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Denpa Men 3 Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop This Summer

Genius Sonority has confirmed via a press release that Denpa Men 3 is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this summer. A demo for the game will be arriving in May on the eShop and the Denpa Men 2 is currently on sale.

The Denpa Men 3 is the third game in the expansive RPG series where players catch and form parties with Denpa Men to conquer dungeons and explore a vast world. In the third iteration, the Denpa Men you are trying to capture can now fight back by throwing colored balls at you, but players have new weapons at their disposal such as an antenna to capture Denpa Men.

The Denpa Men are mysterious creatures who appear around radio waves. Find Wi-Fi signals or scan QR codes to find Denpa Men, and use the AR “Catch” feature of the Nintendo 3DS to make them part of your team. Each Denpa Man is unique in its appearance, stats, and abilities. The possibilities of their variations are limitless. It is also said that among them exists a very rare kind of Denpa Man.

Key Features:

■Continuing the adventure – THE ‘DENPA’ MEN 3: The Rise of Digitoll can inherit data from the previous two games THE ‘DENPA’ MEN: They Came By Wave and THE ‘DENPA’ MEN 2: Beyond the Waves, allowing players to start a new adventure with characters they’ve captured previously.
■Personalize to your hearts content – Once the Denpa Men join your party, they come with their own highly customizable houses, where the interiors can be decorated to their liking. Decorative items can be exchanged with other players.
■Share your Denpa Men- Deploy the Denpa Men not currently in your party to other players around the world. Or, if you need a little help on your adventure, borrow a Denpa Man from someone else. If your Denpa Man is high in demand, you might just earn a little cash on the side.
■Go shopping – Connect your 3DS to the internet and shop with players from around the world. You might be able to trade better items for better prices than the in-game shop.
■Battle over the Network – Enter the coliseum to pit your Denpa Men against other players around the globe.
■Make some memories – While on your quest, hold down the L / R buttons (simultaneously) anytime to snap a shot of your characters. These are stored on the SD card, so they can be transferred and shared anytime!


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  2. That continuing the adventure feature makes me want to buy the first two. I had fun playing the first demo.

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