Nintendo eShop Sale: Two Games For Two Dollars Each For Two Days


Nintendo of America is running a eShop sale starting today which sees two Virtual Console games for two dollars each for two days. Today’s games are Mega Man: Dr Wily’s Revenge and Mega Man X both of which will retail for two dollars. The promotion ends on December 18th. Will you be purchasing either of these games?


    1. Uhh howdy! Let’s keep things clean around here and not post the “H E double hockey stick” word. Younger people use this site, please think of the children. The only time I want my Benny seeing the that word is in his Bible so he knows how to behave and live his life like a good Christian. One day he will go before God and be judged on his life and God will either grant him access to heaven or h***. Please just don’t use vulgar language on the internet for the sake of my Benny and other innocent, pure people and children.

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  1. Uhh howdy! I think this is an excellent deal. I will look into these games to make sure they are appropriate for my children and if they are I’ll most certainly pay the money for them. I know how much Benny loved waking up and watching Mega Man on WB Kids!

    1. If they were hurting for money, I doubt selling two eShop games for 2 dollars each, for a day will solve their problems :P

  2. Already have both :( Got Mega Man X when it was 3.50 when purchased after Ghosts N Goblins. Can I return that to get it for $2?

  3. I hope nintendo implements normal weekly deals like sony does, but this is nice, although Megaman for GB is still 4$ on the eshop

  4. Why couldn’t they release MegamanX for 3DS? Seems more fitting. And why are they not releasing any N64 games for the WiiU? Nintendo wtf are you doing with your virtual console?

    1. Nintendo needs to release N64 games on VC like right this second! I really hope we hear something soon about N64 games coming to Wii U at the new Direct happening tomorrow or during the January SUPER Direct.

    1. Nintendo was waiting for you to purchase the game. They could see you coming back to the eSHOP everyday contemplating whether or not you were going to get it. Nintendo had the plan all set up. As soon as you clicked the “buy” button, they cheered, popped open a bottle of champagne and ordered the Nintendo tech team to lower the price of the game.

      It was all just to troll you, Anonymous. :)

  5. Had this on the GCN on that MMX Collection disc but wouldn’t mind buying it again. It’s 2 bucks anyway.

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