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“Poketouch” Trademark Filed In Japan By Nintendo, Game Freak

A new Pokemon-related trademark has been filed in Japan by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. It’s called “Poketouch” and what it pertains to remains to be seen. However, Siliconera suggests the trademark may be connected to the Pokémon-Amie feature, which allows players of Pokemon X and Y to interact with the Pokemon that are in their team via the Nintendo 3DS’ touch screen.


      1. Oh, thanks! Shared it on lost of pages, mostly Norwegian ones, and I think many signed it there.

      2. What the hell, I’ll sign, always nice to help fellow Nintendites out, also since we are sharing campaigns, on Facebook we should all join “Operation: PokeBank Heist”

      3. I’ve signed it too…

        We need a stronghold here in the north too…

    1. It reminded me more of a spin-off like Pokemon Snap. I actually read it first as Pokemon Touch instead of Poketouch. It would be cool if this was a spiritual successor to Pokemon Snap on Wii U. Nintendo needs to make something like that happen on Wii U.

      1. You can think of it as that but still man, people WILL do stuff with this name if its real.

        Touching and Pokémon shouldn’t be in the same sentence

      2. Touching Pokemon might also be in the rumored “Pokemon plus/minus”
        Just saying…. Gamefreak has weird ways of showing how they care!

  1. I’m hoping it’ll be similar to Dream Radar so you can get Pokemon and items to transfer to X and Y.

  2. If it’s something like that Pokemon typing game then I only see it selling somewhat fair in our Homeworld only…

  3. Maybe a updated high definition Pokemon-Amie for the Wii U with new features and games? Ah, unlikely ambitions…

  4. Am I the only one who thinks this will be what Pokemon-amie will be called in a Possible Hoenn Remake? I mean, the french pun was for the french reagion so they need something to call it elsewhere. I am actually rather excited.

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