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UK Retailer Predicts Wii U Dominance This Christmas Amongst Children

UK online retailer Play expects the Wii U to be the most wanted present for kids this Christmas, beating both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. owner Rakuten claims that the Wii U has seen a 75 per cent sales spike in October, due to a number of high-profile releases. The company says that Wii U and iPad will be the most wanted presents for children this Christmas.

“The marketplace’s social media analysis surprisingly showed that the brand new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are trailing in second and third place respectively behind the Wii U and iPad.”

“This is despite the fact that both new consoles sold out on Rakuten’s during Black Friday, which have since been restocked. It appears that those on the hunt for the latest consoles are gamers rather than consumers buying for their loved ones.”

46 thoughts on “UK Retailer Predicts Wii U Dominance This Christmas Amongst Children”

    1. Of course…

      Our empire will always dominate in some area…

      But we strive for total Nintendomination like we almost had in the Ancient War…

      1. Yes, domination of children, everything points out tjat nintendo is catering to children and doing nothing for their long time fans, and yet you still defend them?wow, you really think they care about any of you, all they care about is money, and they know they will get the most of it out of kids, yes a few adults will buy their games, but mostly kids, before they at least had some mature ips, metoid, zelda, f zero, star fox to some extent, but they don’t make those games now, because they know kids won’t buy it, and they made zelda games play, look and feel like they are for kids as well, 5 hours of tutorials, easy dungeons, in case you get stuck, sheikah stones…last metroid was corrupiton, but that came out in 2008, it’s 2014 now and they haven’t even announced the next one, mario comes out like 50 times a year with all games combined, last star fox was assault in 2005, i don’t count the remake and the ds game, the ds game sucked and it was short as hell, and even if you do count it, it came out in 2007, f zero in 2003, last dark zelda was tp in 2006, do you see the pattern??it seems like nintendo stoped caring for their fanbas in 2008, yes we got fire emblem awakening, but after how many years, i truly do hope nintendo gets to come back and fire iwata, also reggie, that “we don’t care about petitions our fans make” was bullshit

        1. This year they are tageting children and next year the long time fans and self proclaimed “hardcore” gamers.

          Looks that way with the more “mature” games they have announced and probably release next year.

        2. What you’re failing to understand is that gamers with kids like to buy the Wii U to play games WITH their kids. In other words, some gamers grew up on Nintendo, went off and played Xbox and PS in their teens and twenties, and then came back around to Nintendo (while not necessarily abandoning Sony or MS) sometime in their 30s. I have a 5 yo and a 7 yo, and we’re all big Nintendo fans who play NSMBU and Rayman and will be getting Mario 3D World for Xmas. Some of us gamers like the fact that Nintendo is a “family-friendly kiddle console”. That said, Nintendo could market the Wii U a helluva lot better and try to be a tiny bit more edgy.

        3. Excuse you sir…but the last star fox was command, the last Metroid was other m…as for them caring, I don’t agree…further more, cares for money? May I remind you who is a money hog? there are now two of them…Play station and xbox…Have you done any research at all?

    1. In the end, this “hardcore” audience is insignificant minority of consumers.
      Even though I enjoy games from wide variety, and if time would allow, I would play games more than its healthy for you.
      I do not wish to be affiliated with these “hardcore” gamers.

      1. I don’t want to be either. I have been playing video games since the late 70s and don’t consider myself hardcore or core gamers. There taste seems to be computer games and I like quicker shots of arcade games especially now that I am older and don’t have the time that I use to. So I really don’t associate with that crowd of gamers.

        I can relate to this comic…

    1. Kids are always the lucky ones. Don’t have to pay for food, clothing, toys and their games in this age are better than adult ones also their tickets in theaters are cheaper.

    2. I rather sell 10 millions to kids, than 100k to “HARDCORE MACHO GAMERS”, even more if my games are ageless, just insecure people thinks Nintendo games are kiddy

      1. Blame it on Wii. Before Wii it was thrown only out by fanboys of other systems. Now everyone thinks Nintendo is kiddy and honestly I dont blame them. Nintendo needs to boost their game with Wii U and send out the hard core games Wii lacked, such as more Starfox, more F-Zero, etc, and less of anything with the Wii name attached to it.

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  2. Didn’t Nintendo say that the idea of Wii U was to reach “both hardcore and casual gamers”? If they only manage to reach to the casual/kids audience, well, they just achieved half of the goal. And in a business manner, if you don’t achieve your full goal, your product failed to deliver. In the end it might give you some money, but it surely failed to achieve your goal. I’m not trolling, I’m just a Nintendo fan who’s not disappointed of owning a Wii U, but with Nintendo itself….

    1. Well looking at the 2014 line-up X,Bayonetta 2 and Smash are considered “hardcore” and that’s not counting ZeldaU(personally i think it’s gonna came out next year)SMTxFE and of course Mario Kart that it’s both for the “casual” and “hardcore” market

      1. I predict Nintendo does very little to promote Bayonetta 2 and that it doesn’t sell well. Nintendo spoke of winning back the hardcore crowd very early on. Now it’s just empty words (and may have always been, given that the Wii U is comparatively underpowered). I also think Bayonetta 2 was a mistake because (aside from it because a stupid, sexist, misogynistic game–just look at some goddamn porn if you need this shit; I play to play, not to oogle objectify women) it is contrary to the “Wii” brand, and it’ll will end up losing money for Nintendo. Not trying to be an ass; I just think it’s the truth.

        X will sell alright. I like it because it hearkens back to the days of the SNES when Nintendo was the king of RPGs. I’d love to see Nintendo reclaim some of its former glory since Monolith is pretty much the new Square.

        Smash Bros is indeed hardcore, but it’s also kiddle/casual in the sense that anyone can pick up and play and have a good time, even though the game offers a tremendous amount of depth. I’ve argued that a lot of Nintendo’s 1st party games do this, which is what makes them awesome and not exclusively a kiddle console, i.e., looks can be deceiving.

  3. has been pushing the Wii U a lot in their online ads, if only other retailers would advertise it as much as they do, then console sales would be mich better.

  4. Wii gave Nintendo the “for kids” reputation. I can’t stand Wii. In my list of worst videogame systems, it ranks #1 because of what it represented. Even the Virtual Boy stood for the true Nintendo fan. All Wii represented and catered to were -5 years olds and +50 year olds. And to anyone wanting to disagree with this, why do you think Skyward Sword, despite being as amazing as it was, is hardly ever talked about? Had it been on the N64 or Gamecube or any other system before it you can best believe it would be, but being for Wii, half the true fans never played it.

      1. No. But anyone who says its amazing and fantastic compared to any other Nintendo system are liars or so much rammed up Nintendo’s rear end they can’t see the truth, and just afraid to come to reality.

    1. On what you said about Skyward Sword because it’s on the Wii that no one talks about it although I like the it it still at some flaws like it’s was too linear and this didn’t affect mebut people hated the motion controls (I actually enjoyed them) and you bring the N64 and GameCube to say it would be talked about on that you’re very wrong both Majora’s Mask(N64) and WindWaker(GC) when they were released until recently the majoraty of people didn’t care for them they had a fanbase like SS does but people really weren’t into them and MM and WW are beloved 1 getting an HD remake and the other mostlikely will be getting a 3D remake so SS is only 3 years old give it time people will came along it has nothing to do with the platform

  5. Kids are the lucky ones, they don’t have to buy stuff and play stuff to feel their insecurity and can play fun games without no one saying a word to them.

  6. Makes sense to me, I’m 32 and NES was my video game put on. Now I have 2 boys and they prefer the Wii U over the Ps3/4, mostly the games and gamepad. Don’t get all hurt that Nintendo isn’t catering to hardcore older gamers, you aren’t putting your wallet where your mouth is anyway. They are preparing for the next generation of gamers in their own way. We own ps4, xbox one, wii u, macbook pro, vita, 3ds – suck it nerds my opinion is truly unbiased.

    1. Jchymes that doesn’t surprise me really. Hardcore games u think about shooting and graphics to the max and realistic as possible. But you can’t really do much and in no action since those games are based off the law of nature. Mario doesn’t need a space suit to go otter space. In GTA or Ghost you do. If GTA took place on Mars you would not see alians . However in Pikmin you see giant ladybugs and cockroaches trying to kill you. In reality foxes don’t fly planes and can’t reach the entire galaxy in 1 day. On Starfox it can because most Nintendo games don’t have to obey the law of nature because its not hardcore basedon reality. That’s why most of those hardcore games are really movies.

      1. A videogame not obeying the law of nature that designer can do anything. In break life a bear would eat a bird. Not Banjo. In real life music notes can’t open up doors or you don’t collect jiggies to go to another world or jump into pictures or paintings. A turtle can’t be bigger than a plumber and shoot fireout its mouth. A balloon cant sing and make you fall asleep. Or a balloon can suck you go and spit you out and ditto it whatever he sucked. A mouce can’t shot electricity or control the clouds with it. An animal can shrink to go inside a ball and come out when dropped to the ground. There is no telling what Nintendo’s next io will be. In reality based games there is only so little changes that can be made besides more weapons a bigger map or more graphics.

        1. A seed can’t grow into a plant in a few seconds then pluck it out and it appears half animal half plant and it can kill animals 50x bigger and move boxes and build bridges with those 2 little hands. 101people can’t combine and form a bridge or ladders to climb builds or become a giant sword and kill to its with.

          1. A little boy can’t carry a sword bigger than he with no muscles and is able kill a man far bigger and greater than he and rescue a princess and become a legend. In True crime streets of NY it took place in NY imitating life and reality. If you were to play the game, where would the World Trade Centers be? They would t because it off reality. After the new buildings are rebuild they will appear in video games. The sears tower is on somerreality based games. The white house is displayed on those hardcore games from designers with very little imagination. If you shoot on GTA cops will respond just like real life.

  7. That last line

    “It appears that those on the hunt for the latest consoles are gamers rather than consumers buying for their loved ones.”

    what it suppose to mean?

  8. Yaaay! The more the merrier, even if the largest audience is children. I don’t care, as long as I get my Nintendo games and the Wii U is successful in the long run.

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