Investment Site Says Nintendo Could Be Forced To Discontinue The Wii U Next Year


Investment site Motley Fool believes Nintendo could discontinue the Wii U next year if current sales continue. The publication reiterates that sales have been abysmal for the company and that they’re still losing money with every console sold. Interestingly they believe that Microsoft could temp away casual gamers with their forthcoming Xbox One console which is being pitched as a gaming entertainment system with Kinect. The publication concludes by saying that with upcoming systems from Sony and Microsoft, the Wii U’s holiday sales aren’t likely to be good.


    1. they are so wrong!!! for 2014 we got donkey kong smash bros zelda mario kart 8 and for holidays they should make a red wii u with mario wii mote +super mario 3d world

    2. As a person who will be getting the wii u and ps4 this month, the ps4 launch sucks, most of the games will be on the current gen and most people don’t even want to upgrade, don’t hold your breath think the ps4 and xbox sales will be significantly higher than the wii u

        1. Sales have been “abysmal” but the sceptical Wii Party U raised sales by 1500%! Now imagine SM3DWorld…Now imagine Mario Kart 8! … Now imagine Smash Bros!!!! Wii U is not going to die or be discontinued…and the other console’s LAUNCH line up isn’t as good as people are hyped about most are just 3rd parties.

          1. only games i give a damm in ps4 for krank, KH3, Gran turismo 6, infamus(Bad spelling) second son,
            Wii u: bayonetta2(which i cant get), SBWIIU, SM3dw, mario kart 8, X, and “that” crossover

          2. WOW! 1500 PERCENT!

            You know the sales went from like 2,500 to 38,000 right? 38 freaking thousand. I know the U is starved for sales but people hyping this up are being pathetic. And this was only in Japan.

            1. 2,500*15=37,500. Seems about right to me. Smaller numbers doesn’t need that much of a boost to make overwhelming percentages.
              It was indeed only in Japan though, so quite far from being entirely correct.

          3. I’ve got a Wii U and have since launch day and I’m getting a PS4. The only reason I’m getting a PS4 is for The Order: 1886, all the launch titles aren’t that interesting to me… although, I will probably get Killzone, since i enjoy those games. But I really play way more games on my Wii U than I have in the past year on any console, including mobile. If Nintendo would allow us to use the Wii U to play Blu-Ray movies, I don’t really think that I would even get a PS4 and I know the PS3 plays Blu-Ray, but I haven’t had a PS3 in a while and I would rather just get into the new “next-gen” than get into the PS3 again this late in the game.

      1. PS4 and Xbox One will sell out at Launch, then suffer the drought of games much like the Wii U had. The most hardcore Sony and Microsoft fans will buy the systems cause its a new shiny box. Then sales will go low like Wii U did. Xbox One will pick up again abit when Titan Fall comes out in March. PS4 will pick up abit when Watch Dogs and Destiny come out next year but they are multiplats so meh. Then Xbox One wont pick up again till Halo 5 then it will explode again then go down again lol.

      2. osama bin i don’t think that everyone will buy new gen console on released day at least i wont remember first versions of PS3 and 360 the red light of dead i think most of the people will wait before they buy PS4 and XONE

    3. Not WRONG
      I want to know the name of this “investment site” so I can remember to never take ANYTHING THEY SAY SERIooussllllyyyy?
      So they know they’re acting like idiots.

    4. Yup. The Wii U sells at a profit if one game is sold with it and how many people settle with just one game buying any console? Not a lot. And of course Nintendo has a 18 billion dollar profit pillow that could last for 30 years losing 257 MILLION A YEAR and not earning a single dime.

      Historically Nintendo has always cleaned up in the holiday season. Even when there is nothing going on as far as big releases.

      But why let something as unimportant as the FACTS get in the way? I don’t see how people can’t see the forest through the trees as far as the agenda of the western market towards Nintendo. They bring up irrelevant information, ignore historical facts, ignore positive things from Nintendo, over-inflate negative things, and just flat out lie.

    5. Complete bullshit. Estimated units sold for Q2 (a three-month period) was approximately 300 000. The month after they sold just about as many as they did during Q2. Besides, that’s BEFORE any killer app gets released (Super Mario 3D World, anyone?)

            1. There have only been 3 Smash Bros. games dumbass. I’m not even going look up how many Street Fighter games have been made because I already know that it’s more than twice as many. That said, Brawl is the best selling fighting game of all time. The other 2 Smash games are #3 and #6 respectively. That’s not niche.

              1. Let’s start with only my favorites:
                Street Fighter I
                Street Fighter II: World Warrior
                Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
                Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
                Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
                Super Street Fighter II Turbo / Grand Master Challenge
                Street Fighter III: Third Strike (3rd revision of the game)
                Street Fighter IV (First revision – In one month there is going to be a new revision, for a total of 5, LOL)

                So yeah.. There are more SF than Smash games but Super Turbo is the best fighting game of all time, period.

                  1. I love how those childish nintedrones are debating about a dead console! Wii games were successfull because wii sold millions… Wiiu sold worse than vita, theres no chance this pathetic machine will sell in face of much better consoles like ps3 or xbox 360!

                    1. smash bros melee

                      platform released on: gamecube

                      platform lifetime sales: a lousy 22 million, the worst sales of a nintendo home console ever disregarding the virtual boy

                      smash bros melee sales: 7 million, only 3 less than on wii, third most successful fighting game ever

                      your trolling is sub par and outright embarrassing for every decent troll out there

        1. @kehool, i totally agree and its an epic facepalm, if nintendo did that then all the games coming out next year would be for nothing. Motley Fool is just a nintendo hater and might be pachter in disguise, or microsoft paid them to say that

      1. It’s not a niche game, it’s actually quite mainstream. The problem is that it’s coming out on the 3DS too, so most people that don’t have a wii u will just go with the 3DS version.

      2. Hey troll…Here’s the sales numbers of the SSB games that have been released:

        Super Smash Bros. N64 … 5.55 Million
        Super Smash Bros. Melee GC … 7.07 Million
        Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii … 11.8 Million

        Now, go be a dick somewhere else.

    1. They’ve probably been so scarce with showing new characters and stuff, because they know there is a big chance this will happen.
      Face it, the Wii U is long gone, nothing can save a product that has failed so miserably.

    1. I see smash bros. selling more 3DS than WiiU, it’ll definitely receive a boost, but not anything too crazy. Also, keep in mind that we don’t even have a release date yet, so it may come out during the holidays of 2014, which according to this analyst would be too late.

      1. Except which platforms has the most original and exclusive games besides that garbage COD Declassified?…Agree or disagree, you’re too rash and wrong about Wii U now. Give it time. You think PS4/One will be any better or different? Once the holidays pass, then what? I see no other games coming for those other platforms besides Nintendo’s round of new games: Smash Bros. 4, Mario Kart 8, X, Donkey Kong, shall I keep going or is the truth giving you a headache or allergies like FOX News?

  1. Oh, yet again another “professional” attempts to predict a BS future, just like they did with the 3DS. The Wii U has some good games coming out and the sales are already going up, the XBOX One and PS4 have no notable launch titles, other than Knack.

    1. Don’t forget about the pricing… The Wii U is almost half the price of the XBone which, no matter what “experts” say, will be a very important factor in the sales this Christmas

        1. Well the XBone is less powerful than the PS4 and is significantly more expensive than it. For me the Wii U was expensive and its the cheapest of the three! I struggle to see how they are losing money with the amount that they are charging. Lets not even get started on the price of the games!

          1. If they aren’t losing money on each console sold, they would still need the console to sell a ton to make up for R&D and Marketing/Distributing costs. Not to mention the massive amount of money they are paying for exclusives.

          1. True. I hope it sells well. It does looks like a high quality game. Then again, it’s Nintendo after all ;)

              1. Gamecube was my favorite, but I’m loving the Wii U so far, all it needs is a bigger library of VC games (inc. GCN?) and more awesome games before it takes the top spot for me.

          1. 3D World isn’t specifically made for the Wii U. If It was, it will use ALL the advantages on the gamepad. 3D World can definitely be a 3DS game, why? Because its predecessor was specifically made for the 3DS.

            Super Mario 3D Land was the first handheld game to be built from the ground up. #d Land is the BEST game for the 3D functionality. The levels were short and perfectly designed for the 3DS. The levels were short because it’s a handheld game.

            3D World is only an extension of that. Mind you I know that game is going to be kick ass, but it’s supposed to be a console game. Why are the levels short? Why is the game easy? It’s not like you’re in a rush to go anywhere. If only 3D World had longer levels that wasn’t too liner. But hey the levels look fun as hell.

            Do you get my point now.

            1. if levels are shorter becuse theyre in a portable then why is albw estimated play time higher than both m3dw and land? how do games 3rd party games like metal gear on the 3ds have longer levels? even kid icarus level are longer. pls explain

        1. Right now as I can see, Mario 3D World is being just as hyped as Land was and its refreshing/gorgeous looking.

  2. 2014 is the year of Nintendo WiiU.
    ~Mario Kart(Which mind you for the Wii blew the sales up)
    ~Super Smash Bros.(Nuff said)
    ~Fire EmblemXShenigami Tensei(I think i spelled it wrong)
    ~Bayonetta 2(Come on it’ll boost some sales)
    ~The Yearly main Mario 2D/3D game
    ~Zelda 2014(Doubt it but we can hope and the fact it was supposed to be shown on this years Comic Con maybe late 2014?)

    Just like the 3DS it will blow away like crazy.

    1. he never got zelda ready for the comic con… now they’ll reveal it at next years e3, which would be less than 6 months before a release in 2014… as much as i’d like to see it in 2014 it’s probably not going to happen

    2. So you’re saying we have to wait two years since the Wii U’s launch for any credible and substantial games to be released? That’s the dumbest validation I’ve seen recently. The Wii U should have been stuffed with games equal to the level of those games you listed RIGHT OUT THE GATE. Why the devil do we have to wait for our products to have any true value when it should already have it?

      2014 the year of Wii U? Maybe it should have been released in 2014 then! I know they couldn’t afford to wait, what with MS and Sony releasing theirs this year and all, but hell, it’s not like releasing it early made game development go any faster, not to mention all of their consumers have to wait too.

      1. “The Wii U should have been stuffed with games equal to the level of those games you listed RIGHT OUT THE GATE. Why the devil do we have to wait for our products to have any true value when it should already have it?”

        yes it should have been.. but it wasn’t

        what’s all the complaining about.. everyone knew how many games were available for it

    3. It’s Shin Megami Tensei.

      You’re correct. And let’s not forget that there are still titles in development that we haven’t been told yet. We all know Nintendo only announces their projects once they believe they’re close to completion. We may end up having a Nintendo Direct full of new titles and a release date for X and Smash Bros. anytime.

      The Wii U is following the same path as the 3DS, and even the scenario is the same: Sony claiming their new powerful machine is gonna make Nintendo fall on their knees (PS Vita at that time against the 3DS), the media claiming the end of a console, the price cut, remake of a Zelda title, a new 3D Mario game… You can say all you want, I believe the Wii U is gonna be the next 3DS!

      1. Agreed, nintendo should release a new nintendo direct before the launch of PS4/XBONE, showcasing the new zelda, a metroid or whatever we all know retro is realy working on (no way so many talented folks have been only working on a 2D Donkey kong for WiiU) show us what they are doing! anyway ye Nintendo should do a direct with a blow out of their upcoming games,this way more people would hold off from buying a PS4/X1 this year!

        Nintendo need to get their ish together, WiiU is a great console. It could have been so much better but whats done is done, now they just need to hammer all those games and bring back all those classic franchises most of us core gamers grew up playing and loving! enough with abusing mario!

        Give us metroid, starfox, f-zero, a true console aaa online 3D pokemon rpg, with online pvp battles, trading etc (yes i know pokemon games are more hand held oriented, but all console pokemons have been laclklustre and lazy) compared to their hand held counter parts. Maybe if Nintendo putted in more effort a console pokemon would sell realy well?

        Their are so many great nintendo i.p’s they could use,they need to find a way to bring their hand held gamers over to WiiU! And create a way to make ds and 3DS games to work on WiiU ala super gameboy adapter for snes.

        And for the love of god EMBRACE ONLINE and technology! Most WiiU games should by now have online play! People who prefer local multi-player should have that option, but people who want online in 2013 should also be able to play their favourite nintendo games online with friends! one option does not take away from the other so please idiots who say we dont need online just STFU!

        I LOVE NINTENDO but lord all mighty have they lost the plot as of late,this first year of WiiU life was perfect for nintendo to kill or atleast hurt their competitors and instead we get a dismall treacle drip feed of games! This was their chance to get a fat chunk of the core gamers back, instead they wasted it!

    4. 1. Mario Kart – while it has sold well in the past, much of the novelty of motion controls have worn off, and while probably a great game, it’s not a game that can really keep up with the times or the modern consumer’s needs. It’ll probably do about as well as Windwaker; with a few hundred thousand copies sold.

      2. Smash Bros – will more than likely never be finished. We know how long they take to develop these games. The past few entries have been delayed by years; the Wii u will be gone before that.

      3. Fire Emblem – niche game with a very, very small costumer base. No one will buy it.

      4. Bayonetta 2 – though Nintendo is funding it, it’s pretty much out in the open now, that this will be released for other platforms as well.

      5. Mario – yearly for homeconsoles? Since when?

      6. Zelda – as nothing has been announced yet, this is more than likely a 2015 game.

      1. “1. Mario Kart – while it has sold well in the past, much of the novelty of motion controls have worn off”

        mario kart for the wii didn’t have any motion controls worth mentioning and it still sold like cake

        “2. Smash Bros – will more than likely never be finished. We know how long they take to develop these games. The past few entries have been delayed by years; the Wii u will be gone before that. ”

        smash bros melee was released right with the gamecube
        never once delayed
        neither was the first smash bros ever delayed
        brawl was the only one that was delayed

        your argument is invalid

        “3. Fire Emblem – niche game with a very, very small costumer base. No one will buy it.”

        1 million copies sold is not super awesome but definitely not a niche game

        “4. Bayonetta 2 – though Nintendo is funding it, it’s pretty much out in the open now, that this will be released for other platforms as well.”

        i’d love to see some sources to that claim
        since nintendo is funding it it’s nintendos very own decision which platforms it will be released on and they most certainly wouldn’t have announced it as an exclusive if it had been clear from the start that it wouldn’t be
        the franchise owner is sega btw a close partner of nintendo’s which is releasing several exclusive games on the wii u

        i can agree only with 5. and 6. however i wouldn’t be surprised if there currently was another mario 3d title in the works.. just not for 2014
        either way the games listed are all the exclusives the wii u needs to get back on track

        another metroid would be great.. but that will be a while yet

    5. except main mario games have never been yearly, not if you only count the games on the same console. Wii u won’t get another new super mario bros this gen because the one it has will sell throught its lifetime. It’s always been one nsmb game per console. 3d mario games are also 2 to 3 years apart. NES and Wii were the only consoles to feature multiple main Mario games. I’m sertain Wii U will join those consoles, but a new main mario next year? I doubt it. I guess my point is that it is unlikely, not impossible. I know sm3dw will still sell continuously for the system, so a new one for next year is hard to see, unless you count mk8 mario party, paper mario or some mario sport.

  3. We shall see. A system can’t only do good with only one or two titles. My friend plays smash bros but is not gonna get a wii u because theres nothing interesting for him. He is going to get the 3DS version of smash. Mario kart 8 and smash bros Can’t keep a system alive.

      1. Yes, but like wonderful 101, pikmin, sonic are doing. People thought that would boost sales but it didn’t. I actually doubt yoshi or bayonetta would boost sales.

  4. They must have Nintendo confused for a company with a lot of different divisions where the gaming and console division is the one bleeding out money. Nintendo’s focus is games. They’re not…doing smartphones, TVs, computers, wearable tech, building mini-towns, and so on.

  5. All of these people who say that Nintendo will be foreced to abandon the Wii U clearly can’t comprehend that a situation where Nintendo did that would leave them in a financially worse situation than if they just kept with the Wii U. The recent sales around the launch of Wind Waker HD has looked promising and no console has a good first year. Also I can’t think of any normal casual gamer who is going to spend £430 on an entertainment system that does things that they probably have devices for anyways. Especially in place of a £250 system like the Wii U. In the coming months I think the lower price is going to make a difference in sales. After all, look at the 3DS. That had a rough start but is now selling well.

    1. Their is like a 10% chance they would discontinue the Wii U next year. But if they actually do(I hope they don’t), they should make some kind of deal with Sony and together they can do some really cool things with the PS4.

      1. Lifetime Wii U sales will be above 60 million. I promise you. I admit having Nintendo and Sony work together on the PS4 will be the 2nd best thing ever.

      2. if they discontinue it next year it will have been the last nintendo console i ever bought
        and i am certain many people think the same
        i am also certain that nintendo is fully aware of that
        they can’t betray the trust of gamers like that and expect to get away with it

        needless to say i believe there’s a 0.01% chance they will discontinue the wii u next year (taking into account the possibility of catastrophes of earth shattering dimensions swallowing japan as a whole :P)

        1. How about we, as loyal nintendo fans, not threaten to leave them if they fail once in a while?

          If the Wii U fails, I think their next console would rock our world.

          1. That’s because they are a company not a sport team. If they do that they will lose the trust of everyone even investors and retail will abandon them, in short is less risky to have the wiiu has it is now that try to do what this retards say.

  6. Many people said the same for the 3DS, DS (before its release everyone thought the PSP would destroy the DS), Gamecube and N64, and look: Ninty’s still here, releasing consoles.
    I know Wii U’s situation is worse, but it’s not irreversible.
    The PS3 was at a similar situation (a bit better, but still) in its first year, and nobody seems to remember that… Look how successful the PS3 ended up being.

  7. Um, Smash bros U, Mario Kart U, Yoshi’s Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong HELLO? Plentyof good games are coming out next year. Of course it didn’t sell well when it came out it’s launch titles for meh but when smash brothers comes out they will sell alot of copies!

      1. I come to a Nintendo news site for a good old dose of Nintendo news. I try to refrain from reading the comments section, but my finger slipped on the mouse wheel this time. Unfortunately my eyes were barraged with comments from people who will accept and support literally everything Nintendo does (aka Nintendrones). “Nintendo is nuking Canada? Oh I’m sure they have a good reason for it! Long live Nintendo!”

        1. You are a degenerate idiot, and have no common sense nor actual smarts’s. It’s people like you that make me want to fucking scream. I own a Wii u I have 2 games exactly. I will aalso buy am Xbox. I will purchase the majority of games on my Xbox, yet there are certain games such as the Mario games, ssb,mk8 and Zelda… Intact any Nintendo franchise that I and probably everyone else with a wii u will end up buying. That is how Nintendo works. I am not going to buy assassins creed or arkham origins on a Wii u. And neither will
          Anyone else who has either a ps4 or Xbox one. The problem with your console is it is not exciting. The games will be exciting but the hardware? The actual console has no originality or taste. I have no reason to say, watch Netflix or listen to music on my console. The idea of playing fifa and call of duty on a next gen console makes me feel sick. Basically I enjoyed Mario kart when I was younger, and tbh I want to invite my friends round to MY OWN HOUSE WHICH I OWN and get really fucking stoned and play Mario kart in high definition, so if some little whiny 12 year old ps4 fanboy thinks he can come onto this site and call me or anyone else a nintendrone, well mate look in a fucking mirror and think what makes me different? Why aren’t I such a drone… No but uncharted, ermmm… Resistance.. Ermmm How about you take your shit comments and fuck off and tell all your other fan boys to wank eachother off all night long and tickle the tips of your little 2 inch packers with the rumble feature on your dualshock battyman controllers you little skivvy fucking tramp

          1. Originality? No one wants the Nintendo iPad for the Wii. It’s an accessory and people don’t buy those. They should have made it work with the real iPad that hundreds of millions of people own.

        1. You refer to someone who expresses their desire to punch themselves in the face with cancer because of comments on a board as being sane? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

      1. well let’s wait and see til they are released then

        if those people still can’t get any they might just swing over to the wii u :)

    1. That’s not actually true, they would probably just sit out and wait for the PS4 and Xbox One to be restocked. Some will just pick up the Wii U, but it’s like there would be an influx of people getting the Wii U because the other two are out.

      People want a PS4 or Xbox One, but only have Wii U money might get Wii U also.

      P.S: I like saying Wii U.

      1. Exactly why should people get a PS4/Xbone when most of the launch games are releasing on the PS360, and barely any of the exclusives are worthwhile? Not to mention those consoles are launching with a price in the $400 – $500 range. That’s not exactly pocket change.

        1. Call me when I can play Skyrim on Wii U. People talk about shooters for the other two consoles like that’s a bad thing. In truth those consoles have much more variety than Nintendo’s do. Nintendo is nothing but platformer with a few sporadic Mario spin offs and one offs.

    1. it’s because it’s a Nintendo home console. For some stupid reason, Nintendo home consoles always get hate, even from so called “professional analysts”. But then, everyone seems to remember them fondly later. Just look at the N64 and Gamecube and how much they are loved nowadays.

      1. Um, the N64 and the Gamecube were loved even back then. Why? Cuz they actually had kickass games. Wii U games today can’t even hold a candle to what N64 and Gamecube offered. And don’t say it’s because newer generations are always worse than older ones, that doesn’t mean jack.

          1. The GameCube was ripped on back in the day…despite being the most indestructible console at the time.

            …even I ripped on it because it didn’t have a SNES-level of RPGs on it. I appreciated it once I played Mario Sunshine, Day of Reckoning, and that Pokemon game which is like the closest we’ve gotten to an actual Pokemon RPG on a home console.

    2. So people can fell better about themselves. I find it to be good system, nintendo just needs to show what the system can do for gaming. Zelda, pikmin and wonderful 101 are some good examples, hell even nintendo land and wario(though my least fav in the franchise)

    3. The so called not being “hardcore” enough. Whatever hardcore means…
      Then you have to think about developer are forced to make a “meh” port to a third console. Just look at fifa 13 for wii then 3ds and then wiiu. You will see that the effing 3ds is better than wii even though the wii can play a game such as mario galaxy.

  8. Oh please. Anyone ever go to that site? It’s strongly anti Nintendo. Just like pachter. Take whatever they say and just throw it out of your brain. Remember, when you are told something, The person saying it is just as important as what is being said. Always ask questions and do research.

    1. Patcher is believed to own microsoft stock. He still think the 3DS is dead and believes the xbox one will sell the most. I’ve also seen him state some negative things on ps4

      1. Patcher is to gaming/Nintendo what Dave Meltzer was to wrestling in the early 2000s and MS is like MMA during that period: “It’s dead in the water.” “This will be sold off soon.” “Expect this to close up soon.” “No matter what they do, it’s just not going to work.”

  9. Wouldn’t they lose more money if they discountiue the wii u? Xbox one sales will be short burst like os3 and then it will sell like crap. People don’t buy crap during the holidays unless its on sell most of time. Looking back at old sells data mario sell best between nov and dec, and so do most nintendo consoles. Neither the ps4 and one are making a profit they are losing just as much as nintendo with each console sold. Mario 3d world pre order sales are on the rise but they are just preoders so nothing is official. However I do believe mario will sell extremely well , and nintendo is pushing for more wii u sells with those demos poping up in malls in a few weeks

  10. The morons on that site are constantly having to eat their words. They post a half-assed article one day and are forced to post an article the next day that is in 100% contrast to the prior one. Their name is fitting. I’ll be surprised if they aren’t forced to shut down next year. They spout this non-sense because they have stock in Microsoft.

  11. as long as the wii u is shifting *some* games and consoles the worst thing they could do is to shut it down because then all the development costs for the console and the games that are already in progress (of which there are many apparently) would be lost

  12. I’m glad it’s already confirmed for the future that the ps4 and xb1 aren’t gonna have sales problems after the holidays… oh wait it’s not

  13. Wow at the damage controlling fanboys here. Its true if sales continue to be shitty bye bye wii U. 3D world won’t help that much and after 3D world we have to wait TILL SPRING for mario kart 8, possibly smash BUT by then it will be too late since the drought of no games from DECEMBER to SPRING will be so bad for the wii U that they will have to discontinue it since by spring they would have lost so much MONEY its not even funny. Not to mention ps4/bone will have established themselves greatly on the market.

    1. “Not to mention PS4/Wii U will have established themselves greatly on the market” There, corrected it for you :)

                  1. i don’t mind true negative news, or but if its something minor this place blows it up. I can get behide many people saying reggie should go and the eshop crap needs to be fixed. I just don’t get negative unless the event calls for it. I don’t kick a man down if he is down. The wii u needs to better and i hope it does

                1. @RrtroGL I don’t hate Nintendo at all and as I’ve said before I own a 3ds, Wii, GC, n64. I just don’t like the choices they have made With the wii U and how they treat they’re fanbase like a bunch of babies. The fact that they don’t care about they’re hardcore fanbase anymore makes me annoyed with them, since I’ve been a fan of them since the nes days its sad to see how shitty they’ve become

            1. And I suppose loving that same piece of plastic makes you feel better about yourself? Cuz that’s no more disturbing than bashing.

                1. And I just feel people should reexamine why they like it in the first place. For all you know, you probably don’t even like the console, but just the hype surrounding it. That’s the problem with the Wii U right now: it lacks a lot of things that justify loving or buying the console. All it has at the moment are promises, which is really not much different than being given IOUs or bonds. You would want the full, actual value, rather than the promise of value. Cuz a device that has more promises than actual stuff is just sad.

                  1. I’ve only had a wii u since pikmin 3 thats the reason I got. I find system has potential to add more to games in a sense of depth. I’ve come up with ideas of what i like to see done with it. And isn’t the fact that all these companies offer is promise, people are buying the ps4 for its hype and xbox one….I don’t know about that. I use my wii u more then my ps3 and my 3DS. I admit I didn’t like the wii u when it was revealed hell even when pikmin was announced I was into it. I do think nintendo can do better and I do agree with they are neglect fans wants, but the issues goes back to fans they don’t support new ideas. I was pissed when these idoits hyped the wonderful 101 and didn’t buy it. I bought the game day one and i still play it. More then anything I want a damn star fox game I don’t want metroid at this time I want star fox. However i do believe metroid can show what the gamepad and hardware can do.

                  2. Exactly most of these fanboys only like it because it’s a Nintendo console and that’s it. Truth is there is absolutely no point to get a Wii U right now it has nothing appealing to it and like you said they just like the hype to come. they always mention next year but never the now because it’s a waste to buy it now. No type of 1st party exclusives unlike the 3ds.

          1. Well before i got mine, i hated it because it was easier to hate compared to PS4 and Xbox, But now i have it, i love it. Also, you should try the browser on this beast!

        1. Awhh you gave up :( You have no more evidence that Wii U will fail? It’s okaay :D

          It’s no secret that Nintendo franchises sell loads of units.

          1. Smash Fucking Bros will be the savior of the Wii U NOBODY FUCKING SEES THIS HOLY FUCKING SHIT, FUCK!!!

            1. No it won’t. Since its going to be on 3ds and Wii U with the same amount of characters so you don’t miss out at all if you buy the 3ds version and its $20 cheaper. Nintendo just fucked up by releasing it on Wii U AND 3DS

              1. Yeah will same for PS3 and PS4 getting the same games as well. Funny how no one notices how PS3 /360 sales aint declining eventhough the 8 core consoles are coming in 2 weeks. That’s scary to me. I mean why upgrade to play COD Ghost and pay for online when you can keep your current gen and play online for free?

    2. You do know nintendo does really well around holidays, and mario does extremely well around that time as well. galaxy did well galaxy 2 would have done better around the holidays but it released around the summer, which games don’t usually sell that great in summer. Mario 3d world seems to be doing well on amazon and preorder sells. I usually wait till the game releases because preorders don’t mean sells.and u do realize we don’t have release dates for most of next year. Most games coming to ps4 and one don’t come till late 2014 and 2015, so both consoles will suffer a drought like most console have. Most consoles don’t usually sell well until the 2nd or third year of their life.

      1. they do well around the holidays yes but this time is different from last time. They only have 1 game to offer (3D world) and its just a simple Mario game that isn’t revolutionary like galaxy was. If they made a legit Mario adventure game like 64 or galaxy then no doubt it would have boosted sales tremendously. Either way tho they fucked up by not have multiple new titles for his holiday. 1 game just won’t do it. If they offered at least 3 AAA games with some crazy bundles then they would be able to recover.

        1. Super Mario Galaxy received commercial success and universal critical acclaim upon release. By March 2013, Nintendo had sold 11.72 million copies of the game worldwide,[4]

          New Super Mario Bros as of March 2012, the game has sold 26.26 million copies. This makes it the fifth best-selling Wii game as well as the second best-selling Mario game on the Wii console (behind Mario Kart Wii).[6]

          yeah… no

        2. galaxy didn’t sell because it was revolutionary if that were true why didn’t galaxy 2 sell more it made great improvement compared to first one. NSMB wii (though not my favorite) sold over 30 million around the holidays and that didn’t do much but add multiplayer. Bundles are doing quite well zelda ww was on the top of the charts during its time. Its already been reported the wii u sold over 280,000 units in oct. It sold better then the last quarter. The wii u is doing better. While I do agree more games during the holidays would have been welcome. Was really looking forward to tropical freeze but if they add and tone up the game thats fine with me.

          1. Galaxy 2 was hardly an improvement over Galaxy 1; there were more sidescrolling levels than there were actually creative levels.

            1. galaxy2 was faster paced, bosses were better, better variety, better music, FUCKING YOSHI!!!!, new powers that offer harder challenges, and ect. Most people do find it to be over all better then galaxy. While i like galaxy’ s ending climax better then two its not enough compared to the over all improvement of galaxy 2

              1. Those were merely superficial additions, it’s not like adding Yoshi suddenly opened up a whole new world of possibilities. And why is faster pace a good thing for the Galaxy games? Do you not want to enjoy what’s going on? And I’ve faced far harder challenges in the first one than I did the second.

                1. I didn’t face that many in the first galaxy beside the luigi coin mission, and those damn rolling ball missions(damn motion controls. The over all experience for me in g2 just seemed better and many other think the same.

                2. By faster pace I mean it overall didn’t drag along u can job level to level faster. I admire the level design its just something like mario you want to explore the next world as soon as u can and experience new obstacles. I do that more in game like zelda

          2. Yeah this is allll about the media brainwashing people to think Wii U sales are not increasing. Wii U has been selling like 60k units a week. Big ass improvment in Aug, Sept.

    3. Do you really think they would discontinue the Wii U with all the money they’re pumping into it right now developing games for next year? That would be foolish and suicidal, they can’t just come up with another console out of nowhere, There is nothing wrong with the Wii U more than there has been any console.

      Also, I’m pretty sure after this holiday third party companies are going to look at install bases, realize that Wii U has a respectable lead over the newer consoles, and guess what… we might just be getting a bit more third party support. Maybe.

    4. I don’t see 3D world helping all too much either, it’ll most probably be a spike in wii u sales and that’s all. But aren’t there other games between december and spring? I could have sworn DK:TF was in there, which might cause another spike in sales. If they can keep up having games that gives them a spike in sales maybe they can last until games like bayonetta 2, X and FEXSMT come out to start pushing consoles.

      As for smash, I don’t see that moving as many wiius as most people on this site think it will, I see it selling the 3DS more than anything else. If nintendo plays it smart it will release the wiiu version months in advance and bundle it with the wiiu, that might actually be a decent strategy.

      The PS4 and XBone don’t look like they’ll be in that good of a position either, seems to me that most people are going PC, so that might hurt those consoles as well and put them in a bad position too. Then again, market forces are always tricky and hard to predict xD

  14. The Wii U will do fine this holiday season. I feel sorry for the people in denial. It might not do as good as P/X but it will do okay in comparison to them considering it still has a head start. Will it do as good as it’s launch last winter? Will the other two consoles even do as good as the Wii U did at launch? Guess we will see.
    What matters far more though is next year’s games. Even if monthly sales are low I don’t see P/X straying far from Wii U with their LACK OF GAMES. At least the first quarter will likely be slow. After that there will surely be console driving games coming out somewhere around that second half in 2014. Nintendo already has what,at least three or four of such games announced already?
    Zelda, X, Smash, SMT x FE
    There’s four games I have no choice but to get. Oh wait forgot about Donkey Kong. Oh wait forgot about Bayonetta 2. Too bad Nintendo is doomed since I’m the only one who wants these games.

      1. Agreed besides the burn part, its just some nintendo fans don’t know what hell they want. They cry if they don’t get mario or zelda and they cry if they get nothing new. I want my damn starfox

  15. Motley BULLSHIT! This the one reason why you shouldn’t believe what you read on the internet… not to mention the fact that the Wii U sales in Japan had went to 1,500% after the release of bundles.

  16. Caterpie don’t care. Caterpie just going to enjoy the Wii U. Caterpie will let Nintendo worry about all this stuff.

  17. Idiots. 2014 will be the year for Wii U. Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, etc. We’ve also had 2013 games like Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, and Super Mario 3D World.

  18. The fact that they think that the Xbox One’s biggest selling point is the kinect and it’s “entertainment features” tells you all you need to know…

    1. See, that’s funny, cuz there were several other Nintendo consoles who sold far more than that in the same period.

  19. Well if It does have to be discontinued then it will teach them a lesson.Just cause it’s a Nintendo that doesn’t mean people will buy it, make some effort for your console to stand up to the competition and appeal to the hardcore audience. Most likely the Wii U will begin selling with the launch of the bigger titles that will be coming out but in the occasion that those games don’t help the sales then I guess it’s true to say that every cloud has a silver lining.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better my self. The got cocky and lazy and this is the price that they will pay

        1. The 3DS was overpriced garbage w/less features than its competition&a shit battery life to top. The difference between the 3DS & WiiU was that 3DS at least had better games in its failed state& it made more of an effort to win back buyers.

  20. “Unlike Sony, Nintendo can’t afford to support a failing console”


    *takes breath*


    you mean, Sony? laying off people, selling HQ buildings and stuff so they get black numbers, they?…

    1. Nintendo doesn’t want haters who actually know what part of Nintendo to hate, so that’s why they’re not firing any workers. It is not only ethics.

  21. whatever happens happens but at least we’ll have gotten to play Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros. 4, Pikmin 3, DKC Tropical Freeze, the next Zelda, etc.

  22. It’s like the haters are doing one final assault to try and stop it from selling. It’s too late!

  23. As much as I like to joke that the Wii U is the greatest duster of 2013, and how poor it’s first year was, saying it’s doomed is just uninformed, uneducated bullshit. Look at everything the DS and up. The first bad year isn’t going to stop it. Instead of questioning if Nintendo is doomed, question the stupidity of these morons.

  24. I don’t think they will discontinue the Wii U. I mean, look at ALL the games coming out next year: Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. 4! How can they possibly fail with those games coming out?

  25. The name says it all….

    Discontinue it and have no console at all as well as ZERO SALES for the next one…..except furious fanboy, drdamagecontrol24/7 and superdrone.

  26. Wow… more gloom and doom. How timely that this comes out when the Wii-U is starting to move some of its units. How timely, I wonder how much these guys got for their timely article!

  27. Maybe just a joke to get people to buy their Wii Us now. If I were to read this and not own one, I’d go to my nearby retailer and buy as many Wii Us and sell them at a higher price. I never thought I would say something that conniving.

  28. if this is true i want them to release a new console with better specs than the other consoles because we already know the specs ps4, and xbone one for a while now…..

  29. we’ll see what happens. can’t count out nintendo just yet. those motherfuckers always make a turnaround.

    1. lol I like how you swear in almost every comment. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just find it funny.

  30. Put Animal Crossing, Starfox, Metroid, Pokemon (like XD on gc), Waverace, Mario Party (with online), Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Kirby, Punchout, Mario Golf, and an a true 1st person Mario on Wii U. Those are the games that I want Nintendo. I bought wii and wii u but the last nintendo home console I thoroughly enjoyed last was gc because of the variety of games and great titles.

      1. Judging by the success of ACNL, it will probably do well on the wii u. Just put lots of ads of it on tv. A lot more people know about animal crossing now than before.

      2. It sold well on the gc though. And now, with the commercial success of ACNL, the sales will probably be even greater if Nintendo put the series on the Wii U.

        1. What the hell’re U talking about? AC for the GC sold even worse than City Folk that also sold like shit. AC, like Pokemon, is better suited for handheld as shown w/WW&NL. AC has never been a major home console seller, not even for the N64.

            1. &CF sold in the 3mils, which’s more than the GC version, yet still low. Meanwhile,WW sold in the 10 mils&NL’s pass 6 mils already. That tells U AC’s better suited for handhelds. But I’m sure as tradition has it, 1 will be released for Wii U later anyhow.

  31. Wii U will be alright. Nintendo is just late on HD. They said there’s a lot of unnounced Wii U games for 2014. Like Nintendo always are, they are super quiet about Wii U. It’s a reason for that. They are preparing to learn from 2013 what not to do in 2014.

  32. Ahhh, I think someone forgot to tell them that a, the wiiu sales are climbing, in fact have already matched their q2 sales in a month and b, nintendo is the only manufacturer that makes a profit. Sony lost money, if you believe M$’s own analyst, xbox is costing them about 2 billion a year and one of the candidates for the CEO job went on record saying he would consider selling off the brand.

    With 3d world coming out and sales climbing, coupled with the bullshit PR xbone is getting, Nintendo isnt the ones that should be worried.

    Western media hating on nintendo and repping M$, who’d a thunk it.

    Since oct 1st almost 300k wiiu have been sold, its the beat stretch since Dec/Jan and that was on the back of a 10 year old remake. 3d world and the new bundles will, especially the swap force bundle will sell a lot at Xmas. Shit nintendo always sells well at Xmas.

    Besides these articles are garbage, they treat wiiu like its dream cast and nintendo like it’s Sega. Quite a few differences. Dreamcast followed a failed Saturn, wiiu followed the gen winning wii. Sega didnt have the beast that is the 3ds like nintendo does, meaning that the dreamcast was the all or nothing console for sega. Nintendo can take a loss and continue doing well. Shit, they’re profitable, can sony and M$’s gaming divisions say that?

    People spew this is reality, ya? Here’s some reality, sony is coming off another quarter of losses from a gen that saw them loss billions, their vita is a money hole, their ps4 will cost them big time, cuz if ninty is losing money on wiiu sales, what do you think ps4 sales be bring in?

    M$ has lost billions, they are getting bad press, no matter how hard the western media tries to cover it up. They have a system that is technically inferior to their main comp, yet $100 more and they are going to steal the casual demographic? With the kinect? There are investors demanding they sell the brand.

    Oh and nintendo is coming off a gen that saw them sell 100 million Wii’s 150+ million ds’s and are selling 3ds’s like crazy…..yeah, they’re screwed.

    People can talk all they want about nintendo, but they will survive for another 100 years. People should be more concerned about sony and M$ staying in the game, cuz if either of those consoles flop, will their higher up continue to want to lose money? Probably not.

    I know I know, I’m a nintendfag or whatever, but facts are facts, ninty makes money…even when they do piss poor. They make a console, a handheld and games, they’re fine.

    1. I completely agree. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Nintendo is the fucking underdog in this industry. They have been for a long time. But they’re an incredibly resilliant company, and they always bounce back up and spit in the face of their detractors. I hope the haters have a big appetite because they’re going to be eating their words, just like they’ve been forced to do countless times before.

  33. If i’m not mistaken the Wii U sales picked up weekly sales as of 11/02/2013 : 80,248 the Wii U is doing pretty good.

  34. I find that hard to believe, the tides will turn, the PS3 showed us that. Although should the worst happen, and Nintendo indeed has to pull the plug on the Wii U, I’m sure they’ll soon follow up with another console.

    Many believe that the Wii U struggles because it’s underpowered, but that’s not necessarily the case. While it’s definitely less powerful than the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a quick look at history shows that the most powerful consoles weren’t always the best. In fact, there are cases of them being the worst, just look at the Atari Jaguar or the 3DO.

    If we have a quick look back, we can see that one of the most popular consoles of all time is the PS2, recieving praise for it’s diverse an appealing library of games even to this day. Was it the most powerful? No. It was the weakest of it’s generation, if you don’t count the Dreamcast, which had already failed when the sixth generation came around. Performance wise, the PS2 lost to both the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox, having less RAM and a slower CPU than both of those. But that didn’t stop it from dominating the market back then.

    All that being said, I wouldn’t give up hope on the Wii U just yet.

    1. About the power and succes.. So far it has been that less powerful console was more popular. I think with this generation we will see that the power has absolutely no impact on it at all, especially when so many times more powerful ps4 comes out and not anymore with a price tag of 600$

  35. The Iwata-ruled Nintendo may be casual trash that ignores fans, has baby mentallity challenges, slow progression, almost no multiplayer online games in freaking 2013, dumb gimmicks, shovelware&stubborn traditional egotist, but…

  36. This investment site and the “journalist” are all as Loki put it on The Avengers, mewling quims

  37. PPL, these’re just assumptions. WiiU may very well end up being the best selling sytem this gen.

    Nintendo will still be slow progression,lazy,traditional,egotistical,cheap,no MMO,shovelware,censored casual baby shit.But it at least Nintendo will profit!

  38. should had used ps4, not xbox one, casual players don’t care to buy the system just to use Kinect, obvious fanboyism there, Discontinue it will make Nintendo lose more money, cause then they need to pay a lot of money to develop a new home system in a short amount of time, cause Nintendo can’t go through an entire generation without a home console, sure the 3ds sells well, but not enough to hold up the entire company

  39. Yes!!!Nintendo will profit&I can get back to licking their ass clean w/my tongue&sucking their kawaii desu Jap dick ’cause they saved video games in 83! Whoo!!!!Thanks for the Mario blow up sex doll!U may proceed to take a shit on me&use me as a door mat!

  40. There’s so much actual news this site refuses to run, meanwhile every one of these fucking doom and gloom things gets a post, no matter which nobody wrote it

  41. No 3rd party support?!?! Who needs that?! Nintendo makes their money off of 1st party games! Keep milking that Mario! If that doesn’t work throw in Luigi! 3rd party can kiss my ass! SUPA SMASH BROTHAS is all I need! Hell, give me 5 Smash Bros!

  42. That site’s basis for for saying that Nintendo might be -forced- to discontinue the U is because they’re not a conglomerate like Sony and CAN’T AFFORD to support failing hardware.


    Nintendo has a monumental s**t-ton of cash on hand. Even Pachter noted it. They could release another failing console after the Wii U and barely feel it.

    I’ve seen some stupidity on the interwebs, but MAN!!

  43. I don’t think there’s enough data out there to make this determination accurately. The Virtual Boy wasn’t Nintendo’s flagship system … so, ducking out of the marketing after 7 months was thought to be a good decision (even if it was embarrassing).

    Sega? … they had systems which were phased out only by newer Sega systems (for the most part) … so, it’s not acceptable to compare the WiiU in this manner … i have a pretty good guess that Nintendo is nowhere close to coming out with a replacement for the WiiU and i highly doubt it would be in Nintendo’s best interest to completely abandon the WiiU before they have a replacement.

    You want my prediction? … WiiU will be replaced more quickly than the Wii … Nintendo will have a new innovation and they will try to:

    A. come out with a faster system than the PS4 and XBOne and have it backwards compatible with WiiU and Wii games.


    B. come out with a new innovation … Virtual Reality … it’s the only thing to steal focus away from the portable smartphone market … something that forces you to put a helmet on is something that forces you to put away your phone!

  44. lol this guy, i’ve read the original article and it’s just his opinion of the situation.
    but if you actually grab all the facts nintendo can still make a profit and the success of the wii should let them have a failure console since it was the wii that made them alot of money.

  45. anyone remember when a certain someone said that the psp will dominate the ds? well did the psp do just that? nope, in fact it was the “nobody wants the ds” that won. the wii u will the like the ps3, maybe not equal in terms of a comeback and winning but just a comeback, might not win but still

    1. there’s so many *edges* and *wildcard* though.

      you make a great point … PS4 should fail, but then again it does have a fashion edge … and it’s very “powerful”, yet that has never really been a great selling point for mass market unfortunately.

      there are so many variables, i bet nobody can predict that will happen … but it’s very exciting, you have to admit … it wouldn’t surprise me if PS4 sells well or sell poor … i just can’t predict the tech market these days … it’s already so flooded, the PS4 could shine above or sink below it all. If the PS4 and XboxOne fail, how could anyone blame Nintendo … then we know we’re entering a bad time for the game industry.

  46. I’m optimistic the sales will pick up this holiday or early next year, maybe not to the Wii caliber of sales but probably better than it’s doing now.

  47. To be honest it can go either way.
    While the system itself may not be doing well, the sales can either:

    – Be boosted by the release of games coming out the end of this year, beginning of next.
    – Stay the same due to some buyers either wanting to stick with their current gen systems or waiting for the price to drop.
    – Or plummet due to lack of interest since most of the titles are coming out for 3DS/2DS as well (except for a select few which are just for the WiiU)

    But I have a feeling that the most likely scenario is going to be that sales are pry going to stay the way they are until the price drops (most likely what they’ll do, assuming IF they plan on bringing out a different WiiU), and the moment those prices drop, fans of the Nintendo WiiU system are going to pry grab them up. Meanwhile, the 3DS/2DS sales are going to continue on the route they’re going for those who aren’t very interested in the WiiU seeing there are only 8 games coming out that could prove fun on the WiiU (in which 3 are pry going to come to the 3DS/2DS).
    The rest of the people who are not interested in upgrading are pry going to stick with their current systems (especially since the PS4 only has 4 good games coming out and charges $60 for multiplayer services and the XBox One is expensive, charges outrageously for a good portion of their services and has a couple of potential topsellers (which most of those are coming to the PC as well).

    Regardless, it’s a so-so situation for the WiiU, but I kinda doubt they’d go as far as to take it off the shelves, well until they see what kind of turnabout the WiiU could make in sales.

    1. This, but I don’t think it’ll be a price drop that increases sales as much as it is better games. People would rush out to buy Wii Us if there were fresh, innovative game ideas that utilize the Gamepad in interesting ways. The problem is that there’s no interesting games for it, dropping the price won’t really help that.




  49. I think Microsoft will probably have to discontinue the Xbox One next year from the continuing failure of the system.

  50. Because discontinuing a two year old console is goof for buisness and consumeren thrust..The only thing they might do is changing the name and maybe a USB thingy that makes itna bit more powerfull.

  51. If current sales continue? Was this an old article? Cause current sales are going up and up…So if Nintendo starts to succeed they must discontinue their system…Fail. Cant take a thing seriously that’s called Fool lol.

  52. “Wii U eDRAM ima sličnu funkciju kao i eDRAM u XBOX360. Možete staviti svoje GPU odbojnika tu za brzi pristup. Na Wii U to je samo mnogo dostupniji nego na XBOX360, što znači da može pružiti brže, jer sve svoje odbojnika može se nalaziti u ovom vrlo brzim RAM-a. Na Wii U eDRAM je dostupan na GPU i CPU. Dakle, možete ga koristiti vrlo učinkovito ubrzati svoje aplikacije.

    1GB RAM aplikacija se koristi za sve igre resursa. Audio, teksture, geometrija, itd.

    Teoretski RAM propusnost u sustav vam ne govori previše, jer GPU caching će sakriti puno ove latencije. Propusnost je uglavnom problem za GPU, ako bi se raspršili čita diljem memorije. To je nikada nije dobra ideja za dobru izvedbu.

    Ne mogu detalj na Wii U GPU, ali zapamtite da je GPGPU. Tako da se podigne na većini granica koje ste imali na prethodnim konzolama. Mislim da, ako imate problema izradu velika potražnja igru ​​na Wii U onda to nije problem u hardveru. ”


    Dakle, neka je razbiti ove komentare za objašnjenjima svrhe. Ako vam se sviđa, možda želite koristiti ranije linkove za daljnji uvid.

    “Wii U eDRAM ima sličnu funkciju kao i eDRAM u XBOX360. Možete staviti svoje GPU odbojnika tu za brzi pristup. Na Wii U to je samo mnogo dostupniji nego na XBOX360, što znači da može pružiti brže, jer sve svoje odbojnika može se nalaziti u ovom vrlo brzim RAM-a. Na Wii U eDRAM je dostupan na GPU i CPU. Dakle, možete ga koristiti vrlo učinkovito kako bi ubrzao svoj zahtjev. ”

    Xbox 360 ima 10 MB eDRAM. S tom eDRAM, konzole bio u mogućnosti koristiti ga za nekoliko ciljeva vizualizacije. Ipak, iznos je nešto nedovoljno za čak 720p rezoluciji u vremenima kada Multi Uzorkovanje Anti Aliasing je korišten. To je razlog zašto s vremena na vrijeme da bi vidjeli igara koje su imale pod 720p rezoluciju, ili konzole je podrignuti dodatni teško s počivala pločica kako bi se pokupiti zatišje. Kao što je gospodin Linzner objašnjeno nam je u ranijem intervjuu, oko 16 MB eDRAM je potrebno za renderiranje 1080p s bračnim tampon, čak i bez Anti aliasing.

    Dakle, ono što se podrazumijeva pod: ” Na Wii U to je puno više dostupan ” ?

    Dvije glavne stvari. Za jednu, sve u svemu, Wii U ima oko 38 MB ukupno eDRAM ako brojati ukupno 35 MB na GPU umrijeti, a 3 da postoji kao cache za CPU. To daje Wii U ukupno, gotovo četiri puta iznos vrlo brzo eDRAM da je Xbox 360 (što je dovoljno da ga koristiti za 720p frame buffera) mora, s gotovo dvostruko više od iznosa potrebnog za uzvratiti u 1080p. Stoga tvrdnja da su sve vaše odbojnika može se nalaziti u ovom vrlo brzim RAM-a.

    G. Linzner onda čini točku reći još jednom, da na Wii U, eDRAM je dostupan na GPU i CPU. Dakle, učinkovito, izvan eDRAM CPU Cache, to RAM postoji kao jedinstvenog bazen koji se može koristiti po potrebi za razne zadatke. IE “Vrlo učinkovito, kako bi ubrzao svoj ​​zahtjev.”

    U ovom trenutku, vi svibanj se pitate, kako se brzina ovog RAM-a napraviti takvu razliku? Wii U ima 2 GB RAM-a, s jedne trenutno dostupne za igranje, uz eDRAM gore opisano. Kako može 38 MB RAM-a da bi mnogo razlika?

    Najlakši način da ja mogu objasniti to da kada se uzme svaku jedinicu vremena da Wii U eDRAM može napraviti posao s posebnim zadacima u odnosu na 1 gigabajt RAM-a sporije, u iznosu od stvarnih megabajta RAM-a koje postoje u isto Vremenski okvir je superioran s eDRAM, bez obzira na činjenicu da je veličina i broj primjenjivati ​​čini 1 gigabajtom DDR3 RAM-a čini veća. To su jedinice iu vremenu iu prostoru. Brzo eDRAM koji se mogu koristiti pri brzini korisnije za CPU i GPU imaju određene prednosti, da kada iskorištava, daju se konzola velike dobitke u performansama.

    EDRAM od Wii U je ugrađen desno na čipu logici, što je za većinu namjere i svrhe negira klasik u / van usko grlo koje su programeri suočavaju u prošlosti, kao dobro. Čitanje i pisanje izravno u odnosu na sve žetone na Multi Chip Module prema uputama.

    Pa što je onda 1 gigabajt RAM-a za usporavanje? Kao što je navedeno:

    “1GB RAM aplikacija se koristi za sve igre resursa. Audio, teksture, geometrija, itd. ”

    Razmislite o tome u smislu citat / završen citat veći, sporiji malo RAM-a drži temelje za ono što vidite na zaslonu. Dok citat / završen citat manji, brži malo RAM-a je odgovoran za dopuštajući CPU i GPU izraziti mnogo detalja koji čini High Definition igru, High Definition igra na način da se ne poziva na sulude količine topline za proizvodnju Snaga i razvijanja neugodno latencija.

    U jednoj sekundi, jedan megabajt eDRAM, ugrađen na GPU, mogu primati i slati količine podataka koji na tako velikoj mjeri nadmašiti broj na papiru, to je zastrašujuće. Budući da je tako blizu u blizinu shader jedinica, i CPU, a ugrađen izravno u istoj logici hostija koja povezuje ih sve, svaki komad postaje puno više nego što bi bili kad su razdvojeni i povezani u više klasični način. Da ne spominjem daleko manje rasipna, i sposobniji nego većina ljudi shvatiti i priznati.

    “Teoretski RAM propusnost u sustav vam ne govori previše, jer GPU caching će sakriti puno ove latencije. Propusnost je uglavnom problem za GPU, ako bi se raspršili čita diljem memorije. To je nikada nije dobra ideja za dobru izvedbu. ”

    Slika pojavljuje se sve više i više jasno.

    Na kraju, kad sam pitao gospodina Linzner je li bilo obilježja najnoviju inačicu Direct X da Wii U ne mogu obavljati u protuvrijednosti, on je ovo za reći:

    “Ne mogu detalj Wii U GPU, ali zapamtite da je GPGPU. Tako da se podigne na većini granica koje ste imali na prethodnim konzolama. Mislim da, ako imate problema izradu velika potražnja igru ​​na Wii U onda to nije problem u hardveru. ”

    GPGPU = General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit. U slučaju Wii U, ovaj čip je povezan s CPU, s eDRAM kao ‘čarobni’ voditelja. Čip koji kao cjelina, može raditi što god da je programirana da, i to brzo i učinkovito. Čak i Xbox 360 i PS3 može biti konfiguriran za obavljanje efekte i mimick mogućnosti izvan onoga što njihovi čipovi su zapravo namijenjeni. Wii U čipova modul osim svoje standardne značajke set, je platna na kojem talentirani umjetnik može postići što god to je da može zamisliti kroz kod, na način koji neće paralizirati hardver.

    Kako mogu stroj koji ima takva (relativno govoreći), niska snagom biti toliko sposoban? Ukratko, Nintendo je stvorio čvrstu žarišnu točku u kojoj su najvažniji dijelovi su svi integrirani na način gdje je brzina je super, ali ima nisku cijenu, a putanja je vrlo kratka i isprepletene. Puno snage nije potrebno, tako da u smislu snage neriješeno, stroja, a zapravo, sve 3 nove konzole ne mogu biti suđeni na jednak način kao i prije.

    Nintendo, što je Wii U naslikao za najveći dio kao manje sposobni nego što je od strane gaming javnosti, i dalje morati gurnuti granice svoje zone udobnosti što se tiče određivanja cijena njihov hardver na financijski gubitak za njih ide. Međutim, kao rezultat toga, oni, daleko imaju najnižu cijenu točka i stroj za istinske kvalitete, što sada da knjižnica igara počinje postati deblje, Igrači će morati snažno razmislite Nintendo Wii U jednom su se njihove novčanike iz kupiti novu konzolu.

    Govoreći o kvaliteti, i igre, držati oči otvorene i uši podešeni za buduće najavama iz Shin’en Multimedia vezi dvije nove igre koje su radili na, a ako još niste kupili apsolutno slatke Nano Assault Neo ( što je samo 10 dolara na Wii U eShop), onda ste nedostaje velik vrijeme!

  53. “The Wii U eDRAM has a similar function as the eDRAM in the XBOX360. You put your GPU buffers there for fast access. On Wii U it is just much more available than on XBOX360, which means you can render faster because all of your buffers can reside in this very fast RAM. On Wii U the eDRAM is available to the GPU and CPU. So you can also use it very efficiently to speed up your application.

    The 1GB application RAM is used for all the games resources. Audio, textures, geometry, etc.

    Theoretical RAM bandwidth in a system doesn’t tell you too much because GPU caching will hide a lot of this latency. Bandwidth is mostly an issue for the GPU if you make scattered reads around the memory. This is never a good idea for good performance.

    I can’t detail the Wii U GPU but remember it’s a GPGPU. So you are lifted from most limits you had on previous consoles. I think that if you have problems making a great looking game on Wii U then it’s not a problem of the hardware.”


    So, let’s break down these comments for explanatory purposes. If you like, you may want to use the earlier links for further insight.

    “The Wii U eDRAM has a similar function as the eDRAM in the XBOX360. You put your GPU buffers there for fast access. On Wii U it is just much more available than on XBOX360, which means you can render faster because all of your buffers can reside in this very fast RAM. On Wii U the eDRAM is available to the GPU and CPU. So you can also use it very efficiently to speed up your application.”

    The Xbox 360 has 10 MB of eDRAM. With that eDRAM, the console was able to use it for several rendering targets. Yet, the amount was slightly insufficient for even 720p resolution at times once Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing was used. This was why at times you would see games that had sub 720p resolution, or the Console had to chug extra hard with Predicated Tiling in order to pick up the slack. As Mr. Linzner explained to us in an earlier interview, about 16 MB of eDRAM is required for 1080p rendering with a double buffer, even without Anti Aliasing.

    So what is meant by: “On Wii U it is much more available”?

    Two main things. For one, all in all, the Wii U has around 38 MB total of eDRAM if you count the total of 35 MB on the GPU die, and the 3 that exist as Cache for the CPU. That gives the Wii U in total, nearly 4 times the amount of very fast eDRAM that the Xbox 360 (which had enough to use it for 720p frame buffers) has, with more than double the amount needed to render in 1080p. Hence the statement that ALL of your buffers can reside in this very fast RAM.

    Mr. Linzner then makes it a point to say once again, that on Wii U, the eDRAM is available to the GPU and CPU. So effectively, outside of the CPU Cache eDRAM, this RAM exists as a unified pool that can be used as needed for a variety of tasks. I.E. “Very efficiently, to speed up your application.”

    At this point, you may be wondering, how does the speed of this RAM make such a difference? The Wii U has 2 Gigabytes of RAM, with one currently available for gaming, along with the eDRAM described above. How can 38 MB of RAM make that much of a difference?

    The easiest way that I can explain this is that when you take each unit of time that the Wii U eDRAM can do work with separate tasks as compared to the 1 Gigabyte of slower RAM, the amount of actual Megabytes of RAM that exist during the same time frame is superior with the eDRAM, regardless of the fact that the size and number applied makes the 1 Gigabyte of DDR3 RAM seem larger. These are units of both time and space. Fast eDRAM that can be used at a speed more useful to the CPU and GPU have certain advantages, that when exploited, give the console great gains in performance.

    The eDRAM of the Wii U is embedded right onto the chip logic, which for most intent and purposes negates the classic In/Out bottleneck that developers have faced in the past as well. Reading and writing directly in regard to all of the chips on the Multi Chip Module as instructed.

    So what then is the 1 Gigabyte of slower RAM for? As stated:

    “The 1GB application RAM is used for all the games resources. Audio, textures, geometry, etc.”

    Think of it in terms of the quote/unquote larger, slower bit of RAM holding the foundations of what you see on screen. While the quote/unquote smaller, faster bit of RAM is responsible for allowing the CPU and GPU to express much of the detail that makes a High Definition game, a High Definition game in a way that doesn’t call for insane amounts of heat producing power and Developer annoying latency.

    In a single second, a single Megabyte of eDRAM, embedded on the GPU, can receive and send amounts of data, that so greatly surpass the number on paper, it’s scary. Being so close in proximity to the shader units, and the CPU, and embedded directly into the same logic wafer that connects them all, every piece becomes so much more than they would be when separated and connected in the more classic way. Not to mention far less wasteful, and more capable than most people realize or acknowledge.

    “Theoretical RAM bandwidth in a system doesn’t tell you too much because GPU caching will hide a lot of this latency. Bandwidth is mostly an issue for the GPU if you make scattered reads around the memory. This is never a good idea for good performance.”

    The picture appears to become more and more clear.

    Finally, when I asked Mr. Linzner if there were any features of the latest version of Direct X that Wii U couldn’t perform the equivalent of, he had this to say:

    “I can’t detail the Wii U GPU but remember it’s a GPGPU. So you are lifted from most limits you had on previous consoles. I think that if you have problems making a great looking game on Wii U then it’s not a problem of the hardware.”

    GPGPU = General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit. In the case of the Wii U, this chip is connected to the CPU, with eDRAM as the ‘magic’ facilitator. A chip that as a whole, can do whatever it’s programmed to, and do it fast and efficiently. Even the Xbox 360 and PS3 could be configured to perform effects and mimick features beyond what their chips were actually designed to do. The Wii U Multichip module in addition to its standard feature set, is a canvass upon which a talented artist can achieve whatever it is that he can imagine through code, in a way that will not cripple the hardware.

    How can a machine that has such a (relatively speaking), low wattage be so capable? In short, Nintendo has created a tight focal point where the most important pieces are all integrated in a way where speed is great but has a low cost, while travel distance is very short and interwoven. A lot of power is not necessary, so in terms of power draw, the machine, and in fact, all 3 new consoles cannot be judged in precisely the same ways as before.

    Nintendo, having had the Wii U painted for the most part as less capable than it is by the gaming public at large, continues to have to push the boundaries of their comfort zone as far as pricing their hardware at a financial loss to them goes. However, as a result, they, by far have the lowest price point and a machine of true quality, which now that the library of games begins to become rather stout, Gamers will have to strongly consider Nintendo’s Wii U once they take their wallets out to buy a new console.

    Speaking of quality, and games, keep your eyes open and ears tuned for future announcements from Shin’en Multimedia regarding the two new games that they’ve been working on, and if you haven’t yet bought the absolutely sweet Nano Assault Neo (which is only $10 on the Wii U eShop), then you are missing out big time!

  54. After you figure in games, controllers, online, and tax you are looking at spending nearly 600-700 dollars in one drop for the PS4 and XBOX One respectively. Core gamers will come out and buy and a few parents may cave it, but money is not floating around like that nowadays. You’ll see more sales of the 360 and PS3 than anything else this holiday. Around tax time is when you’ll see a lot of PS4 and XBOX One sales.

    By then Mario Kart 8 will be out on the Wii U.

  55. parents and grand parents are the main buyer during the holiday season and i dont see too many people spending over $400 on a console with no game especially in this economy ps4 and xbox one are sold out mainly because of reseller buying all the preoreder so the could triple there profits on ebay and craigslist. think about it which would you buy for your child a xbox one thats $660 with tax and no games, a playstation 4 for $450 with tax and no game or a wii-u $325 with tax and 2 games

    1. and take into account that the games are $66.00 with tax and the ps4 and xbox one are not backward compatible so no ps3 xbox360 games on next gen. i look at next gen like a giant money pit. and i guarantee you that those next gen consoles will burn out my pc has a 8core and 32gig of ram and 2 3t hdd and a 1gig video card and i had to silver thermal paste my 8core and install a copper water cooling unit to keep it cool. i dont think ps4 or xbox one will have water cooling units installed so good luck if you buy one it might become paper weight with a month of excessive use

  56. I can understand why they might think this, but they are wrong. I think we should wait to see how well it does in this holiday period, defo better than last year.
    And what with new games coming out every now and then, the catalogue will keep getting bigger.
    The 3DS didn’t do too well and everyone was quick to kill it off in the same way…

    1. LOL at #4, Nintendo’s games aren’t looking too interesting, and there’s too few third party games to be interested in. Meanwhile, PS4 does have a few interesting games (not Xbox One, because Microsoft doesn’t give a shit about good exclusives), and is going to be getting tons of third party games, so right now PS4 is looking to have a game library that’s superior in every way.

  57. Lets all just hope that this is wrong. It would be very sad if it came true.

    The thing is, even if the Wii U DOES finally pick up sales/sells and becomes popular, it will have a short life-span due to having such a late start at getting to that point. There’s already 1 year cut from it’s life-span, where many people didn’t even know about it (or care).

    1. not to mention that in 2-3 years it will become another Wii with hardware, because tablets, smartphones will have more power than the wii u.

  58. If you’ve even slightly wanted a Wii U now’s the time to get on it, grab the Zelda bundle for $299 and Mario next week, then Pikmin and your game of choice on a Black Friday sale. I’ve got my PS4 fully paid for but am more excited for Mario on the 22nd.

  59. Yep they’re totally going to discontinue their console just after releasing their big games.
    Obviously these analysts know shit about video games.

  60. yup their totally gonna discontinue it with a bunch of HEAVY HITTERS coming next year for Wii U yup makes a lot of sense *rolls eyes* their name fits them very well xD

    ok Wii Party U made a huge spike in sales for the Wii U in Japan once 3D World comes out that’s going to make a MASSIVE spike in sales but 2014 is going to be the year of Wii U Mario kart, smash bros, Donkey Kong country, X, the yarn yoshi game and these are ONLY the ones we already know about also “Unlike Sony, Nintendo can’t afford to support a failing console”




    *dies of laughter*

  61. I really do not like this at all about discontinuing the WiiU I believe the WiiU is a great console and also I like the new Zelda game and Mario games with it. Well that is not all being able to dowwnload classic Nintendo Games are also a great thing to have for the Nintendo WiiU I am getting me a NIntendo Wii U on Chirstmas. This don’t make any sense I am going to do more investigation about this WiiU after that I am going to give more to it on my facebook page “Deadly Stigma” I will do this after I get out of school today

  62. The Wii U might not be as powerful as the Xbox One or Playstation 4, the pricetag has dropped steadily over the course of this year, and the holiday season is coming.

    So, Nintendo, this is a fanboy, I am truly a Nintendo fanboy, I’ve supported, loved, played, eat, slept and breathed Nintendo, your games are part of who I am, so please, do whatever you must to keep the Wii U around, the 3ds is the greatest thing since sliced bread, how about start making apps/games where the 3ds interacts with the wii u? That would get 3ds owners at least somewhat interested in wii u.

  63. If Nintendo were to make a remake for ” Majora’s Mask ” on the Wii U… It would sky rocket in sales possibly!! U know how many zelda fans want a Majora’s mask remake?!!! It will also make sense since they did remake Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

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