Nintendo Releases Minor Wii U System Update

Nintendo has released a new system update for Wii U. Version 4.0.3 U is available via an Internet connection and promises further improvements to overall system stability and makes other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience. The last major system update for the console was released in September and added a slew of new features, including the ability to receive recommended software and demo titles using SpotPass.


      1. No only the original Wii and DS are losing online, buy that’s fine because you can play DS games on 3DS, and Wii games on the Wii U. And the new systems have better online. Original Xbox lost its online.

  1. the console really is so bland looking. Compared to whats on offer.
    Nintendo need to release a Wii-boot.
    Wii 2. better looking system. 500gb hard-drive. optional controller, pad or ipad. and a price point that matches the7th gen systems. They still seel really well and they would do themselves good to start pulling their fingers out

    1. So put it this way.
      1) Nintendo needs to do fully update all of their controllers
      2) Xbox one and ps4 have said they plan on 10 year long life cycles, and we know Nintendo updates every 5 years, so right in the middle of those life cycles Nintendo well have a new system.
      3) Nintendo needs to embrace the T and M rated markets, and really focus on online.

      Other then that Nintendo is right on track

  2. PS4 sold 322,000 units on its first week in Japan

    Wii u sold 302,000 units in two days in Japan


    Wii u is better than PS4

      1. Yeah, and all the PS4 and Xbox one do are sixty dollar rehashes of OVERPLAYED AND OVERHYPED bullshit. How many Killzones have you bought man? How many Call of Duties. Everything is ALL THE FUCKING SAME. I wish people would get that through their thick heads. Yes, Mario is the same as last years Mario, but Surprise, sur-fucking-prize, Halo this year is the same as last years. Bullshit argument my friend. Bullshit argument.

  3. Is it just me or does the Wii U look somewhat boring in this picture. I have the black Wii U so maybe the white one is throwing me off, but it almost looks like a complety different console.

    1. not a homebrew exploit

      and no that can’t be fixed in software as stated by several sources (among them marcan) but it’s not like nintendo would have to fix it because that exploit, as it is, doesn’t enable the use of any kind of homebrew

      1. I dont know why I bother answering but i guess i dont like people making sweep statements, especially when they dont know what they are talking about. They are not worth listening to and i find them…. Boring…
        But on the other hand you maybe tried to be fun… but no… you where
        Boring… :)

        By the way… We like small red cottages.


          1. meh.. köp en wii u och sluta snacka dynga då.. haha
            vitt är väldigt 2005 om man säger så.. du behöver nog bara lite nytt folk i din omgivning…

            1. Nej, Utan mig fodras inte sidan…


              Men jag ska köpa en när nuvarande termin är slut, har ej tid till mycket “avancerad” nöje just nu…

              Tja, då är det väl Trä som är inne idag antar jag…

              1. Ja inte vet jag..
                Men angående din post angående Tropcal Freeze så tror jag det släpptes idag på hemmaplan (enligt webhallen) så den syns inte i statistiken än.

                1. Ok…

                  Hoppas den säljer bra, det behövs lite mer Nintendo anda i Sverige tycker jag…

  4. i use to like nintendo but now am losing interest in there stupid rehashes. am 15 and there games are e rated and to kiddy. its like the spongebob rehashing problem. look how barebones nintendo games are and you guys say i would prefere nintendo $60 scam than a $10 ea game. all you guys are morons and fool. i scamed to buying this system back at july for $410. evil monolopy rehashing from nintendo. the miiverse is full with more drones than you snd the admins are just nintendrones. am saving up to buy an xbox 360. i this stupid console fails. microsoft will win this gen.

    1. Xbox one is already a dead format. It’ll have big name titles cause Microsoft will make it so, but Xbox one died at E3.

      1. its not as dead as the $350scam wii u. typical nintendrone trying to bash microsoft just because there better than the nintendo(kids company). all

        1. Yeah yeah you are a big grown man… 15 years old kids wanting so desperately to be adults, that’s all it is.

          You’ll see how one day you will stop being a kid and really appreciate things properly.. But for now, given that you will not get it anyway, I will only say this:

          I am also a PS3/Xbox360 owner (see.. no need to be no one’s cheerleader) Well I found myself earlier this week considering to jump into one of these ‘new generation’ consoles (Let’s say I was bored) And the truth is I could not find a single game to justify for the prices that PS4/XbOne currently have.. Same games, same experiences.. Slightly to moderate improvement in graphics here and there. Nothing more to offer so far.

          Aren’t both of them more of a scam than Wii U then?? I would say so.

          Wii U is far from perfect but has offered

  5. I look at the wii and the only issue I have, is the HDD capability and online account. I can’t get my head around as to why the nintendo account (nintendo Club) is not directly sync with your Nintendo ID. Don’t even let me start on the stars and how nintendo makes it painful to transform them into Wii points. Since Nintendo is really pushing their digital catalogue it would have make more sense to have at least 120 GB. Funny that some people wants the online thing. I would say to Nintendo: “well done for not giving into the online multi-players shit” (personal point of view). If you want an online experience cause you are a saddo who does not have any friends/family buy a PS4 on the top of the Wii U. The purpose of Nitendo is to present an alternative and I do agree with Shigeru Miyamoto on that one. If you notice one thing there are some DLC on the Wii U but it’s not abusive as it’s with the xbox or playstation (well at least now). Now it’s true more 15-18 games need to be on that plateform but since 3rd part are reluctant to develop on this system or when they do it a shitty port… it’s not going to be now….

  6. Make Mario galaxy HD
    New Zelda no remakes!
    New metroid!
    New elebits
    New co trollers
    Bigger HDD!
    Online games!

  7. What he said above but also Zelda HD collection of Skyward Sword HD and Twilight Princess HD like the Windwaker HD collection. Super Mario HD collection with Sunshine HD, Galaxy 1&2 HD and Super Mario 64 HD. Metroid Trilogy HD collection. Super Mario Allstars HD collection with updated graphics. New Star Tropics game, new Earthbound game, new Punch-Out!!!!, Eternal Darkness HD, Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D, Kid Icarus game on Wii U by Platinum Games. New Star Fox game by Platinum Games and New 3rd person Metroid game by Platinum games. Xenoblade HD. Last Story HD. Please put Wii U Pro controller in every Wii U box along with Wiimote plus Nunchuck, bring all the Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort to Wii Club with Wiimotion plus and HD and online multiplayer and make it retail too, some people don’t like online and if you by them separate they should be $5 not $10 each.

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