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Pokemon X & Y Save Patch Now Available On The eShop


Nintendo has announced that it has issued a patch correcting the potentially game-breaking bug in Pokemon X & Y. The bug occurred when players try to save the game in certain parts of Lumiose City. The company previously said that they were working hard on delivering a patch. That patch is now available to download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

23 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y Save Patch Now Available On The eShop”

      1. Obviously it’s free!! You really think Nintendo would have you pay to fix something that was THEIR fault to begin with?-Who do you think Nintendo are? Microsoft???

  1. … :/
    I’m never gonna try to be an early adopter/ the 1st one with any hardware or software. It can so easily lead to sadness… like red rings of death or game-breaking glitches. My condolences for those affected…

    1. Well it was only people in other countries (not in the U.S) and it didn’t affect everyone and even people who had games that could have been affected might not have saved in Lumiose city anyway. There was a pretty small chance of ruining your game.

  2. I read about the bug so I made sure I never saved in Lumiose but it’s good to hear that a patch is out so I can save without fear when I start playing Y, hahah.

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