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Angry Kirby Sucks On The Box Art For Kirby: Triple Deluxe


Nintendo has unveiled the North American box art for Kirby: Triple Deluxe. The artwork displays an angry Kirby as he tries to inhale everything in his way. Kirby can swallow certain objects to temporarily gain new powers, granting him with different abilities to defeat baddies and overcome obstacles. Thanks to his expandable mouth, the versatile creature can even inhale things that are significantly larger than himself. Kirby: Triple Deluxe is scheduled to launch May 2nd for Nintendo 3DS.


    1. Regardless, About the article: Hey, watch the lack of journalism. I think it looks acceptable.

  1. Misleading title spotted! But since it is also a play on the game mechanics, it’s actually pretty funny! XD

    1. Thanks, your support is appreciated and now documented as G-14 classified…


  2. Well think about it.

    Kirby HAPPILY sucks on American box art………………
    If I was representing the American box art, and I was sucking either way, id be mad about it too

    1. Cant you just not hate the wiiu? Just stop the hate already. These videos ill admit are brave of you to post, but honesty… just love gaming in general

      1. Look at your name. Fucking hypocrite. The same can be said about you. Will you stop hating xb1 already? This is not even xb1 site.

  3. This boxart has been here for quite along time now. Lol, did you guys just get to this or something?

  4. Sooo… why does the japanese box art include the cannonball on the left but this one doesn’t? seems like a weird exclusion haha.

  5. Can’t wait for this.. Just got dkr taking my time with it. I know these games are short which suck!

  6. Hey how come the box art for Japan gets happy kirby but America gets angry kirby fuck this game I am not buying it lol I bet some people are going to say shit like that

    1. Ummm… Triple Deluxe boxart is the same as the amerian this time around, “miss”ter. Try to do some research will you?

      Unfortunately, you are ONLY ONE would said that… Shitty “Miss”ter.

  7. They should try to release this game in April instead of on the same day as Mario Golf. Spread em out a bit!

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