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Official Nintendo Magazine Says New Wii U Game Is “Indie And Cool”

Matthew Castle, the Associate Editor at the Official Nintendo Magazine, has clarified on Twitter that the magazine’s surprise Wii U game in its April issue isn’t Sonic Boom, but is instead something “indie and cool”. However, Castle says that the announcement is subject to change based on the developers wishes.

To clarify: next month Wii U remark relates to something indie and cool, though contents are subject to change based on developer wishes.

Thanks, Maanwel and Iceazeama

60 thoughts on “Official Nintendo Magazine Says New Wii U Game Is “Indie And Cool””

    1. I’ve read some of his old comments and I don’t think he’s a troll. He criticizes some of Nintendo’s decisions and there are a lot of people that agree with him. I also saw an iceazeama or whatever the hell his name is on miiverse and he wrote the same type of comments so it’s possible that he’s even a wiiU owner.

      1. It won’t be Oddworld, that’s already been announced.

        By cube related, do you mean QUBE (again, won’t be, as it’s already been announced) or Minecraft?

      2. How the minutes count down until something else is announced that will make me more depressed with my Wii U. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from that moment at E3 2013 when they showed HD Animal Crossing but it wasn’t.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          So the fact that the one final announcement to the Smash-free E3 began with the Smash logo didn’t make you suspicious?

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              1. Technically you could build a shitty PC for under $300 that could handle some indie games though the Wii U would still be more powerful

                1. So u care about game companies that produce glitchy $20000000 that are more movie than game
                  Or EA who are taking the sport out of sport gaming or producing P2W games cause stupid people waste realmoney on intangible items.
                  Give me indie games all day cause indie companies ate the new 3rd party support we need.

                2. Looks like a few of us… I remember kranky kong Reggie saying Core Gamers/all the big 3rd party. Sad face. I wanted this to be the time when the commercial says available on PS4, XBoxOne, Wii U. Going to be Nintendo virtual console and Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. Did you know Nintendo is fine with making money.??? Turns out this is they they do all this. If I’m playing others games I might not be buying there games. Ok I got it.

                3. My guess is that it would be the same people who buy $400 and $500 dollar machines to play indie games.

                  Every studio starts of as an indie. Capcom, EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Tecmo-Koei, Naugtth-Dog, Vigil, Epic, Bungie, Bandai-Namco, Konami, Sega, Rockstar, and even NINTENDO all had to start somewhere.

                  Today’s indie studios could be replacing a LOT of the vendors I just mentioned tomorrow.

                    1. Who’s being sensitive? Just stating a fact. If someone likes playing indie games it doesn’t matter what console it’s on.

                      Besides, it’s well documented that the PS4 has the most indie developed games on tap. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s actually a good thing with these AAA studios putting out overpriced, glitchy crap.

                  1. Hmm…this is interesting.

                    The fact an “indie” game is given enough attention for a magazine, that isn’t Minecraft, is pretty perplexing.
                    Indie never always means what alot of people think, which is pixel sidescroller, alot of indie games are really really impressive, more so than “AAA studios” in some cases, so this could be anything really.

                    I have a feeling it’s the sequel to FAST though. It’s the only “significant” WiiU indie game i can think of, that hasn’t been shown off, and is supposed to be shown off soon(ish).

                    I doubt it’s actually Nintendo related at all aside from being on WiiU.

                    1. I’d imagine magazines, especially Nintendo magazines given how few third party games are currently scheduled for Wii U, will be reporting on a lot of indie games these days. They need content to fill up their pages, and they’re not getting that content from third party games at the moment, so there’s probably a lot of indie stuff in Nintendo magazines right now.

                      I haven’t read any magazines for years though, so I could be wrong.

                      I feel like FAST Racing Neo is only considered ‘significant’ because of Shin’en’s graphical prowess. We know they can put major studios to shame. And they’ve promised big things for FAST Racing Neo. But I hadn’t even heard of the FAST series before this new instalment was announced. Never knew the Wii instalment existed.

                      I would like it to be FAST Racing Neo though.

                      1. Yeah, that’s fair.
                        But even in a drought of software that WiiU has had, a small indie wouldn’t be hyped up as much as this. It would get a small mention, but not pushed as a highlight.

                        1. Well, some indie games are receiving a lot of attention.

                          Scram Kitty and Shovel Knight are getting a lot of attention. As is Mighty Number 9 (for obvious reasons). Of course it won’t be these games, but I’m just saying they get a lot of focus on them.

                          Who knows, it could end up being Minecraft or something. There were rumours about it a while ago. The gamepad would be a great fit.

                          It’s hard to imagine it will be a completely new game that hasn’t been announced in any way whatsoever considering how it’s been mentioned by the magazine. But it could be something entirely new if its from a prolific indie developer.

                          Just have to wait and see.

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                      3. haha…
                        there is a new wii u game coming and in then the next article…
                        a indie game.
                        oh nintendo you made me really mad.
                        its so frustrated with nintendo and their words.
                        i hate reggie, he is just talking, and talking…
                        we dont care what the customer wants, we give them what we have…. shity games.

                        1. jeez man, calm down and take a snickers, even nintendo do some minor to major fuck ups, it doesnt mean “breakout the torch and pitchforks and kill there asses for not giving us real bigboy 3D 1080p 60fps games but instead giving us half-assed indie games running like shit!!!”, i’m not into that shit my friend and everyone know that, but you getting upset just over one damn game?! JUST ONE!? Do you know how long does it take to make a pretty desent game to please gamers? (including sony and microsoft fans too) it could take 6 to 24 months to complete a game that every gamer wants.

                          1. it takes almost 4 years and more.
                            a sequel etc. takes 24 month.
                            yes i like AAA games, thats why i always have sony console at home.

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                        3. If big 3rd party publishers don’t want to support the Wii U; than Nintendo should do everything they can to have as many quality indies supporting the system. We already have quite a few quality indies like Unepic, Toki Tori 2+, Trine, CastleStorm, etc

                        4. Nintendo : *Sniff* *Sniff* look to all these Sony Indie games , i’m gonna get some
                          Sony : *Slap Nintendo hand* uh uh easy there grandpa !
                          Nintendo : BUT WE LOVE INDIES TOO D:
                          Sony : Not until you stop being selfish , k i’ll let this one pass *Trollface*
                          Nintendo : :D

                        5. very good strategy. indie and small, non-expensive games are the future of gaming. the times of this big, mulit-million, boring blockbuster-games are over. it’s similar like in the movie business.

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