont think this is complete bull coming from nintendo!!! troll troll troll you fanboys would buy shit off of myomotos ass and think its innovative….. or is that because of the hd graphics!!! yeah doesnt make any sense, either is saying hd graphics were the reason clear pipes are possible!!

      2. you only read the title didunt you? learn how to reed man if you read quote say pipes can be presented better and you can clearly take notice of transperency thank to high defintion!! thats more like saying trees look moar real becus of hd….see?

      3. Lol this is bullshit coming from Nintendo. They call clear pipes INNOVATION ? Biggest joke I heard today. The reason Wii U’s going to flop is because Nintendo forgot what innovation means #LOLNINTENDO

      4. agree so much. im sick of how nintendo is, fucking dumb, they just need to have evrybody running scraped, run things like sony besides handhelds.

        nintendo could be the top dog, but over and over they have just run themselves in the crapper,


      5. they are getting so bad they think this is innovation…… YOU HAVNT INNOVATED YOUR GAMES IN OVER A DECADE!!!! GIMMICKS DONT COUNT.

      6. LOL exactly if they focused more on real innovation (and way better marketing) they can bring the Wii U back to life but that’s not going to be the case since they think super Mario 3D land HD (3D world) is going to save it this holiday #idiots

      7. oh boy another classic case of hatersheep just hating cus evryone else. do you even know wat the hell you talkin bout? do you even kno what innovation is? hd is a innovation for a nintendo console
        #idiot exposed

      8. both ya dumbasses dont even know wat innovation means wat you call gimmicks can be consider innovation. hd is innovation why? cus it hasng been dun before on nintendo before and they are improving. even something you pick up from trash and find new use for is consider innovation. #idiots #self importance

        innovation is not wat you want to be i outta slap you n youre teacher with my dicktionary if it hasnt already been done by your mother

    2. Well they made have needed more pixel shaders to render it. If Wii didn’t have that kind of power at hand, then that renders your argument pointless. The Wii U GPGPU is based on a AMD Evegreen 5870 chip – which has got a lot of power to show.

  4. they sound like a bunch of noobs talking about hd like it’s this new revolution thing they just discovered. it’s so fucking hilarious.

    1. well in technical terms it is sumthing new to nintendo and its is revolutionizing their 1st party games. you cant find nintendo games anywhere else so………….

      1. reason? you jus sputter non sensical things n name call like a lil kid but you got no facts to back up your drunk insults

        #idiot exposed
        #hatersheep trying to fit in
        #clueless insults
        #u mad cus you got ban from microsoft and sony site now you takr rage out here

  5. damn evryones hating on nintendo so bad theres no point in even trolling wiiu anymoar. i might aswell join the sheep n have sum fun!!

  6. Now we know how the idea of SM3DW got accepted.

    “I have an idea.”
    “Let’s hear it.” Everyone around the table looks at the speaker.
    “Two words: clear…pipes…Let that sink in for a minute.”
    *One minute later*
    “ARE YOU MAD—”

  7. thank to the hd clear pipes are more visible this couldve been dun on wii but it wouldnt be as transparent stop bieng stupid n please understand

    attention to every little detail is wat makes a good game even better

    innovation can mean many thing so stfu

  8. [ insert reasun why you not a sheep while copy paste n follow wat evryone else has already pointed out] you are now on cruise control to coolness.

  9. Will it ain’t as bad compared when Microsoft thought they owned Donkey Kong when they bought Rare. Yet criticize Nintendo for being kiddy yet got excited over DK IP……exposed.

    1. The only thing worse than the Microsoft Realm in the US is the US goverment, its divisiond and the NSA…

      1. yeah they are up to some shit. us is turning worse by the day and the people have no power….. i guess our meaning of winning our independence was nothing. people are the government, not government controlling everything.

      2. The funniest thing is that since they even spy on their allies, they are losing “friends” every week…

        The day the UK turns their back on them, is the day the US becomes…



      3. it kinda sucks, the people here have no control over that. the us is good but that stuff is unacceptable, also oboma sucks haha.

      4. They need to get rid of Republicans, Democrats and the BTP and join the 21st century instead of living in the medieval times…

      5. that will never happen, maybe if everybody got really high one day, they would all agree to change the party which the us was supposed to be when we one our independence.

      6. I don’t know with the heck the US is still considered 1st world power when the US has to buy their own soul to pay all the money that they owe to China. The US is more worried about spying others’ underwear (and yes Microsoft is not a saint here) rather than improving their economy and re balancing their own political shit.

      7. No shit. Leaders in many countries in Europe are mad, and from what I’ve seen, seem to lose trust in the US government.

      1. Hmm, actually… you are right! You are a genius!, Mmm the problem is that don’t know how to do that hahaha xD

      2. it should be called the failed iceshadow forums, chime in with all your retarded questions.

      3. You just answered your own question… Posting what you are thinking and slapping others faces without giving a shit.

      4. no, im not slapping any person in the face, if they get emotional about it, then they have mommy issues or something.

  10. Remember when CoD was bragging about fish AI?
    Well, Nintendo just did it with “Clear Pipes.”
    Luigi’s Mansion 2 had transparent pipes… Last I checked, the 3DS wasn’t HD.

    1. They lie man, to keep the people dumb. All Nintendo does is hand out excuses knowing the fanboy sheep will believe them

      1. If you think people are sheep for Nintendo, then why are you spouting that here?

      2. I don’t think Nintendo is corrupt as you paint them. They are just ignorant and naive.

        Nintendo DOES care about their customers and the gamer. They just fell horribly behind when they decided online play and graphics were not important.

        The raging success of the Wii further blinded them into thinking they knew what gamers wanted.

        Now they are waking up, realizing it’s 2013, and they know jack shit about where console gaming evolved.

    2. you man…. just had the perfect comparison!!

      just what i would have expected form one of the few normal thinking people on this site.

      1. Nintendo is my favorite entertainment company. I’m disappointed because I know they are better than this.

        The WiiU could have called back Gamers to Nintendo. I think the game pad is amazing. But they:
        1.) Called it “Wii” U
        2.) Skimped on power. (although I do like the fact it runs cool all the time, so it will never overheat)
        3.) …and this is important.. They weren’t fucking trained and prepared to develop in HD.

    3. when 3ds get hd it will be innovative and you cant appreciate luigi mansion pipes why? cus theyre not 1080p the guy is saying is now you can apreciate it better cus its 1080p is that to hard too understand?
      #sheep are idiots but not me

      1. I think the 3DS kicks ass. I did appreciate the pipes in Luigi’s mansion, the game is beautiful.

        please tell me English is not your first language… If it is, you’re making my head hurt.

      2. well no….. english my 10th or 11th language. i speak and study many language. i just hate how if you defend nintendo AT ALL your automaticly dubbed a sheep or a tool or a drone or a you name it its a broken record

        hd is innovative for nintendo weather peple want to admit or not cus its theyre 1st time doing it geezuz man how is that being a drone if its true?

        all the guy wad saying is that hd helps you notice it even more like if he was too say leaf in pikmin look real because now in hd is also innovative

        anway you get the point i think

  11. nintendos gpus -systems are always very powerful at trancparancy effects

    gamecube was boss n64 was boss of the generation at those effects

    wiiu has edram LOTS OF IT perfect for overdraw and transparancys

  12. They could use the Wii U for so much more, yet all we get is a Mario game that seems to push no boundaries, stylistically look exactly the same, and could have been easily done on the Wii (or Gamecube).

    1. No trust me, this game is a graphical powerhouse, this will be the best looking game on the Wii U

      You need to look close because the details are there, go look up screenshots, GameXplain has theme on their channel

      1. Ignoring Dumbtendo focused on making Wii U more powerful than PS3 in 08′ instead of focusing their Wii U on estimating how powerful PS4 would be which was stupid. Great games but dumb decisions.

      2. Why would Nintendo try to compete? They lost the N64 and Gamecube Era in sales? I mean honestly the gamecube is the most under-rated console along with the Dreamcast

        Why would you have such a JUMP in power when you are un-familiar with the jump in the first place. Ignoring that would be stupid and a bad decision, you have to ease into things, focusing on the past has no point to it

        Also they aren’t trying to make a console as strong as the ps3 WHICH HASN’T BEEN USED TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL, there is so much power hidden away in that console’s crazy cell architecture that for all we know, it could be on par with the Nex generation

      3. Ignoring that Wii U appears to be losing. Only differences is N64 and GameCube were stronger in their gen than Wii U will be. So like I said Nintendo was stupid for not thinking of OS4 during the process of Wii U back in 08′ Should Toyota make a 2014 Camry a little bit more powerful than a 2013 Accord and knowing the 2014 Accord will be more powerful than the 2013 model. That’s stupid.

      4. Chevy impala comoets s with Ford Taurus. Why would Chevy make the 2014 Impala a little bit more powerful than the 2010 Taurus?

      5. No actually, the Saturn and Xbox were the strongest of that generation so… your wrong about that. Well by your opinion, just competing is enough for you, why should you make a super expensive console to release at a high price when the competition can do what you want to do for long than you can. Wii U has the power and no game has even used the Wii U to half its power and half power lets games use PC textures, so instead of getting the full power from the get go like the PS4 and Xbone, you gotta work to get the power

      6. All well and good having a load of pixels, although it’s pretty useless if them pixels don’t actually make it graphically interesting.

      7. This game is more interesting looking than Galaxy at some points
        go look up screenshots on GameXplain

      8. Its sad that you advise us to compare Wii Mario game to Wii U. Yet you wouldn’t need a comparison from Mario 64 and Sunshine. If Dumbtendo focused on the PS4 then a video comparison would not be necessary. After all find me a video of SSB and SSBM.

      9. Ok first, don’t twist what I was saying, I wasn’t comparing and also, your talking about a Wii game that looked better than half of the HD games

        And ofcourse you compare games when making the leap to HD, they made comparisons like this before and still are now so… stop blindly hating :o

        and if Dumbtendo did focus, it would look EXACTLY THE SAME so I fail to see your logic

  13. They do realize that translucency in video games has been done since the Dreamcast, right?

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