Senran Kagura Burst Heading To Europe February 28


Marvelous AQL has announced that its busty female fighters will launch across European retail and digital stores next month. Previously set for an early 2014 release, Senran Kagura Burst for the Nintendo 3DS may not set your heart thudding on Valentine’s Day, but it will throw down the gauntlet on February 28 in retail stores. For those who wish to purchase the game digitally, expect to brim with excitement a day earlier when it releases for eShop consumers on February 27.

A sequel to the brawler was announced for Japan earlier this month, and will feature a host of new attacks and additional characters. Though nothing has been confirmed for Western 3DS users, a localisation for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson could be on the cards if sales expectations are met.



      1. Oh…

        Well, tentacle sexual acts ar enot my thing at all though…

        Although I don’t like these gigantic breasts, it’s better than perverted disgusting stuff…


      1. Haha, he missed the game by 2 months by imitating a sorry excuse for a Sonyan extremist instead of buying a game to satisfy his perverted thoughts…



  1. I guess i’ll try it once I get my hands on the game

    The anime made me very indifferent to the series, I kinda like fan-service but this series has a little to much for me. At first glance, this doesn’t look like a game about Ninjas or cooking (apparently there is a cooking one coming out soon, the video got banned on youtube, they don’t draw Nips or Vag cause it would have been easy to see, they were that naked in the trailer)


  2. Europe…I’m confused.
    You censored Nowi’s conversation with Tharja about her boingy bits (read, boobs) in Fire Emblem and yet that’s the box art you’re going for with that game?


  3. It would’ve been fun to see an outrage if the game was released physically in the U.S. Maybe next time if the Vita game is released there.


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