New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Preview And Screenshots


US gaming publication Game Informer has managed to get some hands-on time with the latest Spider Man title which is due out on Wii U. As well as giving the game a thorough preview, Game Informer also released some new screens of The Amazing Spider Man 2. The game is due to be released on 29th April in North America and 2nd May in Europe.

“In previous games, Spider-Man would effortlessly swing above the streets of Manhattan via an automated web system. It worked, but holding down a button and steering on a course didn’t really nail the fantasy of being the red and blue-suited hero. Now, webbing is tied to the left and right triggers. Hold left down, for instance, and you’ll swing forward for a bit before gaining altitude and listing to the left. To move forward in a controlled and speedy pace, you need to alternate between left and right web shots. It’s jarring at first, but I quickly got into the rhythm of things. It’s more satisfying to get around, since you’re timing when you alternate your webs, and when you release them to gain and maintain the maximum momentum.”

“Players get to control Parker, which Beenox says is something that will be part of the overall experience. He’s there to propel the plot along; when it’s time to fight or save people, he’ll need to don his costume. Parker runs into Harry Osborn, and they begin to talk. Players can choose between several dialog options.”


    1. Uhh hello! dont bee such a neggative nansy mr. sonicguy726. Mother says you dont want two bee neggative nansy because kno one loves that. bee proud and possitive!! :)

      1. It’s not my fault that over 90% of superhero games suck and even more when they’re directly linked to a movie. plus I have every right to think it’ll suck considering it’s the sequel to an awful game

        1. I guess you missed out Spider-Man 2 and how great that game was or the classic PlayStation Spider-Man that’s been considered the best Spider-Man game of all time.

        2. This is the scientific term for you: “One whose intentions are to cause and/or to trigger or exacerbate conflict for the purpose of their own amusement.”

          Regardless of how you feel about the topic, you don’t have to comment unless you choose too. And you can’t deny that, for the people who view this, will take some kind of action against your remark, right? You’re probably really good at disconnecting your emotions from your reasoning when it comes to the internet.

          I should stop talking since the best way to make you stop is to stop feeding you or responding to your comments.

      1. At least sonic has good games, over like 90% of movie licensed game suck and I doubt this will be an exception

        1. What we need is Rocksteady to do Spider-Man/Marvel games. They fucking kicked ass with Batman: Arkham series so why not Spider-Man for Rocksteady?

    2. This world needs more beautifully optimistic people like you. It would be such a wonderful place to live.

    3. Because Spiderman 2 was the best movie tie in video game ever made. Fact! They’re trying to emulate the success with this reboot. I’m hopeful, cause he’s Spiderman. Really, no need to be so proud as to not accept any third party help…

  1. I’ll get this if it’s as good as Arkham City. The movie looks like it should be great though.

    Spider-Man is cooler than Batman!

    1. The amazing Spiderman was boring …the new one looks god awful…but thats just my opinion and thats just yours

      1. I love Spider man now that they came out with the Amazing Spider man. I absolutely HATED Toby McGuire as Spider Man… those movies were awful.

        Garfield is a much better Spider Man and I appreciate them using The Lizard instead of the Green Goblin default.

        1. The movie still felt like a repeat it was a snooze fest although he was better as spiderman the movie still sucked. The new one looks like a neon mess of bad corny cgi and props.

          1. Tobey is the real Spider-Man imo he really defined that character with those 3 movies they made with him

        2. I feel the exact opposite. I loved Toby and I thought the rest of the cast was perfect. The Lizard was going to be in the 4th one, too.

        3. Spiderman 1 was kinda cheesy, but it was the beginning of the era of comic book superhero movies, so it was still working out the kinks. Spiderman 2 is as close to perfection as possible, and still has an influence on everything Spider-man. Spiderman 3 had a flip flop story that changed tone, too many villains clogging things it up, and too many alterations to the source material. I haven’t seen either of the reboot movies yet, as of this time of writing, but I ain’t impressed. I rather Disney Marvel get the rights and cross over with the Avengers.

      2. Well I’m with you at the first reboot film and can tell you my reasons why its kinda let down like that god awful Spidey suit design or Lizard being a humanoid.

        But the next film is shaping up to redeem itself very nicely. :)

  2. Who cares. The only spider man game I wanna play is the one that was for the PlayStation. Man that was so much fun and having vemon in the game even made it better.


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