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Penélope and Mónica Cruz Feature In Animal Crossing: New Leaf TV Advert

Nintendo of Europe have posted a new TV advert to their YouTube channel for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This time, the company has reached out to sisters Penélope and Mónica Cruz. In fact, the two actresses appear much more interested in trading items through the game than shooting their scenes on set, but they better give the little girl her bamboo back! Coupled with the Animal Crossing seasonal trailer Nintendo published last week, the game’s sure to appear under a fair few household trees this Christmas.


      1. Seriously, I don’t think that I’ve seen a film with either of those two or really heard of the name. They’re not exactly Eddy Murphy or Tooooooony (The Man) Rooooomo!

          1. That’s a pretty (coughrudecough) bold thing to say. She’s not quite as big in the States are you’re making her out to be. I have television and computer and know about the outside world. Anyway, you should focus on getting that Wii U since you still don’t have it and it’ll probably be almost out of stores within a year or two

            1. I could get one now but there is no point in that since studies takes about 95% of my free time…

              But I will get one early next year if possible…

              1. Either way you won’t be needing to play it that much. I’ve owned it since week 1 and I’ve played it for less than 10 hours total. Some hours for Sonic and some for Nintendo Land…that’s all so far. Next year is risky, but they should still be selling some of those on Ebay or amazon

                1. Well I won’t give up on it just yet but if it’s in the same situation mid 2014 then I guess it’s time for a rethinking of things for a new machine…

                  However I so long to play SM3DW and Pikmin 3…

                  1. The bright side is that you’ll definitely get a good price for those games. SM3DW doesn’t need the Gamepad which is a huge + as well. Nintendo should start considering a new system although they shouldn’t release it for a while since everyone just spent their money on the other consoles already

                    1. I think that the Wii U is the one in dire need of a successor. The 3DS continues to smash away at gaming records everywhere. I think that Nintendo would be making a mistake if they made a new portable console this quickly

                  2. I was playing super mario with my sister. I usually play video games for about an hour a day. That day we played about three hours, and that may not be a lot to most people, but that was a lot to me and my sister who never plays games got addicted to it.

          2. Well, most English speaking people are completely ignorant about Latin and European actors and actresses ’cause they just don’t care and think only their country exists. But yeah, she’s pretty well known, even more than Sofia Vergara, but yeah, many people don’t know much about Spanish-speaking celebrities, just as they will not know about Asian ones or European ones, most people just stay in their comfort zone.

        1. lolololol! Penelope Cruz is WAYYY more famous than Eddy Murphy! I can name one movie that I saw him in… The Haunted Mansion. Other than that, what has he done? Penelope was in Pirates of the Caribbean, she has won an Academy Award (Eddy doesn’t have one) and she is frequently in magazines and fashion outings while Eddy Murphy… was in the Haunted Mansion.

          Basically, if you are not into comedy (like me) then you would know more about Penelope Cruz than Eddy Murphy.

      1. I just looked her up to see and I have seen one film that she was in (Pirates) but the name didn’t really ring a bell. Well, I guess that I’ll know for next time…it’s good that everyone likes Animal Crossing….I suppose <__< I still need to check that one out. It's supposed to be pretty fun

        1. Her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona is one of her most notable in Hollywood, which she won an Academy Award for, but she’s also modelled for companies like Ralph Lauren and seen on the L’Oreal adverts. She’s a pretty big deal. :)

          1. Sounds like I need to get more main stream since I never heard of that film or Ralph Lauren. That being said, I have heard of L;Oreal thanks to Yugioh Abridged.

            1. The film was very highly praised by critics. :) You might have heard of Gothika – she was in it with Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr (before he donned the red/gold costume of Iron Man).

              1. Haven’t heard of it, but then again, it is R so it’s not a film that would usually be mentioned in my circles. Sounds like a pretty solid cast though and since Berry and Downey went on to become superheroes, maybe Cruz will get her chance soon. Not sure that Animal Crossing needs the extra publicity since it did so well, but it’s always good to see people endorsing it

            2. Ikr? That’s one of my favorite lines by Yugi, and I think Florence said it as well xD

              1. It’s awesome! It’s a web series that pokes fun at the Yugioh series. I mostly recommend the earlier episodes as it started to go a little downhill towards the current eps

    1. Maybe you should recheck your armpits, there’s bound to be growing some bamboo there…

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