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Bravely Default Interactive Video Demonstrates The Game’s Main Battle Mechanic

Bravely Default has been given a new promo in which the role-playing title’s principal battle mechanic is demonstrated via a real-life scenario. Viewers can interact with the video, which asks them to choose between two choices, mimicking the game’s “Brave and Default” system, which requires players to either elect to Default or to Brave. Bravely Default is available now for Nintendo 3DS.



  1. “Bravely Default Interactive Video Demonstrates the Game’s Battle System.” No it doesn’t. Not at all.
    …still mildly entertaining nonetheless.


  2. So the image at the top of this article on flipboard is concept art from final fantasy 14 a realm reborn. Not bravely default…


      1. Then tell me dipshit, how is the scenario of a guy ordering a Pizza a perfect example of a battle system in a video game hmm? is that like saying a good explanation for quantum physics is like a dog licking it’s paw? enlighten me Einstein…


      2. He gets the pizza and he has two options, Bravely or Default, just like in the game, if you cared to get information about the game, watch the whole video and click on both links at the end of the video and see them until the end you’ll see that they explain the combat system by making the guy choose between Bravely or Default just like in the game, but you are too ignorant to understand it and do the interactive video completely to see how it explains it at the end of the other videos and compares the game combat with the pizza situation!


      3. It was referring to the decision he had to make at the end of the video. The ad is humorous and is not really meant to be taken seriously. Apparently you were too dumb to realize that. If it offends you that much then just don’t buy the game.


  3. Worst interactive video ever!

    Seriously, they could’ve made something that says from the start they are talking about video game; this video doesn’t appeal at all to anyone who still isn’t interested in buying Bravely Default, nor has anything that catches the core gamers’ attention!


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