Epic Mickey Creator Warren Spector Says His Next Game Will Focus On Procedural Narrative

Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector has stated that his next project will not be a musical related game, but will instead focus on a procedural narrative. Spector sadly wouldn’t give any further hints as to what his next video game project would be, but here’s what he had to say.

“I’m not going to tell you what, but the next game I do will probably focus more on procedural narrative than on music, because that’s an easier target at the scale I want to work on. But, at some point, I hope I get the opportunity to make a musical game.”


      1. Omg! I KNEW you were going to say that!!

        I shit you not. I swear to God I knew you were going to say that. Fun!!

        Anyway, don’t be jealous, I still want your friend code. So give it to me biatch!!!


    1. It’s not going to be Epic Mickey 3… the studio that makes those games is disbanded, the name is tainted with bloody red awfulness and I don’t even know if Warren Spector works for Disney anymore?


    1. Exactly. The original Epic Mickey was one of my all time favorite games on the Wii. It’s historical look on Disney, awesome play mechanic, and surprisingly dark tone made it an instant classic….. then Epic Mickey 2 came out…..


  1. LOL! This guy has made two games. One that was pretty good and well received, but had it’s flaws…. and one that sucked really badly. I don’t think anyone can predict whether Warren Spector is good or not. So far he is only 1 for 2.

    Just wait for his new game before judging him. Jeeze, and even then…. 3 games is probably still too little to judge.


    1. Wait…. I actually took the time to look him up and he has made a little more than 2 games…. about 26 games. However, none are noteworthy for being bad and only his Epic Mickey games ever really made it into the spotlight.

      He did work on Deus Ex, but he was just the project director, so I have no clue how involved he was with that position.


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