Japan Is Getting These Awesome Mario Kart Accessories


Those of you who live in Japan will soon be able to get your hands on these super-colourful Mario Kart 8 accessories from Hori. There’s a range of coloured steering wheels as well as Mario Kart themed Wii U GamePad covers. You can view all the lovely designs, right here.

Thanks, Kallum S


      1. If incomplete rehashed Titanmess wins GOTY, this gaming universe is corrupted and shall be destroyed by our hands…

      2. Oh no my friend, we won’t fall at all…

        We will make sure everybody else does though…

        Then we will finally have complete Nintendomination a long with our beloved allied tribes…

      3. Just saying man…when that day ever does pass around (and I hope it doesn’t) I will give up being a gamer. There wouldn’t be no point for me to hang around if they do fall. But I don’t see that happening soon. :)

      4. Titanfall is actually fun the parkour alone puts it levels above other shooters. Try playing a game before you judge it. Also you aren’t a commander of shit, you don’t even own a wii u.

      5. sry but i refuse to play or by a game at full price that consist only of MP..

      6. I hear what you are saying but let’s be honest, you will most likely get WAY more play time in mp then sp in any game. Also it does have a campaign but sadly it is online only.

      7. Because Wii U = All Nintendo right?…

        Your logic is retarded…

      8. Soooooo what ever happened to being able to use 2 gamepads at once. We all though that would prob be a possibility when the Will U Mario game would come out and 3D world has come and gone and MK8 is now almost here and no mention of it. Didnt they almost promise this to their fans. IWATA PLEASE UNDERSTAND your lies and broken promises are starting to get old as of 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

      9. Never gunna happen,, Nintendo lied. FUCK YOU REGGIE WITH YOUR JEW CARPET HAIR!!!!!!

      10. Looking back, I believe I saw it said somewhere official and offline, perhaps a game case with a two atop the gamepad symbol, or perhaps I read it in some obscure part of the system manual, but I’m sure it does support two gamepads. If what I’m saying is true, it technically hasn’t disappeared. The problem is, Nintendo hasn’t made additional gamepads commercially available (outside of replacements) from what I know, and I don’t see any games taking full advantage of even ONE gamepad yet, let alone targeting the handful of customers who have two gamepads.

      11. A $60 6v6 multiplayer-only COD/Battlefield 2142 knockoff by EA ain’t special. Just another BS hyped game that offers nothing all.

        Infamous..not sure about that one but definitely not Game of the Year. Destiny definitely but not Infamous and sure as hell not Titanfall..I mean COD: Mecha Warfare.

        But Titanfall..

      12. Titanfall is horribly ugly and boring to look at, if we wanted robots… we’d go back to watching mechanical dinosaurs.

    1. this game is the anal in my fire. its the balls in my thorn bush. its the hairy vag on tacos. it dicking sucks and i dont like it

  1. The game is being displayed on the Gamepad… Could this “confirm” off-tv? I’m still waiting for asymetric gameplay confirmation for the multiplayer like sonic all star…

    1. well no that’s not actually game footage just a picture of a poster.
      though off tv mode will prob happen!

    2. Pretty sure off-tv play is already confirmed. Though I too am waiting for 5 player confirmation! Buying another pro controller for this game, that gives me two + the GamePad. If the game supports 5 player I should probably buy two more, as I’m guessing they are better to play with than Wiimotes!

      1. You can still use a nunchuk and Wii remote combo. That’s probably cheaper then buying two more classic controllers.

      2. I know, and I have four Wii remotes+ and four nunchucks, but I cannot see how the Wiimote combo is more comfortable than the Wii U pro controller! At least buying one more, so that I have two. That way I have lots of controller options, and I’m going to need them when Smash is released anyways!

      3. Yeah that’s my guess as well! I might have to buy another pro controller for the multi , but i fear we won’t get asymetric gameplay because they haven’t mentioned anything yet about it and it would be a strong feature of the game and another good example of what the gamepad and the Wii U is can offer and there’s no reason not to mention it… And if the game has 5 player multiplayer it will be for sure at 30 Fps max.. Because nintendo said at E3 that their goal at that moment was to achieve 60 fps with 2 players, and i think that will be the best they can get, unless they downgrade the graphics A LOT for more than 2 players at the same time.

  2. hori…….pls put these worldide.
    anyway eu gets kyrings blue shell new wheel and t shirts :)

  3. Cool, but I already have a Wii U game pad cover and more than one Wii steering wheel. Bring something brand new that doesn’t already exist. Or if they must make a Mario Kart 8 themed piece of merchandise out of something that already exists, make a red Mario Kart 8 themed Wii U console. Then again, DON’T. Because I’ll be pissed off, since I just bought a plain white Wii U after waiting forever for a new color and finally giving up.

  4. am not buying this shitty copy and paste rehash for my wiiu. after how rehashish and boring mk7 was… this game is just a rehash of mk7 and mk wii together. nintendo have run out of ideas to create.

      1. Titanfall is just another Call of Duty with mechs. Infamous is another rehash of the previous games.

  5. Yup and i got the remotes. I love steering wheels in arcade racers but i didnt like it at all in mkwii

  6. I like my gamepad the color it is naturally… black. Also, I still have my Mario Kart Wii wheel so I’m all good! ;)

  7. This will be amazing! support is welcomed and needed

    Here’s why it’s important:

    Have you ever imagined playing an old classic that you loved and wanted it to be online to show off your skills or even play with friends and family that live to far away to play the game with them. Imagine Super Mario World with online and voice chat, Mario kart with online and voice chat or even super smash bros! from N64 with online multiplayer and voice chat the list can go on and on this can be something that I know will be a hit! We together can make this happen if we show nintendo that we really want this! This would be amazing!

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