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Miyamoto Wouldn’t Rule Out Returning To The Mario Galaxy Series


In a recent interview Shigeru Miyamoto explained that the company hasn’t ruled out returning to the critically acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy series sometime in the future. Miyamoto said that with the forthcoming Super Mario 3D World the Kyoto based company weren’t directly trying to define the future of Mario titles. However, he did say that in the future his team may create another game in the vein of the beloved Super Mario Galaxy.

“We did not set out trying to define the future of Mario action games with this title,” Miyamoto said about Super Mario 3D World. “Rather, we’re just trying to find some fun new elements that we can incorporate. So for example, I certainly wouldn’t rule out the possibility of us creating more games in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy, for example. What we’re trying to accomplish here, is just to create a really good entry point for new players into the Super Mario 3D games.”

82 thoughts on “Miyamoto Wouldn’t Rule Out Returning To The Mario Galaxy Series”

          1. I think you meant: “I like what you’ve done here.”
            But regarding the OtherM remake i think its actually possible. Weather they need to lower its quality a little it would still be great to play it with 3DS visuals and controls.

              1. Would have been nice if they had more than just 3 sectors. I’d like to see one or two more areas, and some more items, and bring back Kraid. Why he wasn’t in Other M is beyond me.

                Oh, and make MB a real final boss instead of we originally got.

          1. meh…..but just look how Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and others performed. Its very difficult to bring something new to the plate cuz Nintendo knows that people wont like it…or not as much as they wish. So they just make more of their old series. Though, i would like to see other things reborn like how Nin did with Kid Icarus.

            1. I wish they’d at least do something different with their existing franchises at least, constant rehashes are not going to do the Wii U any good. There’s no point in buying a console when a good 90% of its first party games feel exactly like games we’ve played on past consoles.

              1. Yah some tend to play the same… but most game seem to bring something different in some sort of way because Nintendo likes to use their new console features in the game.

                1. And that’s part of the problem the Wii U is having, most of the games aren’t using the console’s features in interesting ways. They’ve hyped up the Gamepad so much and most of their games don’t really do much with it. Like I said, it’s a shame that they didn’t want to define the future of 3D Mario games with this game, it tells me that they completely missed the point.

                    1. I’m not sure patience is the right attitude to have here, the more Nintendo waits to bring out the big guns, the more people will abandon them and move on to Microsoft and Sony.

    1. So you want a Mario game were every environment is just the same old tropical one? No Desert, no Snow levels, no nothing? Pff. Sunshine is my least favorite Mario game.

      1. You got a point. Mario games usually has different environments, and since Sunshine didn’t have that, some gamers complained. Still, I really liked Sunshine for the openness that it had, like Super Mario 64, and the awesome gameplay.

      2. Saying it was “the same old tropical one” is an exaggeration, we did get some level variety in the game (we had a grassy level, a beach level, an amusement park level, a haunted hotel level, and a cliffside ruins level), even though they were all tropical, they were all different themes. I actually applaud Sunshine for not rehashing the same level tropes that we typically get in a Mario game, that’s especially grating nowadays because it makes the games feel rehashy.

    1. Sunshine 2 with more platforming oriented gameplay would make for a better Mario game IMO, since it would better highlight F.L.U.D.D.’s usage in platforming. Sunshine’s levels were fun, but you could argue that they weren’t really Mario in a sense because they lacked the kind of platforming you usually see in a Mario game.

  1. mywiiu'sgettingawesoneexclusives

    Sure. I wouldn’t mind having another galaxy. It would be pretty cool to see the series in HD.

  2. can’t get as entry as 3d land that’s for sure. although a new fresh 3d mario would fare much better than another galaxy game.

  3. Sounds reasonable.

    Although masterpieces, Galaxies 1 & 2 sold much, much less than NSMB Wii. Then, giving newcomers the chance of playing a “softer” 3D Mario and prepare them for a more “hardcore” experience given by the Galaxy series is a clever, clever move.

    But I’m not picking SM3D World up for at least one year from now on. I’m kind of tired of Mario. Sad, but true.

    1. Rotate with me. I started taking a Mario Break in early 2012. Right now is a good time as any to jump back in I guess. You can have… Zelda. I’m feeling pretty spent on Zelda. Just did a run through on Wind Waker, Skyward sword and Minish Cap. So uh… Switch spots with me.

    2. Mario is the only franchise where I convince myself I’m not enthused about it, but then it makes me feel while I’m playing it that it’s the best games ever. Better than Zelda. No, wait, I feel that way playing Zelda.

  4. Fuck Sunshine; it wasn’t good anyway. I’m here for Super Mario Galaxy 3 as long as it’s a brand-new game and not a rehash of its prequel.

    1. I wouldn’t say Sunshine sucked, but it definitely is my least favorite of the Mario games. F.L.U.D.D. was not something I wanted in a Mario game. Not saying it wouldn’t have been good in a new IP, but for Mario, it just wasn’t my thing.

      1. SunShine is my favorite 3D Mario game. I thought F.L.U.D.D fit in perfectly. The story, bosses, MUSIC were great as well. Oh and the voice acting wasn’t has bad as people made it out to be not that it matters because who the hell hates a game because of some tiny voice acting. Anyway I hope they’re making a Sunshine 2 or some other Mario game that’s not like the rest. :]

  5. this kinda fits to what I said awhile ago

    SM64 – innovated with 3d platforming

    SMS – innovated with water and puzzles and improving the 64 gameplay and concepts

    SMG – innovated by re-inventing the boundaries of a 3D platformer

    SM3DW – innovated through new level design and concepts

  6. Right Now: The Wii U is such a failure it has no games Nintendo is going to die!!!!
    2 Years Later: OMG OMG This is the best gaming system ever!!!!!!

    1. Same fucking story as the 3DS. I guarantee it. Wii U will bounce back on top by next year and I’ll enjoy hearing all the bitching and weeping from the hater side.

  7. In the VEIN of Super Mario Galaxy.. as in single player, full 3D, collect 120 stars. It’s not going to necessarily be Mario 64 2, or Sunshine 2 (I hope not, didn’t care for Sunshine) or Galaxy 3. It’ll likely be something completely different, though if it had to be a sequel, I’d go for Mario 64 2. Larger open world to explore than Peach’s castle, with things to do besides talk to a Toad or catch a rabbit for secret stars, would be awesome.

    1. How could you not like Super Mario Sunshine? That’s one of my favorite Mario games. Probably due to the fact that I love islands, and I really wish I could visit some islands in real life. But aside from that, it was really fun using that jetpack. And I loved hearing real voices instead of just text in the cut-scenes.

  8. Ooh, I LOVE the sound of this. Seeing a new Super Mario Galaxy on Wii U would be AWESOME! The SMG games was so breathtaking and amazing (though it took some getting used to, because when I first played the first SMG, I didn’t like it. And it made me motion sick because of how Mario could run all around, even underneath the planets).

    The only thing that bugged me about the SMG games is Rosalina. Why did Nintendo make her look SO much like Peach? And she still remains a mystery for the most part.

    I loved the hub-world (whatever it was called) in the original SMG better than the Mario space ship in the second. I liked running around and looking for the domes that led to the next galaxy. Everything was just too straight-forward in SMG2.

  9. Miyamoto!!! When are you going to show your new franchise dangit:( I guess I’ll be having Shin’en’s announcement to look forward til then, and then that Pokemon announcement is on Monday.. Although I seriously hope that that little AR tease we saw on 3DS is NOT what they’re gonna show..

  10. I don’t think he means a sequel to super mario galaxy but 3d mario game lika the 64, sunshine, galaxy style. In other words a big and new 3d mario game. The reason i belive this is because he said something similar another time and it was misunderstood as a sequel to mario galaxy when he really meant what i said above.

  11. Maybe I’m the only one but I really think 3D Mario World had a lot of SM64/Sun Shine and a bit of Galaxy in it already.

  12. Yeah yeah, new players… And what about the good old players, who follow Mario since his beginings and who got more and more disappointed by Nintendo every year ?…

  13. It’s a shame that you didn’t want to define the future of Mario with 3D World, Miyamoto, that’s what people wanted to see out of a next gen Mario game. 3D World looks great and all, but it doesn’t look new, it looks like something that could’ve been done on a past console. There’s no interesting gameplay concepts that utilize the Gamepad in the main gameplay or anything.

  14. I hope Bowser does not make a return. Bring back Tatanga Mr. Miyamoto, because he’s a fucking alien from outerspace!!!

  15. I don’t want super galaxy 3. I think it would suck the quality of galaxy 1 and 2. I can see what you mean Mr. M, but you need to do a new SM64 stye game that isn’t galaxy. SM3dW seems like a good start and I am excited for it. Just the galaxy games alone, the first two are alright on their own,

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